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Found 450 results

  1. On multiple occasions now, I have saved the game like normal (by entering habitat or vehicle) only to find out after closing game/relaunching that the save didnt actually take place. Whenever i enter habitat/vehicle I see the "saving game" notification appear and then disappear. I have even tried entering/leaving the habitat multiple times in order to force a save multiple times. Unfortunately the unreliability of the saves has forced me to not play until patched. I cannot leave the system on indefinitely nor do can I play without being able to save progress. Please fix. Xbox One S - Astroneer version 0.6.2
  2. Hello, I'm making a single forum post for various little bugs I found recently : 1 - The Mineral Indication Text is Upside-Down 2 - Some Tumbleweed got stuck into nothing 3 - Bug with the Terrain Tool not Generating terrain on a partially mined Titanium deposit : 4 - When double tapping "A" when the backpack is open to "print" something, it cancel the build but if you want to print anyway you have to change to another blueprint and back ; video to clarify : I hope this bug report help in any way possible. I love this game, great update too!
  3. Peter Wesolowski

    Cannot access Backpack on Xbox

    This started on March 5th with 2 games already played for a few weeks When I hold down 'Y' I get the research panel and no selection roundel to operate it
  4. The mineral extractor has 8 (full) units of soil in it. When I add the compound, there is no option to turn the thing on. No Y examine or X to use it. Same with the vehical bay. I can add the compound, the medium rover is researched. Both platforms are powered but neither will work.
  5. Campbell Reeves

    Here's a suggestion (Rovers) Xbox

    Hi, I think that you need to do something about these rovers. when me or my friends drive either a medium rover or large rover it sometimes flips backwards like your doing a wheelie and if the host is the one driving you can press X to hop out and press X again to flip it but if you are not the host you are stuck and cant move or dismount and when we try to dig my friend out he gets teleported into the sky and falls to his death also the rover gets stuck really far into space and does not fall back down and the flip thing happened again so i told him to leave the game and join back, so he did so and he was fine the thing in his back were just stuck in the ground and easy to get out but however when he left the rover disappeared and went even further into space this time (i know this because when we went out in our shuttle we could see 2 vehicle beacons along with the 1 shuttle beacon and 2 white specs that looked like Rover) It would be very appreciated if this can be fixed asap because it is just ruining our experience with the game. And it fixed would make the game much more enjoyable. Thanks, BallisticFox01
  6. Hi! I found a little bug in the system : An empty Teather Item (as seen in picture attached) I think it was from some teathers I found after killing a Cavern Lure. Not a major issue but I don't think it was supposed to be. Great game by the way, keep up the good work!
  7. Summary: Invite friend functionality between two Xbox systems does not work; does work between XBOX (host) and Windows 10 (client). Description: When inviting a (single) friend to join session using normal menus in XBOX Live, (not XBOX Gold premium parties functionality) users are able to send invites to friends. they are received as expected; However when the the receiving party is on XBOX and attempts to join, they get a long-ish wait, followed by a failed notification. If users (XBOX-XBOX) switch invite direction (host<->guest) behavior is the same. If recipient is on windows 10, the attempt to join is regularly and consistently successful, demonstrating the functionality as designed/intended. success characterised by the recipient being brought into the sender's (host's) world Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: All -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. So I encountered this issue on the xbox one. I made a large shuttle and had a closed 3 seat on it(The large shuttle and the closed 3 seat were the only thing I research that could be made in the vehicle bay). The issue was that when ever I would press X, no matter where I was on the world I would teleport into the closed 3 seat, so I couldn't use my terrian tool. The vehicle bay was also on a elevated platform and that plat form wasn't perfectly straight. I was also in duo and this bug affected the other player as well. I was the host of the game
  9. When my friend logged off inside of the habitat his stuff was in there and i didnt know so i went in and got out to save and then my camera was inside of me. And this is alll i see now and when i try to move he sprints forever.
  10. Description 1. When I plug in a power cell into Medium Rover I've got infinite power. It happen when I took the power cell from backpack when it working and plugin to front nest on Rover. I riding in a circle about 10min and still has full batery. EDIT: every power cell act like that! I plug one into research station and I have constantly full research speed. 2. I can sit on chairs plug in to wrecks even when chairs are under Terran (when I get off it launch me into air). We need much shorter range to interact with chairs. (video) Platform: Xbox One (fat, 500Gb) Version / Build Number:
  11. Description 1. When I plug in a power cell into Medium Rover I've got infinite power. It happen when I took the power cell from backpack when it working and plugin to front nest on Rover. I riding in a circle about 10min and still has full batery. EDIT: every power cell act like that! I plug one into research station and I have constantly full research speed. 2. I can sit on chairs plug in to wrecks even when chairs are under Terran (when I get off it launch me into air). We need much shorter range to interact with chairs. (video) Platform: Xbox One (fat, 500Gb) Version / Build Number: ASTRONEER (Game Preview).mp4
  12. Campbell Reeves

    Xbox Servers

    Hi, The servers on Xbox are really annoying at this point of time because when my friends leave my session all there items are on the ground when we all get back into the game (except for the host, which is me)is there any chance System Era could make either a session that can be started by any of the 4 people who started the server (share game with the people you want) OR make it so the items that my friends have on the don't just drop after my friends and I leave the game and also can you make it so that they do not have to fly down in a shuttle every time we go back in to the game (hosted by me)? this would make the game much more enjoyable place Thanks BallisticFox01
  13. On Barren in a cave I found a ready for backpack item that looks like Astronium (Purple bubbles (like Compound)). Except its name is "Item Type", and it's description is "Item Description"
  14. When you use the terrain tool on the flatten mode it lags and jitters a bit and does it more so with the boost mod equiped too
  15. When an oxygen tank gets filled part way up and then if you have it equipped another tank filling up with out the normal built in tank filling up first there is no sound of it filling up
  16. Alistair

    Audio bug

    When you pick something up inside a cave then walk outside the cave it still makes the echoing sound affect when picking something up and placing it down instead of the normal clicking sound (this only happens when you hold it the whole time and don’t put it in your backpack)
  17. Xbox, dynamite doesn’t make any clicking sound when picked up and placed down
  18. Carey Stevens

    second crash on

    after a habitat entry save both times, exit to main menu selected from pause menu, loading screen appears then game crashes, seems to be after playing for a time. cannot duplicate when re launched and repeated
  19. After all the hard work accumulating research bytes and acquiring the large shuttle template, I cannot build it. Vehicle bay shows a 'build' button icon for every vehicle but the large shuttle, even though I have the resources to build it (4 aluminum). Makes game unplayable for space flight as I have never used the small shuttle (100+ hours on Steam version) and have no desire to do so.
  20. Not sure if this is a bug or just "needs optimizing" but I searched and didn't find anything on this topic. I'm playing on an Xbox One S. When I start a new game, it runs smooth and fast. But after a while, after building modules, placing beacons, building vehicles, building other bases on Terra and other planets, FPS gradually drops to the point where the save is difficult to play. If I start a new game, performance is back to normal and the game runs great. I am assuming the game needs optimization but I don't know if its a something that happens to all Xbox players.
  21. Hello everyone, First of all, I would just like to say great work to the development team for creating such an awesome game. I bought Astroneer 3 days ago for the Xbox One and so far it's been the most fun gaming experience i've had in a very long time, and the fact that this game is in Alpha just excites me more. I can't wait to see what the future holds. Okay so I've noticed that if you want to extract soil from Canisters rapidly, you can place a Medium Storage loaded with x8 Soil to the left/right of the Mineral Extractor and it will automatically extract them for you. However, the final canister always seems to get stuck in the extractor. So the reason why this is happening is because there's a little bit of soil left over, obviously, but the same thing happens whenever you're making Lithium & Titanium which require a full load of soil. So when the Extractor is completely empty, you load up 8 canisters and every time theres always that tiny bit left over. I know it's not a major issue, but I have to admit it's a little frustrating whenever you're extracting a large quantity.
  22. Hello everyone, when I play overcooked on Xbox with me and my brother he logged in so we could play split screen. When we finished playing I switched to astroneer and played, when I came back to play again my save wasn't there, upon further inspection the save file said that there was much more data in my brother's profile and not mine, I deleted the saves and restarted, I am playing on the new 0.5.0 release
  23. Will Snovelle

    Found Object

    I found an object thet looks similar to the research panel on the backpack. I can pick it up and place it in a double socket slot or the research station. i can not research it. is this a bug or an displayable object like the zebra ball?
  24. James Huxley

    Simultaneously Crashing

    So I've played Astroneer for a few hours straight and it's crashed 3 times whilst playing with multiple people. Progress gets lost and it becomes insanely frustrating. Please fix this in the next update or add an autosave feature
  25. Pardon the info dump and the tone, I have been gaming for 24 hrs straight (all astroneer besides a few hr long gaps to eat and buy other games; my work related game fast is over!). The small shuttles can get blown over before you put anything but an open seat on it. VERY ANNOYING. No way to right it without building up a mountain and valley underneath it with the terrain gun. NOT FUN. Especially after saving up bytes and materials to buy it. Advice from another indie game dev: allow the shuttle to be righted the same way the small rover can be righted when you flip it. The extra habitats built with 2 coppers can fall over on their sides, with the activate button facing you, and you can accidentally HIT THAT BUTTON leaving a permanently disturbed habitat WHERE YOU DID NOT INTEND TO PUT IT. This “ruined” my perfectly organized full base that I had been building for 24 hrs. I had to painstakingly cover it up with rock to keep from having an aneurysm. It wasn’t pretty. Advice: allow a habitat to be UNemployed. Or require a confirmation before deploying it. PLEASE WORK ON THE SHUTTLE LAUNCH SEQUENCE. No matter what I do, I have not been able to launch my small shuttle with a large storage pad on it, although my friend was able to take off in this same shuttle (sans the large storage) WHILE IT WAS SIDEWAYS. I tried, but wasn’t able to do that myself. Trust me, it’s not me. It’s the game. Advice: Let us pick up the shuttle to move it. Or let us hover with the shuttle to reposition things under the vehicle pad crane. Because otherwise, we need two vehicle pads to have a functional shuttle and rovers. Vehicle pad is glitchy with 2 vehicles parked next to it (a small shuttle with large storage and a small rover with nothing on it). It constantly tries to set up new mods on the vehicles, but will retract before I can click build. It also keeps rejecting or tossing, or cycling the items required to build (for instance:) a small open seat or a crane on a vehicle. Advice: please slightly extend the range of the vehicle pad so you can park a shuttle and at least one rover near it and work on them, without having to move the shuttle. I love this game. I’ve put at least 50 hrs in it on all systems. It’s as addictive as Minecraft, and that’s the highest praise I can give a game. Keep up the progress, and the byte system is a great update to the fall 2016 build. Great progression loop.