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  1. The frame rate on Xbox one is horrible after making multiple bases on different planets or just in general having a lot of things on the screen at once. I traveled to the exotic planet and landed into a forest and the frame rate dropped so badly at least 10 FPS a second. Its odd as well, when my friend joins he has crystal clear FPS while mine gets even worse. I'm not sure what causes this but I hope this gets addressed in a future patch.
  2. Hi, i play astroneer on my console, xbox one, great game! But i have issues... the frame rate quickly drops as soon as i advance into the game. I am currently at the point where i can build my first rover and my frame rate is depressing. I can barely move my camera without it shuttering. Also my game crashed twice already which had set me back. Please adhere to this developers as it is annoying. Thanks!
  3. When my friend and I invite each other to each other's game, we accept the invite but the screen just stands stil and doesn't put us into each other's games. We've tried inviting each other through every possible invitation command. It won't work and neither will any multiplayer on the Xbox One version of the game.
  4. Xbox one, controller I have consistently had an issue with tethers when I load my saved game. I cannot select them with RT when standing near them. I can go into my backpack and use the "cursor" to hover over the tether and pick it up using RT. Once I do this I can then walk up to and move that specific tether, or any tethers that I move using this method, normally by walking up to it and using RT without needing to open my backpack.
  5. Hello, The latest Win10/Xbox One Patch has helped but I'm still getting major frame rate issues. Especially noticeable when playing multiplayer (2 people). I don't have an over abundance of tethers, and only one truck with a truck trailer. I don't have storage bins (triangle ones) on the truck either, which I've read people may think that causes it. My Base has only 6 platforms in it as well. It's still playable, but very laggy. Seems like I'm getting something like 15-20 FPS, but I can't tell since I'm playing on Xbox. Anyone else still having these issues? The latest patch being
  6. On xbox, after having played the trial version, before the pre-xmas patch was released, once I'd bought the full preview version the game didn't start saving, even after starting a new game (save pop-ups showed in game, but there was no save available for loading on the select screen. Only after deleting my save game on the xbox game management screen did saving start working. Loving the game, cheers!
  7. So, been playing xbox version since pc version giving save issues. Nothing ridiculous to report but have noticed two, well three issues so far. 1: lag, mainly while in rover, almost came to a complete finally stopped or I should say went back to normal but it took a bit. 2: rover transported away from me, ran back to where the icon said it was, when got there, the icon disappeared and only thing left was four tires way up in the air. 3: when driving rover sometimes, hit huge freeze, and it boots me back out to the xbox welcome menu. Outside of that, ju
  8. So after I built my base up and crafted a rover and truck with other rovers attached, I left my world through the shuttle to explore other planets. When I returned to my home base, all off my vehicles had disappeared. Little did I know, they fell through to the lower levels of the world. I started a new game and rebuilt my base again and tried to recreate the same issue. It happened again. *I did found out that if i stored my vehicles on top of my base structures (as long as it was on the grey part) the vehicles would not fall through the map when I would return to the word again.*
  9. When i play i like to play with invert controls. Only when i aim with LT will this work now. If i only use Right thumb control it does not. Plus when i try to look around with the right thumb stick only, there is like 2 second delay before it moves. Plus the cursor gets stuck on the ground all the time now. I have tried to switch on/off invert controls but Nothing helps.
  10. So, I recently bought the game, but at the moment its too feisty for my pc. Is there any way to get the game on xbox if you already have it on steam? If it's not possible at the moment, no biggie, I'm planning on getting a new pc anyways.
  11. Landed on a new planet far away from my first one, it was titled "exotic", landing on it, I experienced the worst frame rate I've ever seen, it's absolutely terrible.
  12. I am currently on vacation and have been since before the xbox patch went live. I've been playing the game with insanely low frame rates since it came out, enjoying in nonetheless but I am excited about the patch and I'm wondering if I can expect it to run smoother when I get home. How is it!?
  13. I believe that some effort to address this in 0.2.10109.0 has taken place, but these issues exist after the update. This is regarding the Xbox version. Firstly, the 'invert Y axis' setting still needs to be set on resuming any loaded game - which seems a bit much as a setting should be exactly that not something that needs to be done each time! The screens which conflict with each other: When the terrain tool is enabled - it can be moved with the right thumb stick - if the left trigger (cursor) mode is held and the right thumb stick moved - the cursor moves in the opposite
  14. Similar to my "Unreal Engine 4 process crash" While entering my rover on Xbox One my game crashed to dashboard. Playing on: Xbox One: Game Preview - Pre-alpha build: 0.2.10109.0 Playing solo. Xbox One: On Xbox Live. Console up to date. (Not in preview program) 1TB Elite console (hybrid drive) 2016-12-24 14-39-30.mp4
  15. After this most recent patch. I've given up playing for right now. Crashes when getting into cockpits no matter what kind. Habitat, rover, spaceship... Randomly too. I'll be driving getting in and out collecting materials and then it will crash on any of those times getting in. It has happened so often within 15 minutes of playing that it's unplayable to me. Of course I love the game and will continue to support.
  16. I normally play inverted Y controls and for the camera view it's totally fine when toggled on, but when you're using the terrain tool and selecting items in the backpack, the controls are back to normal (without inverted-Y). I don't think this was part of the original alpha release. I kind of wish there were separate backpack y toggles and y terrain toggles. Anyone else having these control challenges?
  17. I just got done watching a few youtube videos of people playing Astroneer and I can see a measurable difference in the camera for the PC players compared to the xbox. After watching several PC players launch into orbit and seeing that their camera control is free and loose as they can swing their view around quickly to look at the planets in the solar system or the planet they are orbiting. On the Xbox though the camera view is "tight"... it does not pan or rotate as quickly, it... is... a... slow... rotation... to... swing... the... camera... around from planet to planet. Anyone else notice
  18. Hello! I'm on Xbox One, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to load old saved games. I can see them, and I know you have to "arrow over" to select them but I cannot figure out how to do that. I press left trigger to pull up my cursor, then put my cursor over the arrow, and I've tried pressing "A" and I think I've tried pressing "Right Trigger" on the arrow, and all it does is launch a new game...
  19. XBox One: 0.2.10109.0 While using the controller, 1. Press the system menu button. 2. Use the controller d-pad or LS to navigate the cursor off of RESUME, then try to navigate back.
  20. After saving, quitting, and loading a game I noticed that different things have disappeared; most notably, there was a resin and a compound spawn rock(not sure what they're actually called) very near my base making gathering a much better experience, I quit the game and when I came back, both were gone, new trees had spawned, and a few pillars had disappeared and spawned as well.
  21. When a second player joins, frame rate drops drastically, some times becoming virtually unplayable. Even worse, the rate doesn't always increase when the other person leaves again.
  22. So three of us own the game and play on Windows 10 but one of us plays on Xbox. The problem is that the three players who purchased the game via the Windows Store on Windows 10 can all connect but the one person who has the game on the Xbox cannot. Is it not possible to cross platform from Windows 10 version to Xbox One version? To note, we all are running the same patch of the game. Any and all help is appreciated.
  23. Currently, the inverted camera option applies to everything, but it needs to be separate for the character's view and when operating the deformation tool cursor
  24. Items Floating Off Of Backpack Still on Xbox One.
  25. For some reason I get this reoccurring sound issue. The game starts out fine but after half hour or so of play a sound glitch creeps up and makes the game difficult to play with the volume on. After exploring, when my O2 tanks deplete a little or a lot... and then gets refilled as I walk around my base, the slow smooth sound of the oxygen tanks refilling has become choppy and louder than normal and brutal on the ears, I have to mute the game.