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Found 4 results

  1. I play on Xbox One X, version I was playing for several hours, messing around with jetpacks and such. Hopped into the shelter to save, and then turned off my Xbox; I don't remember if I quit the game first or simply turned off the console. When I loaded up the world today, I was in the shelter, everything I'd done in the world was the same, but my backpack and terrain tool inventory were empty. I force-quit the application and reloaded it to see if it was just an error that one time, but each subsequent attempt had the same result. Hopefully this gets fixed, because if
  2. The System Era team, I love your game! Can't get enough of it! I have started on a beautiful, bright blue and pink world with little storms and I have progressed a lot, building a truck with a storage trailer, expanding my base to many different planets and so forth. I come across lag. A lot of it. I don't know (and I'm not blaming you) if it's your game or that it's pushing the graphical power of my Xbox. I don't know, I'm not a tech wizard, I'm a 13 year old kid. But now I have since grown away from the beautiful bright blue and pink world and started a new game. Please give me advise on how
  3. I'm having major problems joining my friends, in fact all of my friends are having problems. We try game invites and we don't get them, and then we'll try to join off the friends menu and then we still can't join. When we did get a chance to play the framerate was terrible.
  4. As other people have stated, there is a serious issue with lag/framerate in the game. I am not a programmer but it seems to me that everything that is rendered or done in the game stays loaded in the memory which cause this lag or framerate issue. It only happens after you have done a lot in the game and can be temporarily fixed by exiting and restarting. This is only a temporary fix since the money gets overloaded again once you get in the game. Perhaps this is not the cause of the issue but it is certainly something that needs to be looked into and fixed. This is a great game and I hate to s