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Found 5 results

  1. The System Era team, I love your game! Can't get enough of it! I have started on a beautiful, bright blue and pink world with little storms and I have progressed a lot, building a truck with a storage trailer, expanding my base to many different planets and so forth. I come across lag. A lot of it. I don't know (and I'm not blaming you) if it's your game or that it's pushing the graphical power of my Xbox. I don't know, I'm not a tech wizard, I'm a 13 year old kid. But now I have since grown away from the beautiful bright blue and pink world and started a new game. Please give me advise on how to fix my game. I'd really like to start exploring again.
  2. I have tested this with several other friends on xbox one. If you are not the host you cannot see any structures built on planets other than Terran. We tried this on Arid, Radiated, and Exotic. Its the same every time no matter who the host is. The host can see everything that was built but guests cannot. Guests can see the shuttle and tethers but that is all. They also gain oxygen from the base but cannot place or remove items from it. And lastly they can see and use removable items such as a storage if placed on the ground but if you plant it on a structure it becomes invisible as well as any items attached to it.
  3. Fewswift

    "Exploration Lag"

    On Xbox One, when you continue to explore a solar system, the generating terrain can lead to constant, game breaking lag. This makes mining and inventory navigation almost impossible, and breaks the game, by creating countless crashes and a terrible experience. Please fix when/ if possible. Thanks.
  4. Currently playing on Xbox One. When re-loading your map, sometimes the surface re-renders incorrectly, leaving gaps of nothingness between them, it can cause the player to fall on the gap and can be very frustrating getting back up since you can fall in very low caves, it also makes the map look bad.
  5. jonmokoko

    FPS drop on Xbox

    Recently started to suffer some severe fps drops on Xbox One. As far as I can gather it's related to the tethers. My base isn't huge but I've been doing a lot of exploring. Tested by using the shuttle to go to a point near my base, but away from all of my tethers. Fps improved until I started moving back towards the base. Once it was in sight the fps began to drop the closer I got.