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Found 6 results

  1. I have noticed that when playing online, what the host sees and what other players see are not what it seems. I have had friends not be able to see modules, rovers, storage, resources, etc... but it was visible to the host. they may be in weird positions or not be there at all.... some of my friends might see resources but to the host, nothing is there..... in one instance I had a storage unit on a rover but to my friend the unit was floating in a fixed position and was way above the rover. there have been times where friends couldn't interact with any of the base modules or vehicles.
  2. I have noticed that if you have your terrain tool out, the range at which you can grab objects is increased. have fun
  3. If you join a multiplayer game and you fill your backpack up with resources, and when you continue to suck up more, the ones that come out of your terrain tool are bugged. you cant pick them up or move them
  4. If you die while holding a research object, you bring it back to your base when you respawn. I have been using this bug to move research items to the surface quickly. I think this might apply to any object that you are holding at death.
  5. I have noticed when I host a multiplayer game, under certain circumstances I experience looping sound effects. I'm not sure exactly what those circumstances are, but it happens every now and then. also, whenever another player gets hurt or builds something at the base I can hear it as if I was there, no matter how far away I am.
  6. well, you know how your movement is when on radiated. its like being in a constant sandstorm. I have been having an issue where when I move from radiated to terran, my character gets stuck in that sandstorm movement animation and I cant seem to get it to stop. I had to start a new save. I just wanted to let you know. thanks.