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  1. Patch 153+154 Platform Xbox One I traded 6 copper for 1 lithium. When the rocket returned I got the lithium but 2 copper came back. I have not had an opportunity to test other items. Trade platform bug.mp4
  2. 04/26/2017 Im playing on xbox one. The latest update has bugs on the vehicles. Every time i try to get off any vehicle it will jump far away of my player. See the video attached to understand better. Please fix this, because of it i can't connect two vehicles now. It is a pain in the neck. Thanks. See also this links for more videos about it:!AuRxRTfjJ0A5cGNbvejOFLEqjc4!AuRxRTfjJ0A5cu3uvJYNde3dnMg 4-26-2017_11-02-15_AM.mp4
  3. I was digging a tunnel (downwards, roughly 45 degree declination) and about 2 stacks of tethers deep at which point I lost control of my astroneer. Now I'm stuck cutting to the left and unable to perform any other actions. See attached video capturedvideo.MOV
  4. The AUGMENT & RESEARCH CURVE update is "Patch 153", a pre-alpha update for Astroneer. (version 0.3, build 0.3.10153.0) This update focuses on two major updates, but also includes a large selection of features, general updates, and fixes to the game. The two primary goals of this update were to introduce you to Augments, which Aaron writes about on our blog today. And changes to what we call the Research Curve (how the game rewards you for researching things as an Astroneer) which Samantha wrote about yesterday. We recommend you read both blog posts in addi
  5. I am playing the game on Xbox and the biggest thing that happens to me is that the world will swallow me. For example if I'm driving in the truck and the terrain is slow at loading and I hit a jump once I touch the ground I guess it renders the terrain over me and I get sucked into a green spinning Abyss. Eventually I stop spinning and now I'm stuck in a deep cave. It will also happen when I fly to another spot in the craft. I land the craft and the terrain won't load. Once I jump out I gets sucked down into a deep cave. Anyone else having the same issues
  6. When I use dynamite on the 3-man seat on my truck to get rid of it so I can downgrade to a 1-man seat, the game crashes everytime. Xbox One.
  7. Hello! We've just rolled out Patch 131 to Xbox Play Anywhere and Steam. This patch heavily focuses on how players can interact with and manage save files, as well as some significant performance updates to portions of the game. IMPORTANT: The patch will be rolled out to Xbox One users between now and the next 48 hours. Check out our stream later today, March 17th @ 4PM EST (1PM PST, -4 UTC) on for an update on the brand new studio, our growing team, and the next major content update coming to Astroneer! CONTENT CHANGES 8 new rock-based discoveries available f
  8. Lost maybe 10 hours of work on a save. Yes I entered the pod to save before exiting, and many times entered the rover which supposedly saves as well. I was on the second planet (possibly moon) when I lost it and am back on first one where my rover is half built. Xbox one
  9. build 0.2.10131.0 a few weeks ago i had the one game save i was working on just disappear. one day it was there and the next no saved data. yesterday started the game and choose the one game save i have and it wasen't as i remembered it, the color of the land was different the orientation was wrong, then it hit me, aaahh it's the game that disappeared on me minus the vehicles, and the me save i was currently working on? gone.... disappeared. i only have one game save at a time, keeps the confusion down for this 55yr old.
  10. if you disconnect the controller from the xbox or reconnect the controller to the xbox or wake your controller from sleep mode in a gaming session it will no longer work in the game. temp resolution is to restart astro thru the xbox menu. build 0.2.10131.0
  11. I just got Astroneer last night, and I'm playing on Xbox One. Overall, the game has a great idea going but the user interface and the camera especially have major, major, major issues. My biggest complaint is with the camera. When I have the gun thing out, the thumbstick which controls the camera is highly unresponsive and essentially lags horribly. When I move the thumbstick, the camera should follow its every movement (and the camera should stop moving when the thumbstick stops moving, which it does not, mind you). One would think this would be common sense, but apparently, it's not. If this
  12. This is on the xbox one.My truck flipped over while I was carrying a habitat to start a new site, now the truck is upside down, the pod came off and is beside the vehicle with the door in the ground, I pushed x button to get out of the truck and the character got into the pod and now is stuck there. Spookz71 is my gamer tag if this helps to see this. The game saved at this point and starts with me stuck in the pod every time.
  13. Was playing today and was thinking it would be a significant improvement if you could use the Right and Left bumpers to rotate the camera while carrying objects (bumpers don't seem to have a use outside of when using your tool, which shouldn't conflict with proposed idea). Currently you have to hold the object to the side of your screen until it rotates the the point you want. Doing this causes it to catch on other objects and causes a lot of camera changes, which isn't the best experience.
  14. There are these two bizarre floating objects near my starting habitat and I don't know how or when they appeared. I'm playing on Xbox version 131.
  15. It seems like every time I host a game on Xbox, my framerate tanks over time, but the clients' framerate has no issues. Has this been documented?
  16. I've been having issues with accessing saves when multiple people are signed into my Xbox because it seems to create a save profile based on the combination of people signed in. The workaround I've been using is making sure that only one person is signed in (which can be entertaining with Kinect auto-sign in and young kids). Today I realized how other games handle this. If multiple people are signed in (or no one is) they ask me to choose which profile to use. It was would be awesome if Astroneer could pick up this "feature".
  17. All, Patch v1.131 is live! SES Announcement Apo and Bean Video
  18. Hi, I know it sounds 'vague', please can you guys improve the joystick feedback? It seems a dew microseconds behind, sometimes you have to press twice, and sometimes it seems to buffer the first press. Also, the controls to place materials in pods seems awkward or getting into an extension, I mostly get into backpack mode to be able to select base expansion nodes. So take some time into that. and I have to move around to find the rose expander plug on the screen since the backpack makes to 96% of the screen. You could assign the D-Pad to select things, elements into foc
  19. Hopefully this thread will be pinned by the developer/admins for Xbox/ Xbox one players.
  20. Just a button you can press to automatically place a selected item in your backpack. I know I know, this probably isn't a huge issue on PC but I feel it would greatly improve the gameplay on xbox.
  21. Xbox One : Hi, I noticed that when I take a tether to put it in my inventory, I have to open the inventory and place the tether manually. If I use the X button to put it in my inventory, it doesn't and just disappears. It's the same when I take a tether and place it on my inventory player. The tether disappears but it's not in my inventory !! I didn't noticed if it's the same with or without tethers already in the inventory, but you really have to fix this quickly, it's like hell to loose tethers in caves because of a bug. Thanks !
  22. The invert Y gamepad has been broken since the first update you did on the game, and still not working. i can only play games with invert Y stearing so this bothers me even more than the flying cars we see, that still happens. When you activate invert Y controls in options, then the stearing, looking up and down works as it should but. When you equip your deformer tool then it stops working as invert and goes back to normal. If you Press LT when using tool then suddently it works as invert. If you Enter your inventory then it also stops working. And if you Press LT to aim and pi
  23. As said in the title, the character will stop moving even though my controller is either on full battery or has a wired connection the camera does the same thing. To move the character again, I have to keep moving or 're-activating' the joystick the way I want the camera or the character to go. This can be seen multiple times during the stream I did on twitch: this is only for evidence Notable times: 12:34 34:23 Yes i know that other issues / reports can relate to this but this is the character as well.
  24. I have concluded that when playing alone in Astroneer, my frames - on Xbox - are significantly higher than in co-op. As soon as a friend joins the game, the frames instantly decline, making gameplay less enjoyable. Even if the friend does not launch from the space station, the frames decline severely. I will gather clips and post them on this thread as a demonstration. Thanks!
  25. When I went to harvest energy from a ... rock (I think).... the world literally just disappeared from underneath me and I fell to my death losing all of my items. The attached clip shows the bug. Thanks! 2-26-2017_11-02-36_AM.mp4