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About Me

  1. Item number one: There are some areas of the map where I just fall into the ground and float around for like 30 seconds. Though it does reset my position, still happens quite frequently. Item number two: Not a whole lot of guidance as far as how to play. Not sure if that is by design or not but it is a bit confusing when you first start playing on the console version.
  2. When using the terrain tool for extended period of time, the right joystick that controls the aim on the tool becomes unresponsive and slowly starts to move extremely slow or/and aiming in another direction slowly.
  3. The frame rate satrts getting slower, at first everything runs perfectly but after a while is starts getting slow, it crashes, while saving the game just stops. It´s a good game but it has a lot of prblems with the frame rate.
  4. Having a really hard time playing, I've only left my planet on a shuttle so far, but it's becoming very laggy on my main save. Hoping the next update helps with this. I've had rovers tunnel into the ground, and some problems with respawning underground. Just wondering if the next update is dealing with any of this. I'm finding it almost unplayable right now.
  5. I have noticed that it doesnt take long at all to dramatically ruin your frame rate, after building too many parts, such as tethers, trucks, or really anything.. this makes it very difficult to want to even invest time into this game and can be discouraging after building a large base or exploring. I also noticed that digging too deep causes this issue. All of my problems have been experienced with an Xbox. LOVE THE GAME! Keep up the good work! Cant wait to recieve some patches, and updates on the console. 20170103_201114.mp4
  6. Xbox Just add new stuff, don´t change the oxygen or battery it´s already disfficult, don´t add monsters. The only thing we want is a free exploring game without the need of a constant danger like Minecraft, also, IT DOESN´T HAS TO BE A REALISTIC G
  7. I really love this game but a few bugs I've noticed and would hope to get fixed on Xbox one is, I have loaded in and all my vehicles where gone even tho I had them tethered, freezing and going repeatedly, and frame rate issues. I really do love this game thank you guys for all the hard work!!
  8. Hi, I play on Xbox and when my controller disconnects due to low battery it will not reconnect in game. The game does not respond to controller input. If I grab another controller I can continue playing though.
  9. This game screams play me with a gamepad but i find the xbox controller layout very cumbersome. Hopefully we'll be able to tweak it in the future (increase thumb stick sensitivity, alternative button layout) but i think it would benefit from some auto targeting features like a cursor selecting UI elements such as the arrows on the printer, the expansion points on the base, the start button the smelter etc. and allowing cycling through using shoulder buttons
  10. Hi, I was playing on Xbox, creating a really long line of base extensions. All of a sudden the frame rate tanked and I started to get audio issues. I have made two clips to demonstrate the issue (see attached). ASTRONEER (Game Preview) (2).mp4 ASTRONEER (Game Preview).mp4
  11. Hi, I am using multiple accounts on Xbox (one for each family member). I have noticed that depending on who signed in last determines which set of save games I see. Even though I play on my own account. So to clarify: I am signed in on my profile, I start the game and I have two save games from around Christmas. I quit the game. Then my wife signs in with her account (yay Kinect), I switch back to my profile, start Astroneer again and now I am presented with a different set of save games. Although it is a helpful way of adding save game slots, I don't think that's how it's supposed t
  12. Currently, when exiting the truck with equipment on the front the buddy gets stuck under/between the vehicle equipment. It might be better to exit from the side, like when using a 3-seat, when there's equipment in front.
  13. So when i try to play on my xbox with my wireless (and my brand new controller that i just got for xmas) it seems to have a dead zone. I'll push all the way froward on either stick and it will just stop. BUT when i play with my 3rd party AfterGlow Controller it is totally fine. I don't get it, did some poking around and didnt turn up anything. Can anyone help?
  14. Xbox One game. Starting last night and continuing through today, my truck will disappear immediately upon accessing my backpack. I have deleted the the Saved Game Data from my xbox and re-installed the game. On the truck (in case it helps): Single seat from Printer, 2 little solar dishes from backpack, Winch, Wind Turbine from Printer. On my character (in case it helps): solar dish, battery, 2 oxygen tanks, set of tethers, 2 compound and 3-4 beacons. The situation: Last night, I placed a winch on my truck and went out to find a Solar Array to drag back to my base. I fo
  15. i went to use my rover with the seat and everything on xbox one and it bugged an bounced me around my base every time i entered it. is there a way to fix this?
  16. sometimes when Astro is walking around he/she will just stop and requires the thumb stick to be moved to neutral and foward again to start walking. Anyone else had this one? XBOX One user
  17. When I first started it was fine but the second time I started it would only let me pick the first character and when I clicked on the arrows it launched the first character the same thing happens with the right arrow.
  18. Bit long winded I'm afraid. So I printed a habitat and left it sitting on the ground, took a shuttle off planet. When I came back the habitat and a rover had done the drop through the floor thing, then I packed in for the night. Next day loaded my game and went hunting in the cave bellow for rover, found habitat lying on its side door down, inadvertently managed to climb aboard, game saved with me inside with no way of escape. Needless to say I started a new game. Xbox1 version.
  19. so i was playing astroneer on my xbox yeah and then i saved the game using the habitat (it worked) and then i went to go do stuff, and launched it from windows 10 store later. my files synced and i loaded into the game fine, and i was able to save from there fine, but now that it synced back to my xbox, xbox refuses to save anything i do. send help please
  20. Xbox Multiplayer As an Xbox player myself, I find it very hard to play multiplayer with friends. My friend sends me an invite I accept and we play. But the only way he can invite me is through an Xbox Live party so I think that you need to make a friends menu where you can invite others to your world. Also after playing with him in his world we soon discovered that once I leave and close the game I lose all my items that we have found in the game and every time I join I have to restart. This makes me just want to play on my own and this really ruins the game for me.
  21. Hey there, I was just thinking about this and it really would be an awesome feature. Please implement this!
  22. Xbox one controller on PC (using xbox one dongle, not bluetooth version), if it times out during game, can't reconnect it. It just flashes, have to exit game to reconnect controller then get back it. Xbox one controller, if you set it down for a few minutes of non-activity it will timeout to save power, but it won't reconnect during the game after it powers-down.
  23. On XBox One I've just created a shuttle and installed the storage on the top and loaded in the fuel fully I added a seat and tried to launch won't work took that off and tried a habitat won't even let me use the cursor to click to launch the launch button is red and won't let me launch the rocket (it's definitely fueled)
  24. So my friend and I attempted to play Astroneers on our computers through the Xbox app. I signed in, couldn't sync my data(this is usual, it never works on console either), and chose to play offline. I start a world, play a little bit but my friend ssays he cant join it(prob because I selected play offline). So we called it quits and went back to play on our Xboxes. His works fine, but mine turns into a black screen (does not crash) after 10 seconds of the loading screen(with rotating planets). I tried reinstalling it and it still does the same thing. So I can no longer play it on Xbo
  25. When playing multiplayer on Xbox, the rolling "spike balls" (for lack of a better term) seen on Radiated are only visible (and felt) by the primary player. The other players who are connecting to the game over the internet do not see or feel the "spike balls" as they fly through the lava tubes or the surface. I do like the concept of the unexpected threat that the "spike balls" brings to the game experience. Keeps you on your toes when venturing into the unknown.