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Found 5 results

  1. juansaintsfs

    Drill not working

    I make two drill head and neither of both seem to excavate or recollect any resource
  2. a quick view of the forum did not reveal to me any thread, but i am unable to build or research the oxygen tank, instead i get out of the research items tons of filters
  3. Currently the game handles multiple profiles being signed into the same console very strangely. Instead of verifying which profile to use or using the profile already assigned to the controller, it counts each group of profiles as if it were a separate profile. For example: I am playing the game and my son is watching. We are both signed in. The game saves files under both profiles and requires both to be signed in to access them, so if I want to play that save and my son is not around it will look like it has vanished. (until we are both signed in again). If my other son is watching instead that is a whole different set of save games. Today I found out it gets better: Say I am playing and the game crashes. While I was mid-session my son sat down to watch. Once we are back at the dashboard the Kinect signs him in (for probably related reasons Astroneer blocks Kinect sign-ins while it is running). I load the game again... and my controller doesn't work because it was assigned to me (alone) but now my signed-in "profile" is me + the kid. I know this issue can't be affecting too many people (or is it? I see a lot of "disappearing/reappearing save files" post), but it is a super-annoying basic functionality issue.
  4. erikinthebakery

    Held items falling through world

    On my current save I have had a couple issues with items being held with the cursor falling into the world and becoming irretrievable. They have been small items (metal resources, a terrain analyzer full of hard to reach color) and large items (a research pod, my only 1-seat while far from base on a rover). To the best of my understanding, I had not actually released any of these items intentionally.
  5. jmaz-theman

    Broken Green Terrain

    Hope this hasn't been posted, I skimmed the last few weeks and did not see my particular problem. Before patch 158, I had burrowed through the green terrain on Tundra (inside of a mountain) to build a vehicular bridge to the bottom of the cavern. However, after the patch, I realized that the green terrain (ONLY the green terrain) was stuck. It was as though I had an inhibitor on my terraformer, except I could manipulate all other terrains normally. (I can't recall whether this started to happen before or after I equipped my first inhibitor, wish I could pinpoint whether that was the turning point though.) The terrain in question is visible here. I tried an experiment to get around the turf by approaching it from behind. The result was unusual. It remained impossible to move, but from this angle it was invisible, allowing me to view the world from behind the walls. It seemed like the exposed green terrain never materialized a skin, so to speak. (View the problem here.) When I got too close, I fell through it and landed below. (Luckily, I survived!) I have not seen it this extreme anywhere else, though there was a small block of light blue on Terran on my base with a similar issue. To reiterate, I did not have an inhibitor equipped and I can still modify every other type of terrain, but I can affect rocks and things inside of it as though I did have one equipped. I play on a PC, and my graphics card is on the low end (HD 530) so it is plausible that the graphics problem may be exaggerated. However, it indeed affects my gameplay. Thanks! BTW, the latest updates are great and I'm excited to see the game evolve!