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Found 450 results

  1. i bought my friend a code for christmas on xbox he’s from america in from canada and it won’t work can u get us another code?
  2. Will they eventually allow cross-play between Steam and Xbox One? Rocket league is cross-platform between Steam and Xbox One. So just wondering if they would eventually do the same thing here?
  3. Often, when my friends use a rover in my game, they will flip for no reason then get trapped in the seat. And when I come over & try to flip the rover, it doesn't move. But for some reason, the wheels will flip around without the body of the rover. I am playing on Xbox One
  4. Summary: 0.4.10223.0 XB1 - Can't launch shuttle from within a habitat attached to it Description: Formerly you could place a habitat on the shuttle (large or small) and launch from there. Since the latest patch(s), I am unable to access the launch icon. I had to build a 1-seat enclosed to be able to access the launch icon. You can (X) to enter/leave the habitat, but you can't get a pointer (using controller) to click on the icon. However, from within the 1-seat, you can. I don't know if this change is on purpose or accident. I am unsure if it changed in the latest hotfix (referenced in this bug) or in the prior patch. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.4.10223.0
  5. Hosting on Windows 10 and inviting an Xbox One player works reliably only on brand new saves. Once we play, build structures, alter terrain, etc, it becomes increasingly difficult to successfully connect. Currently hosting on a Windows 10 machine. Same home network. No firewall on the router. Any suggestions on what we could do to improve our chances of connecting?
  6. Bogdan Tesenin

    Odd material

    So i killed one of those dangly bait things on Barren and they dropped a pink crystal item with a bright turquoise dice-like icon and it reads "Item Name" and "Item Description" So is this something that shouldn't happen? or is it something to be soon implemented?
  7. Did I understand wrong or say to celebrate a year from the release of the game will come out a mega patch? do you think you can finally get out of this game by Alpha Beta? According to you, are the orbiting bases and the flora, water and animals on the planets introduced?
  8. Milko

    Xbox one lag

    When I invite my friends over to my world it’s extreamly laggy it’s unplayable so I’m just here watching my friends as I’m trying to move. When they leave it’s less laggy
  9. Hi !! After the excavation update, i join a friend in his game, and after joined the game, me and my friend have lot of lag. The next day i join my friend for second time in his game and lot of mineral flying in the air & when we enter in shuttle we don't pop in seat. Look the screen Best regard
  10. Olav Rekve

    Xboxone Coop

    I SEE no value in a game i cannot play with my kids locally. We have One Xbox one. When will Co-op be available?
  11. Hi there. Love your sweet little game... having great fun, especially after the excavation update, BUT. I don’t know if it is me, but omg the steering for the crane and drill is so random. I just unlocked it today for the very first time ever. I was so hyped. But God I can not drill the stuff I try to drill. Either it takes control totally randomly, and rest of the time it just does something much worse... i have stopped using it cause the drill and crane seems more annoying than beneficial. And I find myself just using the vacuum tool on the astroneer instead... cause with that I can actually aim and drill the stuff I am after. I have tried many things. Getting closer, further away, turned the car around. But I have no control over it... there must be a better way, cause to me this is way to clunky. So I don’t use it. Then what is the point. i have put a small video link from xboxdvr to show my struggle. At first I’m doing okay I guess, but then the crane begins to act random. I’m trying to aim. But I end up with looking in to the sky or get my view blocked so I can’t see. It does not drill the stuff I want to drill... i really really hope you can make a better steering for the crane. Cause to me it is just not worth the effort to use in this state. If I can use my manipulator on my astroneer with easy, one would think I at least would have some control over the crane. But no sadly here is the video. this video I did okay, but later I had zero control over that darn thing haha...and I gave up in the end And parked the mining car, and did it the old way. suggestions maybe add a small laser target to show where the crane and drill will dig. Does the steering of the crane have to be the same you use to steer the camera? Half of the time I can’t see anything when I try to move it. Cause then I’m looking at one of the tires blocking all my view.. maybe a better function to expand the crane. Move it up down. Turn drill head etc etc. there are plenty of buttons to use when you sit in the crane. Could we not use some of those to make it easier to control... Anywho hope we can get a better way. It is too random the way it behaves. I feel I have no control. And it is very annoying and kills the fun. Which is why I don’t use it anymore. or if I’m doing it wrong then plz let me know. Thx in advance.
  12. SirHarveryDouth

    Xbox multiplayer issues

    When playing multiplayer on the xbox one; it gets very laggy for the host but not the other players. Everthing is delayed and runs at a low frame rate.
  13. So I've been playing this game for about a week or so. Made some good progress and recently established a base on the arid planet. After the recent Xbox update earlier today (June 20), I went to start my game. The game loads fine to the menu, and I go to load my save. The game crashes. Have not been able to successfully load, and have tried 10+ times. I'm able to start a new game no problem from the menu. However after I exit the game (saves just fine) im unable to load the new save. I've tried reinstalling the game, no luck. Hopefully this is fixed, because at the moment I've paid $20 for a game I cannot play.
  14. Summary: XB1 - Rover/Truck can't attach umbilical to base Description: When in proximity to a base node, the blue connector phantom appears. I click on it and instead of connecting, it shows the disconnect animation. The gray cable appears and then retracts into the rover and the blue phantom re-appears. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: Current (as of this date, sorry at work so don't have console here). Will do better next time. Promise.
  15. Summary: XB1 - Vehicle bay showed 1-seat for Large Shuttle ONCE, but won't anymore. Description: Last night I built my first shuttle. Decided to go big or go home so built the large shutter. After complete, it had 1-seat (think it said enclosed) as the next option to put on it. I wanted to see what else was available so I cycled through the options. However, it won't show the 1-seat option again. Shows 3 seat, and crane and large storage, etc. but won't show the 1-seat again. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: Current (as of this date, sorry at work so don't have console here). Will do better next time. Promise.
  16. HI team, I am playing on XBO and sometimes i find the terraforming process speed and not fully under control. The result is like a swiss cheese with lot of holes. Walking on exploited area become difficult. Also the leveling tool provide strange results. My recommendation would be to have: - Same removing material speed - Slower material addition -Real levelling making ground straight and smooth
  17. the title says it. maybe the problem is that everything you saw once stays loaded and anything you've ever dropped stays where it was. So after you visit one or two more spots on your planet or another planet it's almost not playable. e.g. you need about 15sec till you sit in your rover or habitat after you pressed that button
  18. First off...I apologize if this has already been addressed. I did search through the forum for a thread relating to this, but didn't find here we go. We've got two XBOXes, both with Live Gold accounts, and we were in the same Party. I launched the game, landed on the planet but when I attempt to invite the other player the "Invite to Game" is grayed out. We tried having the second player start the game and invite me...same result. If a player tries to join a game, the "Join Game" option is also grayed out. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  19. Playing last night and when my rover took off flying due to the gravity bug its wheels separated and flew behind it. They did eventually resync to their proper places on the rover, in pairs (front/back) but this took over a minute, with about 20 seconds between.
  20. erikinthebakery

    Some controller updates in 197?

    Hey all, I was playing after a bit of a break last night and I noticed a couple things that seemed new with the controller controls last night. (This was on Xbox, so no Experimental branch for me). Hitting the D-pad down not only pulled a tether out but placed it I could click on waiting base slot (for example, an extension that wanted one Resin to become a small platform) and it would automatically pull the resin out of my backpack. I know the first one is new because @SamanthaZero talked about it on the controller livestream. I'm pretty sure the second is real too. So... thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! Both excellent changes!
  21. My frame rate on the Xbox One has dropped drastically since installing patch 196. I wouldn't classify it as "unplayable", but definitely "unenjoyable". Also much of the terrain is covered in minute graphical artifacts (small white specks). Have any other Xbox players noticed this?
  22. I have patch 197 installed. I'm continuing a game which I've been playing since Patch 189, but it freezes after less than a minute of gameplay and crashes out to the XBox homepage. I had saved the game while entering my vehicle, and after I start the game, it locks up whether I'm driving around or also if I get out to starting walking. This happens when I play singleplayer, and I haven't tried multiplayer. I just started a brand new game with patch 197 and it is not crashing anymore. I will update if there are any changes. I just started a brand new game with patch 197 and it is not crashing anymore. I will update if there are any changes.
  23. Now this is not necessarily a bug. Each new game you start has Crystal Clear 60FPS I'm pretty sure, but over time, with each new base installment you create, becomes less and less. Now this has improved a lot by the team already, but it only had delayed the moment that you start experiencing an average lower framerate, as low as 30 or worse. Now Multiplayer is the Real issue. When a player joins the host's game on Xbox One, the Host's framerate immediately drops to levels aforementioned. The joined player that's not the host, does not receive any framerate drop.
  24. joegondian

    flying buggy

    Xbox one this was the second time this had happened, I had just made my second buggy to replace the first one that went flying and immediately it starts flaying too. so after about 10 minutes of watching it go up and up I exited, when I finally hit the ground I took no damage. taking flight (again).mp4
  25. Version: Running same updated version on Xbox One and Win10 PC 0.3.10190.0 Platforms affected: Xbox One and Windows 10 Issue: Cross play used to work flawlessly for me since launch. However, after the last patch I have an issue I am able to replicate. When running a session on Xbox One the PC player is able to join flawlessly. However, when the PC session is running the Xbox One account constantly gets the "Failed to join: Could not find session" NAT is open, Works one way but not the other. I was using the PC version solely as a "dedicated" server for the Xbox players to join and it was working great. Would love to see the issue resolved. Thanks!