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  1. Whoa, so many bugs! New game started... Biggest game breaker - going to the options menu when in-game drops frame rate to less than 1fps, resolved by quitting out to main menu. Repeatable The pod door opening is reversed, ie when inside the door is open, when outside the door is closed - so you can only exit when the door is shut. Also, when pressing Tab to exit, player stays inside pod and you have to walk out. Both repeatable The 'Press Tab' prompt for entering seats and the pod isn't there. Repeatable. The word 'terraformatting' (I think it was ?) is stuck inside the pod after exit. Intermittent Generates multiple unusable power resource stubs. Tethers in back pack sometimes render as a grey block. Intermittent On the upside, the terrain as resource seems to be working well / as expected and fits quite nicely with the game-play. I think it's a good direction to continue in. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Experimental Specifications: OS: Win 10 64 CPU: i5-7600K GPU: GTX980 RAM: 16GB Drive: Multiple I can also add: Resources floating in the air, can be collected but when placed on the ground float off again. 2 spare arms on base foundations where there should only be one. Lot's of sound cues and environmental sounds (like storm) missing, lots. Also, when you quit out, Astro and Astro.exe processes remain running