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Found 450 results

  1. The next update isn't released yet, but should include performance improvements for even the launch Xbox 1 console. So I am starting this topic thread for any specific XBOX issues, questions, or performance issues when game is in release Keep your game saves and retest their performance after the performance update is released. For me personally, my 2nd save experiences massive lag as soon as I step off, drive off or rise above the original base area. I have a large leveled area surrounding my base and I can move about freely there. Once i go below, or off of the leveled area, and if I'm carrying anything, driving a rover or doing anything but running, I get a massive amount of lag. I have posted a 15 second video of what I'm talking about in the Discord #media section. That video is also attached to this post. Astroneer is a great game, and I love that it is a Windows Play Anywhere title. I have nothing but praise for the game, and even this lag is the first I've seen in one of my single player XB1 games. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) (2).mp4
  2. I use inverted controls when playing on a xbox controller. But the game switches from inverted to regular when ever I use the aim function or pick something up. It's really frustrating and It can´t seem to be able to change it anywhere.
  3. martin heinemann


    i cant blast off at all
  4. s3rgioru3las

    No save game

    Tried out the game on xbox with the free trial. Trial ended, and I purchased the full game. Returned to the game exactly where I was. Played for about 4 or 5 additional hours. I made sure to enter the home base to save several times. Game toast message said it was saving. Quit the game, and turned off my xbox. Hours later, the save is not there. I ejected with another explorer and quit immediately. On the main screen, a new save appeared, but only the explorer's. I assume it's a bug with the free trial feature. But nevertheless, it's left a terribly sour taste. I can't see myself playing this game for another few months. Sucks
  5. So when I save and quit and load back in a either man made, or deep cave I'll just float straight up through walls until I hit another cave or the surface. I think this is just a early access bug but if there is a way to fix it let me know.
  6. I found a tether in a cave. When moving it back closer to my own tethers to use it, it connected at a high, close to vertical angle, through the cave wall. When I dropped the tether it showed no oxygen hose, but did provide me with oxygen. It was close to other tethers I'd dropped, but I couldn't see it being connected to them, and didn't think the ones in the cave above were close enough to connect. I've posted a video with this bug name to my profile.
  7. If I try to collect a a resource when my backpack is full by picking it up with RT then pressing X to drop it into my backpack, it says the backpack is full, but then the resource is just left on the map, on its side, and uncollectable. It is then stuck in this positing and does not have a selection ring around it. I have seen this happen 3 times from memory I think you can see them in my profile. I've Shared them with the bug name: The screenshot shows exactly what I mean, with the Compound stuck on its side above a platform slot. I can still add other items to that same slot. Actually I just went to try again after saving last night, turning the game off, then starting a game again today and now I CAN collect the Compound. I'm sure I couldn't last night but didn't capture a video unfortunately. You can also see a similar example with a small solar panel in the video on my profile above. Note that I thought to go and check if I can collect it now, but it no longer seems to exist anywhere. If I see it again I'll provide more evidence.
  8. I wasn't sure if I should put this as a bug or a suggestion, but decided it should be considered a bug because it makes the game very hard to play in my situation. I only have a 32-inch 720P TV. I find all of the button-icons and fonts far too smell and almost illegible on my TV. I'm only sitting 2-3 metres from the screen and don't have this problem in any other game. For example, whenever the Use (X) or Examine (Y) button icons up they are almost too small and low-resolution to see. They should be enlarged. Also, the font in some instrument panels is too small. The fonts in the Research Chamber is so small I have to sit up and move within 1 - 1.5 metres of the screen to read it, which obviously isn't OK for a console gamer. From memory the launchpad font is also too small. Others like the Fabricator and the in-game hints are fine, so it's not all. Just some of the smaller ones, and most importantly the X and Y button icons. It was certainly an initial barrier to enjoyment of the game when I downloaded the Trial, but thankfully I persevered to enjoy this absolutely awesome game :-)
  9. If you place a turbine on your base, and then save while smelting something or using any sort of power at all the game will freeze, and crash.
  10. @SES_Adam Please, for the love of Astroneers everywhere, fix the interactions for seats, modules, generators, fabricators, & anything else that requires you to hold either the X or Y button to use. This is infuriating! Every da'gum time I go to activate something with X or Y, I have to attempt it 10 or more times before it actually gets it. I always end up whipping out my terrain tool like my Astroneer thinks he's Quickdraw Mcgraw, or he'll get out his research catalog like there's a hot sale going on. Please, please, please hot fix this asap!
  11. When I try to load a send game after the latest update, the game crashes. Playing on Xbox one
  12. nazma.diana

    Rover cable crash

    so I was driving my 3 rovers long rover chain to my base, when i get there I get out of the rover, then i try to click the cable thingy so I can connect it to my base, but the second i click on the cable thingy the game crashes. I relog in and i try to click the cable thingy the game crashes again i try new save the same thing happens
  13. xXFatKidSlayer-420-69Xx

    I was wondering...

    Hello there! I bought Astroneer on Steam in the end of December. And i've also got an Xbox One X and 360, so i was wondering if there is any possibilities that, if you have bought it on Steam that means you could have it on Xbox for free like a license for Astroneer on Xbox.
  14. SpicyMilkbags

    Medium printer bug on Xbox

    When I activated the medium printer on Xbox version 6.01, the hologram UI did not show up.
  15. David Turner

    Xbox not saving possible fix

    I have been having the same incredibly frustrating issue of the game not saving when I enter a vehicle and I think I may have a soulution. First I save by entering a vehicle or habitat. Then I then bring up the options menu and hit “exit to main menu”. This has consistently forced a correct save.
  16. MajorFizz87

    Xbox Version Bugs??

    Is anyone experiencing any bugs in the xbox version? Or is it running relatively smooth? I'm just curious because I was experiencing some bugs like issues with the cursor and not being able to take items from backpack. Things would run fine and then all the sudden I'd have issues like the research not snapping into the research chamber.
  17. Natty Jones

    Xbox Co-Op Lag

    Me and a friend are playing co-op on the Xbox one not x or s When mining and after a 2-3 hours of game play together the frames will drop to 10 and below which makes the game almost unplayable i totally understand that we are behind in the fact that we don't have the latest console and the game is in game preview and i understand there will be lag until the game is optimized however is there a way maybe to fix this such as turning of captures or changing the world?
  18. Biggus

    Xbox control scheme

    I've been gone for a while and come back. I really liking the graphical improvements, however, the control scheme needs some love. Even all my friends on the PC have quit for now due to the crazy control scheme changes. The controls are sluggish and cannot be adjusted. It feels like I am moving objects through jello. Clicking and holding for 3 seconds for common actions is unintuitive and maddening. Please reclaim the d-pad. Giving it up to just emotes is insane. I'd rather use the d-pad to select what's in the backpack than trying to point at what I want with the joystick (aka mouse style). Also, we're all complaining about the dirt bucket situation. Holes everywhere and filling them in before was more of a courtesy, now it has turned into a nightmare. Please return it to a more friendly way of doing things, or at least make it an option for some players. Thank you!
  19. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has found a temp fix for the frame rate issue on Xbox. Playing on an X with friends on console and pc and the people on Xbox just have shocking frame rate. I know it’s in Alpha but we just love the game we need a temp solution ?.
  20. MajorFizz87

    Xbox Version Unplayable

    I can't use the cursor on my xbox controller anymore. It wants to highlight the chosen area but won't let me use the left trigger cursor. The research chamber will not connect research and I can't grab anything out of the backpack either.
  21. So I play quite abit on xbox. and I have to say I love this game so much more than I expected I would. Theres just a few things that i wanted to point out or make note of. First off, during storms the frame rate on xbox drops heavily. it does this as soon as rovers and shuttles are made. the game runs smooth as silk until theres a storm or a shuttle, god forbid both. The next thing is I dont know if this is mainly xbox but for new players its hard to figure out how to go to other planets.I think the main issue is that most console games dont use cursors this way. usually cursors are just for menus and that. but here we have a cursor that is CONSTANT. you have to manage the cursor. All that does is make me wish I could play on PC. When I first started playing i started with two other people. we all three bought the game and started playing and played for HOURS that night. kept playing for a week or so learning our way around. dying alot. having a blast. but when we finnaly made our shuttle and we all hopped in, we were kinda baffled. "How do we go?" I remember hearing. took us about 5 min to figure it out. once we did all we could do was travel on our own planet. the one we already explored. At the time we chalked it up to the fact that the game is in alpha and the other planets will be accessible in a later patch. we had no idea that hitting the launch button AGAIN would open up our world (hah!). They quite after that saying theyd come back when the game is done. ive kept playing solo. and discovered a couple weeks later that you CAN go to other planets. but how?? i saw on the wiki page that other planets had a different set of common resources. and I stated thinking "Huh? so people have gone to the other planets?" I started clicking around and found nothing. I went into space at one point going to my Terran base 2 and remembered i had forgotten something at home. not wanting to waste fuel wanted to descend back down to my base. I couldnt find it. but then I saw the launch button. oh boy. a way back thats quick and easy! NOPE NOPE NOPE. that was my ticket to the stars! I clicked it and I had access to.... exotic?? can I go there? and my life in astroneer was forever changed. I wish my friends had seen it before they uninstalled. Its because it was so hidden I play alone now. I dont mind it, but i do wish i could have shared my first journey with my crew. I think changing the cursor for consoles would be much better. if you want to keep the cursor on console you should atlease have it (kindly and not aggressively) snap to objects. a cursor on console is so very hard to manage. its very slow, very frustrating at times. and (in the case of me and my friends) can keep people from exploring your beautiful game. Excited for the full game. im gonna keep playing with every update. cursor or not. but man, i with it was an easier thing to manage. ALSO LAST THING. Im not sure if its a glitch, but if you put on a terrain tool a boost mod then as long as you have a wide mod BELOW the boost mod then you can have both active at once and it makes filling canisters insanely fast. less than 30seconds per container. plus you rip mountains apart. I dont know if its intended only because it requires that the boost mod is above the wide mod, but it feels like its a bit to powerful.
  22. Kai Hillgrove

    Cant walk

    When walking stops after a few seconds.
  23. MajorFizz87

    New Update Bugs Xbox One

    I'm experiencing a few bugs. 1) Research will not connect to research chamber. 2) The targeting system for choosing what to pick up is not working correctly. I cannot take items from my backpack either.
  24. This issue has happened for me while playing on Xbox 1 and PC. I try to join a friend's world (who is playing on PC), and regardless of whether I am on Xbox or PC, I get the error message "Could Not Find Session". When he tries to join my game (again, regardless of whether I am on console or PC), he gets the same message. Unsure what is causing this, as last night I was on Xbox and I was able to connect to a different friend's world on PC with literally no issues.
  25. I've been using the power extenders and finding that they behave in ways that I'm not sure they are supposed to. 1. When I pull a cable out of the platform and extend it out as far as I can and then place it down with an extender there are two things that happen: a) The cable seems to loop around and connect to itself as if closing the loop. I'll try to get a screen capture soon. b) The power will only flow in the direction that I extended the cables from. So if I pull a cable out of a platform and run it through at least one extender to another platform with say a wind turbine or solar panel on it, the power will only go to the second platform. I have to disconnect the cables and then string them from the power platform back to the receiver in order to correct power flow. 2) When running lots of extenders in a row when I go to pull cable out of the first placed extender the cable that it was connected to will disconnect. So if I put down 10 extenders I end up with 10 extenders attached to nothing and then have to go back and reconnect all of the cables. I still have to try rotating the extender before I place almost seems as if its getting placed 180 degrees off so it cause the disconnect.