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Found 450 results

  1. Go to around 2min 20 seconds when the buggy away from the base is fine but when leaving or arriving near base i have issue Solution so far has been to leave the buggy 50 metres plus away from the base In case it helps!
  2. shannyniganz

    Multiplayer Bugs In Xbox One

    When in multiplayer, the person who started the game cannot use the cursor when the backpack is open, the camera just moves instead. The person who has joined the game does not have any sound effects. When the host logs out of the game all of the stuff on their backpack falls to the ground. This bug was confirmed by myself and others by taking turns starting a new game and observing the effects when the backpack is open. This makes the game unplayable in multiplayer for the host, these bugs do not appear in single player.
  3. SpaceExplorer

    XBOX received update \o/

    Hi, just a heads up that the XBOX version received an update. The game is now at version 0.2.10109.0, which matches Steam 0.2.108. Testing now.
  4. valevma

    XB1 Rover FPS Drop

    Playing Astroneer on the Xbox One, finally got a rover, they're fun as heck(immediately got lost for eternity lol). However on Xbox One, whenever driving the Rover at least in my personal experience the FPS dropped plenty, and while still playable, it just looked terrible, and I'm sure this is not the intention, so I'm here!
  5. After creating a spaceship, filling it with fuel, and sitting in the seat, the launch button never appeared. I tried getting out and back in, etc. Then I quit the game and reloaded the save -- loaded inside the spaceship, but still no launch button. Finally got out and back into the ship, and it appeared. This was on Xbox, so before patch.
  6. I bought the game on xbox one and I have experienced a lot of bugs. Sometimes the fps will drop alot, around 15 fps. One of my world's constantly has a low fps of around 15 fps, and never goes up. Also sometimes I will randomly fall through the world, and die of suffocating. This happens randomly and when I land on a different planet, and leave my shuttle before everything is rendered. Also alot of times when I start the game, the items in my backpack are outside of my pack and floating out of it. Just a few bugs I've experienced and I hope they get fixed because I really enjoy astroneer, and I think it has a lot of potential! Some other things I think should be noticed is the render distance. The render distance seems very short (atleast on my xbox) and I always see random structures pop out of nowhere around me when I'm exploring. I also think some cool survival features you guys could add to the game in the future is hunger and thirst, so you have to keep those up as well as your oxygen level. I also think combat and even animals would be a cool feature to add to the game. Just a few ideas, anyways thanks for your time
  7. I was on PC and my friend was on xbox. I started a game and sent him an invite and he never got the notification to join. Then he started a game and sent me an invite and I never got the notification to join. We have played cross play titles together before...
  8. (Xbox one) the more I explore the amount of fps is much lower than the feed. Between more planets balla exploring the fps lower so that the game can no longer be played
  9. Christian011969

    XBOX One Driller does not work

    I can move the driller on the top oft the skin of the planet in the direction front, behind, left, right, BUT not up or down with my controller. Based in this I have to craft with my standard tool again.
  10. In the few times I've gotten co-op to work, I haven't been able to connect tethers to my friends habitat, or to any of his other tethers. We were on xbox, and even on the same internet at the time.
  11. Xbox gameplay. I'll be off doing whatever, and when I come back to the tether chain to fill up on oxygen, it wont connect with my suit. I'll follow the chain towards the source, and find at some point that one of the tethers are unconnected. Generally replacing the tether will reconnect the chain, but it doesn't seem to have any reason. It would be helpful if connected tethers that weren't connected to a source show as red or green, so that we know if it as disconnected. This would help with telling if the bug has struck, or if it was otherwise disconnected.
  12. kevomeister011

    Save game corrupt after crash

    Was playing today for a little bit. Did some exploring with my vehicle train that I finally worked without major frame rate issues. I ventured too far and got lost from my home base. The icons for your home doesn't seem to appear when you're too far away. Part of me likes this element as it adds to the survival aspect. The other part of me hates it as I finally managed to hook up a crashed satellite with winch. Drug it around for awhile searching for my base or hoping the home icon would appear on the horizon. I could of swore it was just on the other side of the moun.....ehhh. Game froze locked up then crashed. My game save won't load, anytime I try the game locks up and crashes. Unfortunately, my Astroneer will never make it home , and I now have to start from scratch. Oh well. On to more exploring and bug catching.
  13. When I hosted a game, my friend joined and could not place working tethers. He could place them but they did not connect to the others that I had placed. When he started a world and I joined, I couldn't place down working tethers. It's very frustrating as you cannot split off and explore different areas as the guest cannot place working tethers. Are there any tether mechanics I'm unaware of (very new to the game, only around 2 or 3 hours played) Loving the game and excited to see it improve over time!
  14. Colorful Lollipop

    Xbox Split Screen

    Adding split screen on xbox would be awesome. Could bring more sales, but ultimately it gives people who have one xbox a great experience with their family and friends. Also it could be split down middle or share whole view and have it zoom quite far out for vehicles.
  15. Will you ever add a feature to delete saved games?
  16. malt whisky

    First Person Mode

    As i suggestion, and i'm unsure how difficult it would be to implement in the future, but would be cool to have a first person view through the camera options.
  17. malt whisky

    Co-op worlds

    I've managed to encourage a couple of friends to purchase the pre-alpha game on xbox. the multiplayer is great fun, though one of my mates prefers to dig holes under where you are standing and then cap them off burrying you alive. Anyway, would be great if you could have a co-op load whereby you can jump in and do what you want even if the other players aren't on and they could do the same. at present you have to be online the same time as a friend which is great, but would be good to continue building the coop base when others have to jump offline.
  18. Macalite

    World dropping

    I am having major world drooping issues. So much so I had to dig another layer underneath so I have have a place to land with out dying. I have found many soft spots the keeps pulling me Nd any items in the area in to the between. To my death on less I am able to fly to one of my catch area underneath.
  19. I play astroneer on xbox one, I have a one s, all the updates and a 3tb external hard drive on a 2tb system, I have 3.8tb left for storage 75mbps wifi strength. Ok so now my problem is I wait for the truck to be available in the vehicle Bay, then I build one of them and have no performance problems, but when I build a second truck my game lags intensively. On very rare occasions the game will catch back up, and when it did the first time I built a 3rd truck. I cannot even load in that save after my game crashed, when I try to load that save my xbox crashes. I really enjoy astroneer and bought it after I saw draegast play it youtube, but on xbox the game can't handle 2+ trucks and or rovers
  20. This is a great game. I wanted a clear topic that is meant to leave space about your specifc Xbox One issue encounters to be given potential attention and consideration by the developers in hope that they see and consider this thread. Please be specifc as it might help if they do read this: -Multiplayer works, but when a friend is too far away they seem to crash and their game freezes. (Almost as if it was too much for both games to be rendering in my "lobby"?) The times I have attempted to gather their things, my game crashed as well. Also when another player joins, my frame rate drops quite a bit. And when I access my back pack (specifically when in multiplayer), my selective cursor does not show up unless I hold LT first and then open my back pack. -When driving a rover/truck the frame rate seems to drop on some odd occasions that I can't put my finger on. Sometimes when trying to "plug them in" to the vehicle bay the frame rate suffers and my game will freeze but not permanently, only for about 10 seconds and it will do that a few times. Also when I place a research "plant", item thingy on the large storage on vehicle, the vehicle will fall over and be pushed by the research item sideways and in to the ground. And I can no longer pull that portion of the rover/truck unless I take it off. -I once rocketed in to space momentarily and came back down to my home base. My rover and all of my free standing storage units had disappeared. I found my rover deep underground, but have not found the storage units. I'm guessing, so far in the games state, if it isn't attached to something when you go out of render distance, maybe it falls through the floor? -The storage units made by the 3D printer do not spread out flat (which is helpful) like they do when placed on one of the sides of a smelter/3Dprinter/tradingbay/etc.. was this intentional? -I cannot navigate the crane, with a drill, downward. It is powered, and the drill is working. But it is as though the controls to successfully move it around have not been implemented yet. Am I missing how to fully navigate the drill to actually drill downward, or will this patch? I might have more, but those were the biggest ones in my face. And of course, this is all being labeled out because I so far LOVE this game. I have already insisted two other friends buy it and will continue to do so with many more especially when multiplayer is ironed out a little further. This game is phenomenal and I cannot wait to see what other features are developed.
  21. AlwaysStoned954

    Console Players

    HELLO EVERYONE, I hope everyone is good. I first wanna start with saying thanks to System Era for creating such and interesting game for us to play! Big ups gentlemen and can't wait to see what coming. I made this topic to serve 1 purpose and that's to have a place where all us console gamers can have a place to discuss our problems, issues, share pictures and videos and jus to communicate openly about astroneer on console. I love this game and everything about it but with new games of course comes problems. I want us to use this forum for us and also the astroneer developers to be able to see our good and bad things that are going on with astroneer. I can see PC and Console are a little different with some of the bugs so injus wanted a place to separate them. Hope you guys enjoy the forum, make new friends and together make this game great!
  22. When I open the options menu, I can´t change anything, only the controls appear
  23. Framerate is so bad it gets unplayable. Also my character keeps falling though the ground and dying. Camera is terrible. Not gonna play this game until it's updated. It's really bad. Currently No Man's Sky is way superior. I don't know why people try to compare NMS to a beta game. This game needs serious patches! It started off fine until I got the vehicles and built my base up.
  24. Charlie1714

    Xbox controls

    The Xbox controls are very slow and imprecise please tweak to give more control. We also need a chest to put materials! Thanks!
  25. EndlesCranberry

    Tethers on Xbox

    So I joined my friends game and tried to place down tethers but they wouldn't place down, I thought I was doing it wrong but found out I was doing everything correctly. Anybody else have this problem?