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  1. So, me and my dad were playing this game on Xbox one. We are on the same network. He invites me to his game and I click join. The game boots up, goes through the planet loading screen, but when it goes to the note from the team, and then it freezes while making weird noises (like "ererererrrrrererrrerrrr") and exits. I have tried hard rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. • starting having bad frame rate issues when I got to about 6 facilities in my base and the issues would persist in general area around base • if you build or add ground directly below you, you will fall through the ground and start an endless fall animation • having 20 to 25 resource bundles near player will cause frame rate issues • attaching a truck to another vehicle will cause major frame rate drops • getting out of a moving vehicle will lock you inside the vehicle model making you unable to move until you get in and out again •getting out vehicle on previous
  3. 1. FPS drop when using truck near teathers (1-2fps). 2. When using building tool if you get stuck under rocks you can fall through the planet. 3. Multi-player: if the host sets down teathers the 2nd player can't touch them or else they get disconnected.
  4. Will I be able to play with my friend if he is on the xbox version and I am on the Windows 10 version?
  5. I wanted to post and congratulate the System ERA team on a successful launch for Astroneer! Myself and a few friends have been waiting for release day, and we've really been enjoying the game. I see a strong future for this game, and being a software developer myself, I know getting to production is no easy task. Congratulations, and happy holidays!
  6. Morning all, So bugs on the Xbox I have found so far: * Tethers slow the game significantly - sometimes causing crashes * Vehicles slow the game significantly - sometimes causing crashes * When SpaceShip has been built from and you go back into orbit and land on another planet, you cannot seem to build on the spaceship again so exploration becomes difficult. * Framerate drops when a lot of foliage is on screen. Game is very good considering Pre Alpha! really enjoying it! Ten
  7. 1. Getting Stuck in second stage platform while I'm too close( temp fix don't be near it) 2. When player crashes joining a multiplayer game and he/she crashes before the ship lands the habitat pod stays and will stack if multiple chrash happen consequtive. 3. Unminable ground with ores in it found this on Xbox and Pc can mine around it and it makes a big square 4. hooking a trailer to buggy traler gets caught and sling shots you around, to the point i was launch into space( which was pretty funny) 5. landing a shuttle on a ship because my friend built a ship base while i wa
  8. Controller Xbox What were you doing leading up to this bug: When I place my tethers down, my party members (non-host players) are unable to connect his/her tether with mine. I can pick theirs up and connect with mine. Basically, they cant connect with my tether (hosts tether) 4. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Have host place tether down, and see if non-host player can connect their personal tether to the host's P.S. Willing to upload a brief video of the bug.
  9. I would like to know of any ways to delete 1 specific save file on Xbox
  10. Game is a blast, so thanks for the work that has been done so far on it. All of these bugs have been encountered on Xbox One. I played for a few hours when it launched and then I reloaded into my save today. Frame rate is a major issue that I've ran into thus far. The game remains playable to a certain extent. I'm not sure what is causing the issue as it just kinda happens and never really goes away. I haven't tried to reset the xbox or anything to see if that makes the issue go away for a period of time. Might try that later. The ROVER...oh boy lol. This thing
  11. I noticed that the "report a bug" page is being filled with a bunch of issues from both platforms of the game. I think there should be two different areas for Xbox and PC. It would make reading through bugs are trying to help that much easier for Administrators and for Users. Thoughts?
  12. The main menu looks great, but is surprisingly very difficult to use. It's difficult to see which menu item is highlighted, often leading to a mis-launch of a new player Difficult to disambiguate between saved player slots (no character model is shown inside the capsule) Navigation past left/right does not spin the craft. The game requires me to actually press a left/right button, seems very counter-intuitive. The white glyph is hard to see on light green Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  13. I find myself spending a lot of time rotating and mashing buttons when using the backpack, either because it's not clear how to close it (naturally want to hit B) or it's in the way of some important 2D UI element. Something as fundamental as the backpack really needs to be easy to get in and out of. I don't think we're quite there yet! Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  14. Common bug reported here, but want to add that it appears to let the player "double" their backpack capacity as these items don't appear to use a slot. Quirky. Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  15. So, first off, great Game! secondly, i bought this game for coop, and this is when the bugs i found occur. When youre the host, then your cursor disappears the moment your client joins the game, which makes the inventory management harder. Then, after a few structures have been built (like about half an hour play time), the hosts fps are dropping like crazy, going so far that you don´t have any moving pictures for a few seconds. then, lastly, a little bug that only happens as a client, you can´t correctly place any tethers, meaning you can put them down, but they won´t get a connection t
  16. When I first built this research building, I sat waiting for something to happen. It wasn't until later I discovered the "start" button was almost completely hidden by the foliage on the planet. Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  17. When your backpack is facing the sun, all the items get washed out. It's realistic, sure, but at the slight expense of usability of the backpack UI. Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  18. I extended from my original point, walked away, and came back to this geometry created at the extension point, making interaction with that node difficult. Restart of the game resolved it. Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  19. Using the new Xbox LFG system other players and I have tried to play together which was unsuccessful, any fixes?
  20. I was playing the trail just to make sure I really am in love with this game (and i am) but sometimes for no reason at all the framerate drops to an estimated 10 fps. also the graphics get a bit hazy at this time. The first time it happened it was for more than 10 seconds, but the second time it was only for about 5.
  21. After playing this game for a good few hours I can say that the devs have made an outstanding game, the feel of exploring planets and shaping them in anyway is great. One of the biggest issues for me is the frame rate, after playing the game for a while and having a large base, the frames do defiantly slow down it mainly happens when either going to a place with a lot of resources or when simply just going into my base so if the frame rate issue is sorted it would be great. I do know that the game is in Pre-Alpha so they are certainly going to fix bugs and issues im sure and it being
  22. xbox one, pc controller layout showing in the controls tab in the press start button menu. also its very unclear how to change the station build item as in the printer and such. regards Dave
  23. Happens on Xbox, only affects host of game. Work around is using LT to bring up cursor and select backpack with RT, then you can browse/place/take items from your backpack.
  24. I would like to know of any ways to delete 1 specific save file on Xbox
  25. I would like to know of any ways to delete 1 specific save file on Xbox