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Found 10 results

  1. I am using my rover and truck each with a 1-seat at the front node, because I want as most storage capacity (aka. medium storages) on the top of the vehicle as possible. It works almost perfectly fine, just the alignment of the 1-seat itself is wrong when put at the front node of a vehicle.
  2. On Xbox one, version 154, since updating yesterday evening, all previously researched items cannot be printed or even shown as an option to be printed. Those already printed can still be used but the printer only displays one item able to be printed and that's the 1-seat. Additionally, all researched modules cannot be used (e.g. Trade platform). Once the modules are reresearched, they become functional (e.g. The vehicle bay) but researched options are still missing (I.e. The vehicle bay only offers a rover to be printed even though a shuttle was previously printed and I started the game by exiting a 3-seater truck). I also tried starting a new save, hoping the bug was specific to my main game save, but no. In the new game too, once a printer is made, I can only print a 1-seat. Even if you research new items, I'm still unable to choose a new item to print. Unfortunately, because of this games reliance on the printer, this bug has made the game unplayable.
  3. Have tried just about everything. But nothing seems to be letting the builds switch from the 1-seat on the printer. Have built new printer to see if it'd work but it was the same problem.
  4. I was making my first vehicle and when I turned around, the 1-seat sign was inverted. I have no clue how this happened or how to fix it. I'm playing on steam, using a keyboard.
  5. Hi Devs, Bug report; co-op chair flying. I'm sure you are more than familiar with the chair flying bug...well...we found out you can co-op fly chairs. Cowking22 and I found out about the flying 1-seat chair bug. (first image in purple is me flying around, neat photo, hilarious bug) Not gonna lie, its kinda fun. Then after cruising our planet on the second lap around its circumference, I had the curious thought if you could co-op the bug. In short, yes...yes you can. Cowking22 built a 1-seat chair (chair A) I built a 1-seat chair (chair B) I stood by chair B and made sure I was in range to pick up chair A. Cowking22 stood by chair A and made sure he was in range to pick up chair B. With some very dedicated timing, I was able to sit in chair B and pick up chair A at the same time. Cowking22 could sit in chair A and pick up chair B at the same time. This resulted in cowking22 controlling my flying chair and I was able to control cowking22's flying chair resulting in a hilarious co-op chair flight. Highly inefficient, but if we both pointed our coursers in the same direction, we could fly just as fast as if you did the solo version of the bug. We wished would could take a video (don't have the software), but we each took screen shots as we rocketed around the planet wildly flinging eachother's chairs around. It's totally replicate-able. We had 3x co-op chair flights just to ensure it can be done before we decided to report it. As funny as the chair flight is, and even more hilarious a co-op chair flight is, devs need to fix this one... Devs, if you want us to show the bug, please contact me. We'd be more than happy to replicate it for you if you can't get it to work. Again, it's a timing issue of just hitting TAB while picking up your partner's chair...but it can be done.
  6. This is a bug I found today 1/26/17, yet a fun bug. It happens when you enter a 1-seat and lift it at the same time, so what happens is that you can move the 1-seat with your Astroneer. And it moves fast (See attachment). I can just point to wherever I want and my seat will go there with me.
  7. (╯°-°)╯︵ dǝǝɥS

    Flying In Seats

    I recently encountered quite an interesting yet fun bug that allowed me to fly with the 1-seat. I was picking up my 1-seat and moving it around my base when I remembered earlier that you could pick up items while sitting in it. So I became curious, I sat in the 1-seat, and tried to pick myself up. Unfortunately for me I didn't lift myself off of the ground, but I persevered by trying again, only this time I pressed Tab to enter the 1-seat and at the same time left-clicked on the 1-seat to move it. Amazingly it worked! I could now move myself around while in the seat. I was ecstatic that I could now sit in the 1-seat and fly anywhere I pleased without the worry of suffocating as you don't lose oxygen while in the 1-seat. Upon my discovery I flew up and to the closest planet, but sadly for me I was unable to reach it as I couldn't fly any higher up, so I left-clicked, and fell, and fell, and fell. I was apparently going so fast back towards the planet that I glitched through the floor and ended up bouncing in a cave, nevertheless I found my way out and flew back to my base happily. Though you cannot Tab out of the 1-seat while in it, but you can place yourself on item slots that can hold the 1-seat. Upon just attempting and succeeding I dropped myself from the highest point I could reach and fell back down to the planet. Upon impact I didn't bounce but rather continued to fall through the ground and into the center of the planet which sent me flying out of the planet and into, nothing. I couldn't see any stars or planets, it was all just black, darkness. I was going so fast my character wasn't in my line of sight. Fortunately I somehow made it back to the planet where I went back into the ground and am spinning out of control. I pressed Tab to release me from the non-stop spinning, to then experience me speeding upwards into a cave where the momentum kept me in mid air looking down into the cave. I then fell and died. I have made screenshots of this discovery and also a quick .gif of me falling (Either falling or rising). 2d6622542bb8c69e4e9ab0eacb7f338e.mp4 030bb5e8c1d9cfae7a26bcc934a22775.mp4
  8. Is there any way to reposition / re-doc the 1-seat cockpit on the shuttle? It got constructed in the wrong slot by the vehicle bay and is facing the wrong direction (asthetically speaking). From the above image you can see the cockpit facing inwards with the flat side facing out.. I'm unable to grab it and re-position it, it just looks ugly this way.. Regards Lima14
  9. Hiya, Playing on Steam, Keyboard and Mouse Build ID: 1537798 I printed a 1-seat, placed it on the ground and it starts spinning on the ground violently. It then takes off and bounces all around the map space. Died, printed another and could repeat the issue. Attached screenshot of me in spaaaace!
  10. When I first created the spaceship and then the 1-Seat the door was on the outside. Now logging in today, the 1-seat has moved over one spot and the vehicle bay wants to create a new 1-seat where the 1-seat was before I exited the game.