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Found 2 results

  1. Love the game. The control of items is hard, I find items bouncy but they get to where you need them eventually. . Would love a way to make flat areas quickly. Will there be creatures? Some clipping and what I'll call 'sand' that the figure walks into and can not interact with. Could be a water effect if made semi transparent.. Keep up the good work lads love it. Bear.
  2. Drone56

    No Tethers No Problem

    Tethers Lag the game bad on xbox one, even in single player, multiplayer they crash and bug the game to hell. Here are some tips for a better game. At least in my opinion. I think fixing the tethers would be very useful. I think that there should be a few more options for terrain building. Maybe one or two. There are multiple bugs where you spawn and fall through the map. There is alot of clipping. If you build up too close to you or a friend in game, youll clip through the terrain and be through the map. One last thing is i think in a later update it might be prudent to add food and water for extra survival. Only until the bugs are less abundant. Another thing i think should be a thing is seperate storage in the backpack. For instance, Extra slots on the side. 4 or 5 to put batteries and o2 tanks, and then the slots that are in the game can be for general storage for materials and items. Or if a person chooses extra o2 or batteries. If you add food and water as a resource to keep you alive it shouldnt drain fast at all. And you should have it in slots like the batteries and o2. So water rations and food rations. Making it to where it automatically uses it when needed will keep the game from being too difficult. Many games make it too hard and this game is far better to make it like the rest. These are some bugs and opinions. And i really hope the developers read this and either use these ideas or make their own from it. Another reason to add water is to make water turbines to power the base with water. I know its still an early build and i love it how it is but this game has more potential than any survival game out there. More music would be nice as well. Its amazing. Sincerely, A fellow Astroneer.