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Found 450 results

  1. Xbox and Windows 10 cross play not working. when i invite a windows 10 player from the xbox they load but they just go to the big spaceship where it says create a new world. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP
  2. PLEASE add Cross-play between Steam and Xbox/Microsoft Store! Astroneer is such a fun game to play with friends. Unfortunately some of my friends have it on Xbox while I have it on Steam. I don't care if it's through dedicated servers or some other method, but PLEASE add it in the future! I love this game so much and I want to be able to play with my friends!
  3. StubbornDonkey

    0.10.2 - Xbox - Crash

    New save, not much progress, game crashes closing out completely. This has happened twice, I believe both times as I was walking into a man-made cave leading to a natural cave I was trying to connect to just below base.
  4. John Huffman

    Failed to Join Session Xbox

  5. Hi team, The save function operates as normal for a random number of vehicle entry-exits, it then hangs for a few seconds longer and a grey screen appears. This then shuts down the game and you're on the Xbox menu page. Reloading the game immediately, it then sends you to a black screen with the normal loading sounds in the background. No credits or button appear. If you wait for the usual load time to expire and press the 'A' button, the screen credits appear with the button reappearing later as normal. The orbiting station appears as normal once loaded. On this the last saves previously made have gone and you find an older save from hours of earlier gameplay. Eg,I I played for 4 hours with around 20 saves at intervals after midnight. I saved at 03:00 for a few hours sleep. Woke at 07:30 and played again until 09:00. The saves again crashed gameplay. Reloading, I was at the orbiting station with the last useable save at 03:00. Only one save point is present on the orbiter and all previous version saves were deleted weeks ago once V9.2 was loaded. I hope the problem is easily sorted as the lost gameplay is an aaaarrrrgggghhhh moment.
  6. Unable to save game. Example: Start new game at 1:30 pm. Save (enter habitat, then save game and exit to main menu) at 2:05 pm. Resume from saved game at 2:10 pm. Save again (enter habitat , then save game and exit to main menu) at 3:15 pm. Saved game STILL only the saved game from 2:05 pm - NOT 3:15 pm. Genrally, game will properly save 4-5 times, then stop saving new games. This is frustrating obviously because you lose hours of progress. I won’t be playing Astroneer again until this bug is fixed - which stinks as this is a really interesting and clever game.
  7. Chaise Janson

    Steam and Xbox Crossplay

    I bought this game along with another, I found out they both featured PC - Xbox crossplay, I was very happy as 2 of my friends had Astroneer and 1 had the other (ARK), when researching how to do crossplay I discovered I needed the windows store version, is there any chance Steam crossplay will be a thing soon? No way am I spending another $100 just to play with my friends. Thanks, Someone on the Internet
  8. I have been using the Cross play with an xbox one and my Windows laptop. I have found that reducing the quality on my laptop helps the game run smoother (due to laptop limitations). The xbox one version also has a great deal of gameplay lag even when running the game from a connected SSD. Is there any way that options within the settings on the xbox one version of the game could be introduced to ruduce gameplay quality and help lose some of the lag?
  9. cakes73

    add a creative mode

    I think this game would benefit greatly if there was a creative mode option I've seen some people use cheats just because they want a creative mode in the game from time to time to just mess around and to be creative on what they can do and implement it in their survival mode worlds without the risk of messing everything up cause of one huge mistake. what we can add in it is either 1.A menu of all craftable things in the game and maybe some trees and stuff if people want to make race tracks and what not or 2.keep the crafting but it has a no required building cost this will keep the creative mode vibe and also let's put infinite oxygen and power so that people don't have to worry about their tether or filters when they are building or their power supply.
  10. sure the multiplayer right now in game may be laggy cause the game isnt optimized for it yet but with the trailer we got for 1.0 we'll be able to invite at least 6 people into our worlds and since its already very laggy getting 4 people in a world i think that 1.0 or updates before it will have optimization for multiplayer if that's the case then how cool would it be to have servers in the game like a raid and alliance system server where people can loot other bases and ally with other bases to help each other out while we are at it or just general co-op play with multiple people would be very nice as well. now honestly i dont expect to see this soon since system era is a realativly small studio when compared to other companies so it would generally be hard but if they get more people down the line and make astroneer successful when its near its full complete or during the beta (since we are still in early alpha which is before beta) i can actually see this not only work but be a good boost in sales since alot of sandbox players (not all) like to play with multiple people .
  11. cakes73

    A fixing system

    i was wondering maybe we could add a fixing system in game that requires I don't know maybe half of the ingredients needed to make the original object that would be amazing like I always see a broken wind turbine or solar panel and I would love to see a feature that allows us to either 1 fix debris (like broken rovers) 2.a feature to fix wrecked items or 3. both 1 and 2. It can also make more good uses for debris other than scrap metal and I don't know in order to balance this new system make wrecks a bit less common to find?
  12. I am playing astroneer for a long time now, and i wait update after update that the lag get's fixed. I really like playing the game on my xbox, but i can't play with friends because of the lag. Maybe it's an idea you guys invest in a worldwide server for the current players. And when te 1.0 version launches in december , get more servers...
  13. Carl cardill

    Xbox one X game Crashing

    Game keeps crashing and. Lagging I’m using the Xbox one x
  14. Has anyone else playing on Xbox One noticed that, besides Terran, this game has lag issues after a while? Also, Radiated was horrible from the beginning and I would get stuck on nothing just walking around.
  15. I play on Xbox One. Title says it all - the door on the enclosed 1-seat is permanently stuck open. Minor bug, but it definitely feels uncomfortable to be driving around with the door open, and it makes me worry about dying from storms!
  16. 1st time playing (purchased last Saturday). On Day 3 of playing was able to go to another planet with my large shuttle. Went to inner radiated planet. What the following describes is after about 10 min being on the planet. Found a Station crash site with a seat in it. Heard a storm starting to come over, so decided to sit in it while the storm passes. As soon as I pressed "X" to sit in it. Game crashes, Xbox shuts down. I Decided it was a good time to stop. Next day (today), figured I get an hour in. I start the game and it get to be first loading screen with the solar system and where the background turns from black to gray. After about a minute. The background music starts to play. About 2-3 minutes pass without being able to get to the main menu screen. It just stays on the solar system loading screen with the background music. Finally the music starts to glitch out, crashes, and shuts down the xbox. I deem the situation/problem as unsolvable and decide to re-install. Have not tried playing post installation. Just wanted the community/developer made aware.
  17. I bought the game from the Xbox store a few days ago and played a few times that day and the game saved fine. Since then, it has not saved anything. Countless hours of work and base building on other planets have been lost to this issue. If this continues to be the case I WILL stop playing the game entirely. I’ve read the forums and tried everything to get it to save successfully so I can continue playing and enjoying the game as I progress. I enter cars, shuttles, and habitats showing my game saving icon. I log out by selecting save and exit to main menu. Yet, it still loses all my recent work and the only save data pod I have to choose is one from days ago with far less game progression on it. Just today I uninstalled the game from my console and reinstalled it. I played a bit and switched planets to test the save. Still not working.... Me signing into this forum and typing up this issue is my last hope to continue playing this fun game. Without having the ability to save I am truly just wasting my time playing this game. Please hep me correct this issue!
  18. After loading in to my world, I went down to my underground cave system and I noticed weird empty spaces at first I thought that the textures didn't render through all the way so I saved and reset my game but when I came back on the empty spaces where still there! after I cleared my inventory I decided to investigate and when I went into the empty space on the wall I went through and led me to another cave that I haven't explored yet. After more investigation I noticed them on the floor and when I walked over it I went straight down killing me. When I first experienced this I also noticed that rocks would be floating around my base. This only happens sometimes as they appear and disappear. The empty spaces/non filled in textures causes trouble for me to get around my tunnel system and makes it really hard to get resources and oxygen particles. Hope these bugs get fixed. P.S. Love the game, so addictive!
  19. Daniel LoDolce

    Xbox saves being finicky

    Hi all, absolutely addicted to this game! I just bought it about a week ago. My first 4 hours I entered the exo often, eventually turned off my Xbox when I was done after it said “saving” and went away. Logged on later and no save file. started a new game, saved in the exo and the quit to main menu, the save was there, so I played for quite a while, saving worked fine as long as I quit to main menu. Logged again later, spent a few hours farming lithium for batteries which is tedious, turned off Xbox from exo, save file was from earlier save so it didn’t save all of that session. Logged again and just started a new character again. Made sure I quit to main menu each time I did enough I wanted to save. Worked fine a few times. Logged later, just playing around building on a mountain for 3-4 hours, saved in exo, quit to main menu, entire session didn’t save, just showed save file from where I started that day. been testing when it will and won’t save so I could give a better report, thought you HAD to quit to main menu, but last time even that didn’t work. I’m unsure what is going on. If there is anything you want me to test let me know.
  20. Hello, I am a player of version 7.00 in Alpha on Xbox one. I encountered the bug of vehicles that end up in quicksand lol. I do not know if there was a fix. But by digging a gallery and depositing dynamite on the ceiling, the vehicles above do not fall anymore! (but I suspect you're there for what too) Before fixing the problem in this way, I crafted a dozen rovers that I can not delete .. It would be interesting to find a way to remove them; or by deleting them by a simple touch. Or by creating a larger trading platform. By exchanging rovers, we recover composite, copper and aluminum for example. Between 06/06 and 10/06, I tested the multiplayer version. Unfortunately on the console, it is unplayable! The game lag enormously !!!!!!!! Even today, in the solo version, the game lag much too much, which makes the experience sometimes difficult. Since 12/06/08, on my home planet, my rocket no longer touches the ground lol. On the other hand, when I go to another planet, there is no problem at the landing. A little bug of nothing at all .... To continue on travel and materials, will it be possible to recover different materials on other planets? This would broaden the scope of the trading platform. Still on the exchange platform, but this time in multiplayer, can we trade with the other players of the session? By imagining each player on different planets - and if materials not common to all planets exist - we could exchange them between us. Since the 12/06/08, I discovered that we could pick up the seeds of the "biting" plants. But I do not think that we can do it with other plants of the game. So when can we do it with all the plants but also get some seeds from the trees? It would be ideal to be able to modify the surroundings of its base, to cultivate certain plants, even to create entire floral zones !!! Well, it may be a bit long to read but, having enjoyed this game, I did not want to miss the opportunity to share my experience, my questions and my expectations. Thanks again to you for the work done (and the one to come) BKNBTK
  21. Since the new update, the xbox version is freezing and crashing or just incredibly slow. I've lost multiple rovers from falling through the world. After I built a base on Terran, I moved to Radiated and everything got way worse. Not sure why. Will there be a hotfix soon??
  22. Hello, Why do these pixel errors happen? (see pictures) I use an Xbox One S (NOT X model) and before this did not happen. I use an Asus VG245 FullHD 1080p monitor, with HDMI connection. Any ideas? Thank you
  23. My existing game that we've been playing for 3 days, and have been to 3 planets, is now running very slow after this last update. We are on the planet exotic, and I think it is an fps drop. We started a new game and it's running fine. Is there any way to fix this issue?
  24. MajorFizz87

    Buggy Update

    When is buggy update coming to xbox one?
  25. The next update isn't released yet, but should include performance improvements for even the launch Xbox 1 console. So I am starting this topic thread for any specific XBOX issues, questions, or performance issues when game is in release Keep your game saves and retest their performance after the performance update is released. For me personally, my 2nd save experiences massive lag as soon as I step off, drive off or rise above the original base area. I have a large leveled area surrounding my base and I can move about freely there. Once i go below, or off of the leveled area, and if I'm carrying anything, driving a rover or doing anything but running, I get a massive amount of lag. I have posted a 15 second video of what I'm talking about in the Discord #media section. That video is also attached to this post. Astroneer is a great game, and I love that it is a Windows Play Anywhere title. I have nothing but praise for the game, and even this lag is the first I've seen in one of my single player XB1 games. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) (2).mp4