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  1. So I played yesterday a few hours with no major problems. The controls on the Xbox are pretty rough... aside from that I started in today and have major issues. My bases past two aren't connecting for oxygen or power. So all the tethers I set up no longer work. It's pretty frustrating. I tried to reset and same issue still. Please look into fixing this soon. It ruined what I had built all of yesterday. Also, I have MULTIPLE times dug with the tool wrong I guess and been thrown/glitches down to a new cave and die with clearly no way to escape. Love the the game concept t
  2. So my boyfriend and I have been playing Astroneer together in an attempt to find some different bugs in the game... First of all we believe our biggest issue is lag. The lag is most likely caused by too much being loaded into the game. There seems to be a point when co-op gameplay is no longer achievable. Lag causes: Chunks (minecraft term, sorry): Too many chunks loaded in the game... to much stuff and the game just becomes laggy and unplayable Tethers: Too many tethers may causes the initial lag issue.... we stopped using tethers all together and that lengthened the gamepl
  3. The game is running on like 5 fps on xbox fix it please or the game is litteraly unplayable Please fix it Game is really good me and friends love it also my friends and i cant join eachother loading takes 20 min to join them Please fix this bugs thank you
  4. In my game, mining with the drill is really fast and I enjoy it but for a few challenging intricacies. When you collect resources it directly fills slots on the vehicle which is great and a reason I like using it, however I have found in nearly impossible to get it just right so that I have collected a complete unit but not gone over into another. The reason this is a problem is that the resource occupies that space and can not be removed until it is a full unit which leads me to having several spots on my vehicle storage permanently occupied by partial units of resources that I can't ge
  5. I have been playing with friends for a good couple hours now... But when even playing alone the game runs like crap on the xbox one when you get even a 6 mod base in place... Just stating an opinion But optimization on the one is a must
  6. First off, I love the game. I played have played for 41 hours so far and can see so much potential! Couple bugs I have run into playing on Xbox one... A crash that sends me to the dashboard of Xbox when I try and get in a vehicle or Habitat. It doesn't happen every time but probably once an hour (1/10 times) this can be troublesome especially if you haven't saved in a while and you never know if you are going to crash when trying to save it. After I die and it spawns me at my base, it often spawns me floating underground where I fall to my death again. This is problematic when I ha
  7. Simply press the start button while highlighting astroneer. Pick "Manage Game". On the left hand dashboard you will see "Saved data", click that. Select your profile's saves, press start while highlighting your saved data and select "delete". PRO TIP: this deletes all current saves on your profile. There may be a way to delete individual saves through the storage system.
  8. First and foremost, I have really been enjoying this game. I bought it for myself and two friends and I don't regret the purchases for a second. I wish I could play it more but the frame rate after I explore even a little inhibits me from playing the game. Please don't read this in an angry or ranting tone because that's not how I'm writing. I'm simply curious as I have noticed a trend and am looking for some insight. This is the fourth early access game I have purchased on xbox and, I have to say, after this I will probably not buy more. The xbox platform seems like a cash crab for devs
  9. I dont know if it just my game or everyone elses but for some reason you can only use the d pad to go left to right in the menu but it really should just be the usual left analog stick
  10. In the patch notes you said you fixed the bug where trucks and rovers would faze through the ground when returning to the planet via space shuttle. You didn't fix it. I wanted to start my new save knowing that won't happen again.
  11. Upon loading saved game, names would appear upside down.
  12. When loading on the notice screen(we'all build this game together, work in progress)the loading often stops and the game freezes, you have to return to the Xbox home screen and return to the game a couple times before it starts turning Again, it's not an immediate problem but it would be a lot better if startup times were quicker. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone , I have created an Xbox Club for fellow explorers to find friends on console ,From the dashboard select "community " with RB go across to "Clubs on Xbox" then select "Find a Club" and search for " Astroneer Multiplayer Friends" and hit enter, select the club and request to join ,requests will be accepted within 12 hours ,also you can invite your friends to the club as all are welcome , now I know there are other Astroneer clubs available so be sure to join them too , it's not a competition for who's got the best club we are a community of explorers so explore , feel free to post L
  14. Okay, brace yourself because when I was working today, a whole bunch of ideas came to my mind, so sorry if it doesn't make sense, but I'll try to make it sound perfect. I play Astroneer on the Xbox One, and I love the planets you can travel to. So, I was thinking there could be planets that are like Saturn and Jupiter. Even planets with rings around it that you can actually land on and the ring is around the planet, and you can see it just like the image below. Another thing is to build telescopes so you can see other planets or suns or stars from where you are. Like, I was thinking
  15. We load up to see if was a bug or a problem on our part. We crashed three times. If any other player than host left, the host game would crash no matter who was host.
  16. Ok so I've been playing for a while now, but every time I exit and go to continue my game it starts a new site. How do I get it to load the existing save?
  17. Can anyone tell me what the recent Xbox patch is like? I won't be able to play for quite some time to test it out myself, so I'd like if someone could come in and tell me if the patch has a noticeable effect on the gameplay experience. Things like multiplayer crash frequency, frame rate, everything really. Thanks in advance!
  18. In playing this on Xbox I'd noticed I had save files disappearing and reappearing and I think I figured out why. A couple days ago with all the saving shenanigans I decided to try deleting all of the save files off of the system and I saw that not only did I have save data, but my two sons who watch me play (but had never played themselves) had save data as well. Playing around with it this morning I think I figured out what it going on. The save files get linked to the combination of profiles that are logged on when the game loads. If I am logged on alone, I get one set of saves. If
  19. There is a glitch of some sort when I start up the game on Xbox One that has the pause menu frozen on the screen and doesn't allow me to do anything. I found out that if I don't press start before I load up a game, it will go away, but for people who don't know, it's probably frustrating. I gotta actually shut the game down and restart it in order to get rid of the menu.
  20. How do you play online with other people on Xbox one and if you can't when will we be able to?
  21. HI everyone, I discovered this gorgeous game only a couple days ago and since discovering the game I have really wanted to get my hands on it. Since being on website I have discovered that it can be purchased on Xbox, Windows 10 Store or Steam, does this mean its a 'Xbox Play Anywhere' title similar to Gears of War 4, Forza and ReCore? Also, I was wondering whether this game will eventually get a physical copy game release? I am a bit of an old school type of gamer who likes to collect games in physical disc form and would love to have a copy of Astroneer. Thank
  22. There are a few bugs that I've experienced recently, but let me tell you what I was doing prior to this to hopefully provide more context. I noticed all these bugs in the following order and within the same time frame. I am playing on Xbox One, Version 0.2.10109.0 Disappearing/Floating Truck Glitch My friend had joined my game (I am progressed pretty far on Terran) and we drove around together in a truck. The truck had one seat on the front with a storage rack on the back and there was a rover attached to the truck, with a wind turbine on one end and another seat on the other end for
  23. According to @AstroneerGame Twitter, we can expect a good update early next week!
  24. Using the terrain tool in previous save to dig away land, loading my game the next day I see the rocks have reappeared without land/dirt under them.
  25. For some reason my game saves will disappear at times when I open Astroneer on Xbox One. Yesterday(1/5/17), i was playing a game I had saved from the day before. I flew to Exotic to attempt to colonize but when I tried to get back into my shuttle to save, my game crashed. When I restarted the game, the latest save available on the main menu was from 1/2/17. This isn't the first time this has happened and I noticed sometimes later on down the line I will see a game save that got lost and it throws off my whole continued progression. I honestly don't mind starting a new plane