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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, tried some play with my old main save on the new patch .125. Functions really well. All new looking stations updated. Base was strangly re-forested, all items present as well as two racks with dynamite in new version. New space wrecks have appeared together with at least 7 new research objects. However researching the new objects and also old ones gave only material not the new blueprint for dynamite. Anyone researched dynamite on an old save? Or do you have to start a new game.
  2. Description: I've created a smelter on Barren, it worked for 1 time then it disconnetted from the base.. how can i fix this? Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 125 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel i7 - 4710 HQ 2.5GHz @ 2.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 850 M RAM: 12GB Drive: 500 GB standard HD
  3. When playing multiplayer, the guest user (we tried both ways and it always affects the guest player), if the guest player uses a vehicle (rover or truck), after a couple of minutes, the vehicle disappears and the player dies. Only affects the guest. If the guest goes walking/running, or as companion in a host driven vehicle it works just fine. Fun fact... the vehicle usually appears back after 20/30 mins or so. Sometimes.... in the sky as a satellite or underground. Vehicle in the sky screenshot :
  4. As I recently have watched more streams than playing. It seems that a lot of players have problems with how to research. With patch 125 some research items may have disappeared and have been replaced with new ones and couple of more. Pre 125 it was 19 different items, now it is 23. If I’m not missing something?
  5. so.... today i installed Astroneer Patch 125. I (obviously) tried to load up an old world to play, but it crashed (UE4-Astro). I tried it several times, but it crashed every time. I tried making a new one, and it worked, played on it for about half an hour, and I closed it. I tried to load the new world to (see if the bug occurred for all worlds, or only for older ones) and the game froze for 2 seconds, but then loaded the world. I have a question. Is it able to recover ANY of the stuff on the old world without having to download the older version 119 cracked?
  6. in this new game i started, i encountered a strange variation of resources distribution. tons of plants, some compound resources, some resin resources and a niew objects to research. but all around the landing zone i did not found any entry point to subterranian cave. i travelled on foot to the mountains, building endless air/energy supply lines, dug deep into the mountains, nothing. back to the starting point i dug nearly straight down, nothing. so glitched myself into the floor and the below there was nothing, just a view resin resources below ground. so i was unable to advance in any direct
  7. Hey All! Just tried loading a previous save from 02/14/2017 and it crashes the game every time I attempt to load in. I noted that Patch 125 was pushed on 02/16/2017 so I wonder if there is an issue there? I have filed at least one bug report via the Unreal pop up. Hopefully this can be fixed. Thanks!
  8. Hey, I just downloaded the Patch 125 and now the game map is broken as you can see on the pictures below. I can see through the map. It is actually right next to my pod, that's why I'm certain, that the update caused this. If there's a fix for it, pls let me know. Also if you need any more information, just ask. Thx