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Found 17 results

  1. I recently saw that everyone who bought the game before the release of the 1.0 (February 2019) received the Retro Suit, I bought the game on December 28, 2016 but I never received anything. Did I misunderstand something ?
  2. Hello, I can not get Astroneer to run/start past the System Era and UE logos. Program crashes with no errors in windows or steam. I am not having issues with any other games (Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Diablo 3 etc). So not sure where to go next with this as far as isolating the issue. Things I have tried: Reboot PC Update nvidia drivers to latest version (418.81) as of 2/6/2019 Verify integrity of files via steam. (no issues found) Reboot Modem and router and PC simultaneously Uninstall, delete Astroneer directory and redownload Astroneer Could not find any errors in windows event log viewer System information: Windows 10 Professional Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134 Asus ROG strix Z370-E gaming mainboard Intel 7 8700 3.2Ghz CPU 16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 (Dual Channel) Samsung Evo 970 500GB SSD M.2 Hard drive Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 1TB Hard drive EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SSC GPU EVGA NEX 750 Watt SuperNova Gold Rated Dell S2716DG GSYNK 2k 144Hz monitor SystemInformation.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. I will get right to it. I logged in to my Astroneer after 1.0 had released, and I went to create a new game/character, and I noticed that my Retro Suit from early access was missing. It has been 2 days now, and it hasn't appeared yet. I got Astroneer on steam at mid 2016, and I had the suit before 1.0 released, but it just disappeared after. Not really any instructions, because I have only seen a few people talking about it, and it seems pretty rare. Its in the main menu, not the pause menu. My forum name is my steam name, if that helps at all. I've already tried clicking the locked ones and empty spaces, to see if its just invisible, but I had no luck. Please help me figure this out! Thanks!
  4. Hello, long time time player here but new to the forums. Ive been playing a lot since 1.0 release and have noticed a minor detail, the oxyginator in the dropship supply isn’t labelled as ‘starter’ unlike the medium printer and medium platform B. It would be great to have this little thing fixed just so I know which one will disappear when I press the button. Thanks for an even greater game System Era, just scoping the rather nice looking 2.3GB Xbox update. Can’t wait !
  5. I spend some time with different worlds and I have noticed some issues with Astroneer. Some are just small glitches and some are game breaking bugs. Not the host If you play with a friend and you are not the host, the world will not be the same. The chunks will be visible, because the seems are not stitched properly. These stitches allow me to look through the planet and find new things (not intended gameplay) Not only that, but at some point, modified chunks will revert back to their 'natural' state This means that some chunks are modified, but 1 chunks is back to when it was generated, which results in a mess with collision as well. I noticed that resources in the ground sometimes dissapear, even when I am mining them. When I walk away and reload the chunks, the resources appear again, but go away just as easily. Solo I will just keep this to a list Sometimes the collision for a chunk is gone, and the astroneer or the vehicle will either fall through the surface or will bob up and down near the surface This can be fixed by modifiying the chunk with the terrain tool, this resets the collision. Tractor not moving, even when it has power, proper ground to ride on. Trailers standing still, even when attached to a tractor. When the tractor drive off, the trailer will just be disconnected. Printers stopping mid print, even when there is enough power and enough resources. Some tether being disconnected from their original attachmentpoint. When the small printer is placed on its own, when the chunk is reloaded, the printer has changed position and won't allow a print. Suggestions When exiting the tractor, you exit on the side you are facing. When I face the left, because I want to go left, the astroneer still exits on the right.
  6. Hello, fellow Astroneers! My name is Prestiege and i was wondering if anyone out there had any tips or tricks that may help to increase overall FPS for singleplayer and co-op. I am currently running around 35-43 fps at any time in solo and around 15-20 in co-op. If anyone has any advice to assist me please comment below. Thank you. System Specs Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2712 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) : 16.0 GB Available Virtual Memory : 4.49 GB Graphics Card : GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, NVIDIA compatible
  7. So I fell off a cliff... I go back to my dead body, but just when I got near it I had to make a bridge, no proble... oh wait when I removed a tiny bit of terrain under the body it fell through the map with all of my solid fuel thrusters... help
  8. While logging on one day to my Astroneer save, I was greeted with a default Astroneer coming out of my shelter. I then went to check my customization menu to check if any of my stuff was still there. Upon opening the menu everything except the default cosmetics were unlocked. I then went back to each planet, trying to trigger the ending again. When I re-spawned in my base the Galactic suit, Galactic color pallet, etc. was locked. I started a new save to test this bug and sure enough, when I activated Sylva's Gateway engine nothing was unlocked, even after a reboot of the game.
  9. I cant download the game from the PC from the store and im dying to see what's new because I have been in this game before canisters were a thing. Please fix this i am literally begging you because i dont want to have to be forced to buy it a second time on steam.
  10. about half the time i get out of my tractor or buggy when i get back in the vehicle wont move. This is a serious game breaking bug since most of the time all i can do is exit to main menu and come back in. in the tractor i noticed that when the bug takes place things like drills work but the vehicle wont move. I have had this issue over ten times today alone its a serious problem i cant be the only one with this problem. Let me know if you need any details or logs or reports
  11. I'm disappointed and sad that the terrain glitch made it to 1.0 You get one by your base and you have to constantly be careful not to fall into it and float through and suffocate or get shot through the planet to other side or shot into space. This is game breaking. It's been there since the first early Alpha. I really though this would be fixed by full release. It makes me sad. I'm thinking this might be a bug that can't be fixed due to the game engine or something.
  12. From what I have seen of 1.0, I absolutely LOVE it. You have made everything fit together so well, System Era. Terrain 2.0 is not as harsh as I expected and there are so many other new awesome features. There are some things that I was hoping for that still did not come. I know there are many more updates that will improve on the game so I have created this thread. 1. Trade Platform I must admit, the Trade Platform is still one of the ugliest modules to ever make it into the game (second to the old Medium Printer). That black and white part on the top looks extremely weird. There is still a single slot in the front that does absolutely nothing. I put a Small Wind Turbine on it in one save and it actually worked. Also, it still only accepts Scrap which is weird as well. 2. R.I.P Vehicle Bay I know that I will greatly miss the old Vehicle Bay. This new Large Printer looks awesome but I at least wish the ability to find the Vehicle Bay in wrecks and repair it. 3. R.I.P Storm All I want with this is an option to toggle the existence of the storm and perhaps have a planet fully in a storm. 4. 1 Canister > 1 Ammonium All that needs to be done for this is that the value of a Canister should be decreased. To make up for this, make it possible to extract Laterite and Malachite 5. Pointing The logo for when you point is exactly the same as the Terrain Tool arrow. Perhaps, make it look more like this:
  13. It's here! For the most part, I'm absolutely loving it! Terrain 2.0 is absolutely lovely. I first land in an empty, flat field, where you can see the mountains and forest in the distance. And I'm looking around, and I see this incredible drop and a terrain I have never seen before on terran. It invokes this kind of fear in you, like in Subnautica where you're starting out, exploring a little, and see this big, black, bottomless pit below and you're like, "Aaahhhhhh!" and then you're like, "I wanna explore that." Next, the experimental clouds are absolutely beautiful. They look so good compared to the old cloud system, and make the game feel more alive. The new cave system is absolutely great too. I find this cave opening, and I go inside, and it just has this cramped feeling like you're in the trash compactor in Star Wars. Then I find a pathway into a deeper part of the cave, and then the cave just suddenly opened up and it's just breathtaking. Also, the new tetrahedron puzzle-things (I can't remember what they're called) are really cool. It adds a neat little puzzle in which you get a clue of a resource to put in it, or a specific power level it needs to be at, and then you get a nice reward in doing so. Next, The new planet designs and names are really cool (Though I'm going to call them by their classic name, as I've been calling them that since I got the game in late 2016). I haven't actually explored them yet, but I bet it'll be neat! I also really like the new designs of the ores and objects. The new shuttle models look really great in comparison to the old models! The only thing I really want changed is the controls. For old-timers like me, we're used to the old controls, like how e is for the terrain tool and interaction, and how you held q for the research panel. I could live with it though. Looking back at Astroneer, I've seen almost all the changes that have been made to it since the beginning. I remember the old building system and how infuriating it was to get things perfectly aligned and when you printed a different machine than desired, when you STILL haven't unlocked dynamite, even after a mole's worth of research pods. And who can't remember the old rovers that would practically go into orbit after hitting the smallest pebble, which, while slightly infuriating, was increasingly funny. When both the Crafting Update and the Research Update came out, I was in absolute awe in how awesome and revolutionary they were, like "Ooh, Shiny!" Last, one final suggestion, maybe in the future we could have a "classic" Astroneer, back before the crafting update so us old-timers can have some nostalgia. Or maybe even add classic rovers and modules, craftable with astronium. It would be fun to go take off with just a pebble again. So what this boils down to, is that Astroneer has come a long way since I started playing and love the direction that System Era has gone with the game. I can't wait to see what's in store for Astroneer in the future!
  14. Hi guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that the Xbox One achievements have now shown up. Quite an extensive list! There's no spoilers for the secret achievements on this link, though you can click through to find out what those are. Cheers!
  15. Will the new update make my pc have a harder time running the game, I heard that my pc actually might run Astroneer better because of optimization. Is this valid info, or just a rumor? I can't wait for the update, even if I can't play it! :)
  16. Will Astroneer finally be on Ps4, since it will be out of early access?
  17. I know the devs have said they plan to add more worlds at release or even after, and I was wondering if we could get a topic going with suggestions from everyone about what kind of planets or terrain and their features they would like to see in the future. This is not what will be coming out or should come out at launch. This is for future content updates and dlc to keep this game going great for a long time to come. To kick things off, I've seen a lot of suggestions for water to be added, but what about a desert world? Somewhere with wide open ranges, few entrances to the cave systems, and ground with sand like properties where removing it actually has gravity act upon it and land cascades in to fill the void. Not only would it be a challenge to find resources above but it would be a blast to fly across the land in the buggy trying to find the nearest mountain range or rare resource native to this kind of land. there could be plant types that shoot spikes rather than gas clouds So to simplify: Desert biome, Sand that shifts when vacuumed, vast open spaces with little to no debris (Rovers and Buggies at top speeds!), Few and far between landmarks like mountains and canyons, dangerous flora.