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Found 287 results

  1. (Xbox One, 2-player, host system) We were arriving back on a planet. We landed enough for it to allow me to exit, yet it still looked like it was loading textures. When I exited, I fell through the ground and ended up still alive in a cavern far below the shuttle. I just died after I ran out of oxygen. We also had a truck parked fairly close to the landing zone.
  2. updated menu controls much better(thanks guys) however i noticed that if you press X button on gamepad you get the deploying noises for the terrain excavator / manipulator. cheers
  3. Frame Rate is usually fine when I'm playing the game by myself, but whenever I have a friend join it drops down to around 5-10 frames a second. I don't know if it is just me experiencing this problem but I just thought I'd report the issue.
  4. Eamonn og McConnaghie


    I love Astroneer but it has a habit of making players fell through the world and their vehicles too, i had a incident when i landed on Arid and when i jump out i fell through the ground and dead in a cave. So can you please fix this problem for the next update thanks.
  5. cmadison

    Truck Disappeared

    Date of Incident: 1/26/2017 System: Xbox 1 / Xbox One The game had just been loaded from a saved state. Upon load I had 2 trucks and 2 rovers. Using the Vehicle Bay I created another Truck (Truck 3). This truck was moved off the vehicle bay platform, so a rover (Rover 3) could be created. At this point, more compound was needed to accomplish this goal, so I took Truck 1 on a compound gathering expedition. Truck 1 had the following items attached at the start of my trip: 1 seat Small Storage Rack 2 small wind turbines attached to the top of the storage rack Two large batteries (one on the front and back of the truck) In Truck 1, I drove about 2-3 minutes away from basecamp to find compound deposits. Discovered 2 compound spread through out the ground and one easily obtained via a rock pillar deposit. Both of these were mined in their entirety and the one hole was meticulously filled in. I drove a little further to see if there was anything else interesting in the area. I discovered a cave entrance, and got out of my truck to place down a beacon. As I was getting the beacon out of my backpack, my truck disappear right before my eyes. At the time of my truck disappearing the following items were attached: 1 seat Small Storage Rack 2 small wind turbines attached to the top of the storage rack Two large batteries (one on the front and back of the truck) 12 compounds Not sure if any steps can be taken to reproduce this bug, and it happened so abruptly no pictures or videos were able to be captured. Please fix!
  6. I think that 4 player splitscreen should be added into the game. Splitscreen would allow for a more cooperative experience on a single console. But it is important that splitscreen has no boundaries to it. What I mean is that players should be able to travel to any planet, or any part of a planet by the themselves, without having to stay within a certain distance of the host player.
  7. had a few issues in Multiplayer to do with backpack / crafting Resource harvesting when backpack is full (not host on multiplayer) the resource plops onto the ground and only the host can pick it up. Sometimes when harvesting, you cannot collect a specific resource (not previously harvested) and you will collect but no resource is gathered (harvesting tool jammed?). When crafting with a full backpack, say making filters, if your backpack is full, but WITH a compound being stored in the backpack, instead of being swapped with a replacement compound (to refill the mini Printer) the newly made filters will plop off onto the floor (only able to be picked up by host) and then the replacement compound refills the printer. this will probably apply to all manufactured parts.
  8. astroneerjeff

    Frame rate drops on Xbox One

    The more stuff I build, the slower the game gets; basically to the point of the game being annoying to play. I've built a 3D printer, a research lab, three fuel condensers, and numerous large batteries on the resin pods to power everything.
  9. We can't post anything to the official xbox-club, so it might be an idea to create unique bug-club. Completely dedicated to bug reporting. I find it easy to recored simple bugs and glitches on videa and share, but there's no way to share it outside xbox network (or at least what I'm aware).
  10. i was placing a string of tethers out from the base, on the Terran planet, which was going well. however for some reason the tethers were not placing properly......somehow they were not intersecting the surface layer, and were deploying deep beneath the surface somewhere....their blue line was connected, but it was segmented, suggesting that they had "glitched" and were deep underground.....(i was not brave enough to try and follow the tether line)
  11. Bluegreenash

    cave disappearance

    playing a multiplayer game, we went to explore the Barren planet. we landed and we discovered a large crater, which i noticed had some caves, i dug a slope (to make entry easier) but when this slope intersected the mouth of the cave, there was a flicker(update) in the map, and the mouth of the cave disappeared.....I tried to tunnel where the cave mouth was but no joy, the game host (who was present) saw the disappearance and the cave was gone from his perspective too. we tried a similar operation on a cave on the opposite face of the crater......which disappeared in a similar fashion. hope this helps
  12. Since the new patch 119 every time I get into a vehicle after let's say at least a five minutes of playing the game crashes. I'm playing on Xbox one.
  13. Love this game. I've been playing for a few hours and I've noticed it's getting extremely laggy. I've tried restarting the game, my Xbox, nothing seems to help. I'm about ready to quit it's getting so hard on the eyes.
  14. CaptainCool

    Respawning Underground

    Hi! Bought the preview for Xbox One last night and have loved it so far. However, tonight I keep respawning underground and once it actually crashed the game. Hope this helps!
  15. Hi Guys, Just want to start off with great work so far! really like the game. I have seen this bug attributed to pc with a different cause but some similarities: Oxygen tank upper left slot - turns into tethers with same graphic howver the trigger of the bug was different, no crafting tethers... I did 3 things between tank running out and not refilling: drop generator item, drop power stacks, pick up aluminium ore and place thethers. I was actually recording footage to do a first look vid for my youtube channel so I have footage for you guys to be able to review and replicate steps to reproduce I've Rendered it at the lowest size I can for you so it doesn't use all your web stoarage Oxygen_tank_bug.mp4
  16. diehard44501

    No Power Bug

    Hi all, I am having an issue with my power. Even with two solar panels attached to my person I continuously have no power. It doesn't regenerate at all, not even moderately like it usually does when you don't use power. I tried connecting myself to tethers that transfer power to me, I tried not being connected to anything I still have no power all the time. Please, if anyone knows to fix this issue message me/reply. Thank you!
  17. As me and my friends all decided to get astroneer, we've encounter a couple of bugs, most of them being unpleasant. The first bug we encountered playing on the Xbox one is that when someone was hosting they will encounter low fps as time went on while in co-op, we never found a solution to fixing it unless you reset the game and that too only fixed the bug momentarily. The next bug we encountered was a tether bug where if you where to pick up a tether it would disappear into oblivion and never come back, we never really found out the issue but assumed it was a player issue as when someone with the bug died it would fix it. The next one was clipping through the map when you where to build up, we found jumping a lot fixed the issue so that you can clip back onto the surface. The next issue was an fps drop whenever you went into a cave and having the fps drop continue of of the cave, we found this happened ever 5 out of 10 times you went into a cave. The rest of the issues where simple crashes and screen freezes. I hope this issues get fixed soon because my friends and i are really loving this game!
  18. chris atherton

    Deleting Saves

    Hey got the game today and now just getting to grips with it but I would like/was wondering if there is a way to delete old saves...basically on my first two goes I was an idiot and I really just dont want those saves there if Im not going to use them. I am on xbox one I have tried deleting my saved data but it synchs up again and loads them back up.
  19. Exile Child


    So I've noticed that the XBOX ONE Astroneer Game Preview crashes a lot when you have lets say 3 or more vehicles, or just 4 players. The game needs to be updated to where it can handle its own components if possible. The PC game works just fine so far.
  20. When trying to load a previous saved world the game is crashing. This is not a particular full or advanced save with not a lot of tethers or anything else that could lag the world out. This is as soon as click on the world,it barely starts to do the spinning logo to tell you that the world is loading before it crashes. when it crashes it freezes for a few seconds then kicks me off the Game and back to the home screen on the Xbox. I have tried three times to load it up and identical results each time so no coincidence. good game with potential but very flawed at the moment
  21. Everytime I add even more to my world it drops my frames even more and I don't even have that much added.. I'm getting 5 frames at most can someone please tell me how I can fix this even tho I probably can't do anything to fix it.. Oh and it doesn't happen to my friend when he joins his frame rate is fine
  22. Cup O Noodle5

    Off ground propulsion vehicle

    Hello there fellow Astroneers I think this game has amazing potential, great style and should be pushing forward in progress to please players and create a large community of thinkers. So here's one idea I have, I have many in the works but until all are filled out in proper format and drawn on paper I will not post. So here it is! This is the propulsion-copter a vehicle for atmospheric travel only! As you can see is modular like the truck and rover. You will start with the base the middle section, from there inside it can have either storage or seats for other players, the rear section is specifically for storage or adding other objects such as power or generators, the bottom can also carry such things. The top has the option for a standard propulsion engine or if found can be equipped with a heavy propulsion engine to carry things like broken satellite solar panels or even a truck or rover. The front will be a standard cockpit that allows for 1 pilot it has a spot light underneath to guide the way through the night, the engines can be fueled with power, powercells or even solar panels but be careful because of you run out and crash you can lose a section of the ship and perish. Hope you guys like this modular idea that can help us stay off the bumpy ground and travel to new heights!
  23. i have noticed that if you have anything connected to the front node on a smelter or research module, or any station, such as a solar panel or even power pellets or other collected resources. when you drive a vehicle past and it connects to the base unit with that "ghost" connector (showing a possible connection) the solar panel or collected resource "pops" off onto the ground, this also happens if you have a connected resource / power module connected to the "nodes" on the vehicles too so on a truck if you have a research item connected to the large node on the front of the vehicle, it pops off when a "ghost" connector appears. having something connected to the node, I feel should deactivate the "connecting" function.
  24. I was exploring, new worlds in a 2 player multiplayer game (as client). Xbox one 1st stop was the Barren moon, which everything worked ok...however, this was not the case when we went to the ARID world. We landed and placed a Habitat, and started work from there, however when i tried to expand nodes from the habitat module I would build the node (added the resin) and the extension animation worked, but I couldn't see the resulting node, my friend (host) continued to build, and was having no difficulty. however, i could see nothing that was built, even items like a storage unit a solar array, and a battery(large) when connected to the base we had just built together just disappeared... the host could still see everything, but I could not(client) I tried exiting and rejoining the game, which resulted in me joining at the Terran Base, not at the Base closest to the Host (which might be a good idea to implement). so i took a shuttle that was previously built and joined the Host at the expanding ARID planet. however, i found that although I could see the ship's beacon, i could not see the Habitat beacon for the new base, which made landing difficult, we sorted this by him lifting off and me landing at the same time, he then landed at a vehicle station at the base after i landed (which I could not see either) so new development from that is from reloading, I was then not able to see the new habitat either, as up until that point the habitat module was still visible (even though the rest of the base was invisible. hope this helps
  25. Damien Leblond

    Bug very unpleasant

    The Rover bug. I can't Not move forward and back towards a direction and turn. When I pull out the flight rover in a random direction.