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Found 286 results

  1. Atom Flame

    Space Glitch?

    Hi, I recently landed on the moon Baron however when I landed as I tried to start a base, when going to select items it would circle the are I landed in as if I was still orbiting in my shuttle. This has caused me to be trapped on Baron and I don't have enough hydrozene to take off. If I did it's not allowing me to select the launch button or any other buttons within the circle. This has caused me to die on multiple occasions and I can not go home. Can anyone help please? Atom Flame (Age 11) Dictated to mum who has no clue what he is talking about!
  2. I love Astroneer, and I am currently playing on Xbox One. However, if there is anything that I wish could be improved ASAP it's giving us Xbox players the ability to toggle sprint & some actual options in the Pause menu. Any chance of this becoming a thing?
  3. Bryan Hedrick

    Continual Game Crashes

    So I shelved this game for quite some time now because the glitches are to the point I no longer enjoy the game. However, with the more recent patch and additions to the terrain tool I thought, "what the hell." Well my first session allowed for about two hours of gaming before the first crash occurred. This type of crash isn't new to me, but the manner in which it happened is. See before when my game crashed it would happen after multiple hours of play time, consecutive or not, but would occur when I was getting in to a habitat or vehicle, forcing the game to save. I always figured the act of saving the game is what would cause it to crash. And when I say crash I mean the game freezing up, the system makes this annoying buzz, and then dashboard. So now it is happening just because. It has happened when doing nothing, it has happened while running, or exiting a vehicle. The first crash happened after several hours of game play. Tried again later that day and got in about an hour of play before it crashed. Now I'm about 15 min of game play before it crashes. This is the same game server, I'm not starting a new game each time. So once again this game has become worthless to me since I can't play it longer than 15 minutes or I could always start over with a new game after dumping hours of my time in to another server. Either way the game is getting shelved again and I don't know if I will ever pick it back up at this rate.
  4. Hello, I have been playing Co-Op with my friend on this game, where I am playing on Xbox One and he is playing on the Windows 10 version. What I noticed is that before he joins my game (him joining me, so I host on Xbox One), I get very smooth frame rate. Once I invite him (and typically promptly as I send the invite) the frame rate on my game begins to deteriorate excessively and continuously. Once he is in the game, I have probably dropped 10-15 frames at this point, and this continues until we quit the game. I have also noticed that as I play, the frame rate will continue to deteriorate, sometimes to the point where it is almost unplayable without getting totally frustrated about the lag. As far as I know, my friend has not had any issues like this, but may be because his PC is more powerful than my Xbox One, or it may also be because I am hosting (I have not tried him as a host). That is all I have--a fix to this would make my co-op experience much more enjoyable, and I really appreciate your help!
  5. xbox one... first let me say the latest update is great... 1. cannot post title above or tags for some reason... (worked when i tried to submit!) 2. xbox locks up game crashes... usually happens when i have played for quite a while - one hour? and always is when i am trying to save the game... entering any vehicle, entering habitat... seems to happen often if there is a wind storm... 3. when landing shuttle and space ship if i do not wait for the graphics to draw completely before exiting the craft i fall through the map and usually die before i can get back to the surface... also this causes xray condition... i can see all of the materials that i could collect that are under the surface...
  6. Summary: 155 - Xbox One - Multiplayer Tethers Not Functional Offworld Description: Over multiple play sessions, tethers have not been functional on Barren for the player who joins my game. This player has full tether functionality when on the main, starting planet. Every time we go offworld (just Barren so far, haven't been to other worlds yet), his tether functionality no longer works and has to rely on mine alone. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 0.3.10155.0
  7. Hello, I encountered a slight frustration in Astroneer when playing with my friend, where I was hosting on Xbox One and he joined via Windows 10 version. The issue is where my friend would leave or I would quit the game (forcing him to leave) and the next time he joined my world, his items were no longer in his inventory but were spilled all over the ground, this happened repeatedly. Additionally, his dig tool would also be on the ground but cannot be picked up (he still had a dig tool in his inventory still though). Thanks!
  8. My wife and I are on the same network using 2 Xbox One consoles, we have been trying to play on the same planet for hours now. Please assist. I can accept her invite but the game just loads for more than 5 minutes and loads on a different planet. Same if I invite her. I need support because even if this is Alpha version game preview. I still paid money for it and expect to utilize the basic functions. Thanks.
  9. Mike Brocaglia

    Repetitive crashing

    Hi, I'm having some really bad problems. At almost exactly a 30 minute interval, the game crashes. It seems that it only happens when I'm getting into a truck, but I've spending most of my time in my truck so I can't be sure.
  10. Read Bio UploadRules

    Make sprint toggle for Xbox one

    Make shift a toggle option
  11. Sean McIntire

    Connected trucks crash game

    I connected 2 trucks together and boy does it I was able to crash the game when noticing i could attach a reseach item to the front of the rear truck(currently in tow). Instant crash lol. Second time i was able to make it back to my base then i got out and the truck spazzed out. Game crashed. Next time i was making my way hack and had to get out to deal with rocky terrain. Truck spazzed out and teleported 200m away...floating in mid air...separated..with the other another 100m out. Lolz On that note: the flacid cable is a joke are far as practical hauling. I meen...we dont haul trailers with chains do we...need to either impliment a braking system...or a solid connection so both vehicles move at a constant speed together or stop without the rear vehicle pushing you forward..
  12. Liked the trial tho not as long as id like as its very confusing starting off and how the game works. But w.e Bought the game on microsoft store. Started playing. I know its coop as well as play anywhere capable with windows 10. So i installed it on my pc and tried to join..but it keeps kicking me back to the menu. On my pc it says someone is already playing and if i want to sign out on the console or change accounts. My xbox one is set up as my home xbox. If she can play on her own on my xbox...why cant i be signed in to my pc and play coop with her as its crossplatform...i fear this is strictly a licensing issue where you try using 2 of the same cdkey for internet play and authentication gets messed up. I was excited to hear crossplatform was starting to emerge...but not if im having to buy seperate trying to find a game my gf will like and this is one of them...just...we dont have 2 xboxes..and only my account is xbl gold. Not sure if this could ever change...but that really ? my mood after buying this game just to find this out the hard way.
  13. I built a truck specifically to use the crane, single seat, small storage x2 (one on front connector) 2 small solar panels (attached to storage), crane module. This was done on the barren planet but I assume this would apply anywhere. Driving about ok, and on exiting the driving seat the parking brake engages preventing truck from rolling(observed behaviour). However, if you get into the crane seat the parking brake disengages causing the truck to roll downslope.....I think this is unwanted behaviour, and could do with correcting. also, when mining resources, the crane/drill fills the connected storage module, however it does not fill the storage module connected to the front connection node, nor do the mined resources "pop" off onto the floor. thanks
  14. Let me start with my feelings towards this game, which is pure enthusiasm. Participating in this pre alpha reminds me of the early days of Minecraft experiencing something new and very fun. I'm sure it's been made clear but to add to the discussions I'm seeing and experiencing on the Xbox there a severe issue with the frame rate on it. It seems to run perfectly fine when you start a new save but the further you advance and populate, the more it drops. I have tried to muscle through it but on my two previous saves it has become unbearable.
  15. Hi, I know it sounds 'vague', please can you guys improve the joystick feedback? It seems a dew microseconds behind, sometimes you have to press twice, and sometimes it seems to buffer the first press. Also, the controls to place materials in pods seems awkward or getting into an extension, I mostly get into backpack mode to be able to select base expansion nodes. So take some time into that. and I have to move around to find the rose expander plug on the screen since the backpack makes to 96% of the screen. You could assign the D-Pad to select things, elements into focus, because using the right stick not always works. Regards, Vitorio.
  16. shannon murphy

    Problem with compound

    Just a heads up I'm playing on my Xbox one. I had one sliver of compound on my backpack that would move down to the crafting section on the backpack but would not allow me to craft anything with it and wouldn't allow me to move it out of my backpack either. I went to make storage and had a complete " bundle " of compound when I used the left trigger right trigger shortcut from my pack the sliver of compound moved to printer. Now I can't move the sliver or make storage. Anyone else seeing this as well?
  17. That one guy Tom

    Xbox One Bugs and Glitches

    Hopefully this thread will be pinned by the developer/admins for Xbox/ Xbox one players.

    Xbox One Slowing down

    I was making up to 20 buildings and it started slowing down the game and it lag real slow, and having more then 50 tethers also slow on the Xbox, multiplayer on Xbox is slow to because the something to. Hop this helps I like playing the game. and I wish we can Build a House and a big green House with food in it. make were we have to eat to survive.
  19. lukasgeppert7

    Slow FPS on Xbox1

    Playing on Xbox One When I go too far in the world and explor too much the frame rate decreases very hard and makes the game almost unplayable. I love the game so much but I need the fps problem to be solved bacause I wanna go further, explore more and fly to other planets. But sadly I can't. I'm so looking forward to where this game is heading! Please fix the frame problem then the game would be already perfect for me!
  20. Hi Guys, loving the game. Keep up the good work! Ive encountered an issue in build 25 on xbox one when using the terrain tool. Cant say it happened in 19 at all. I know there is plenty of camera view issues mentioned already about using the terrain tool or carrying items, but couldnt see this mentioned anywhere so this may also be related When mining..If the ceiling height is low (ie if the characters head hits it when walking under it. If you use the terrain tool and press the zoom button, the camera pans back and you can see down inside the terrain, before racing the the view out of into space. The bug ceases and returns to normal camera view once the zoom is depressed, and will repeat if I press zoom again. This is a repeatable issue which Ive replicated a number of times in different spots, and happens on both sloped or flat terrain. The character does not move, so collision still works just the camera view panning out flying off when using the terrain tool. clip attached. cheers head glitch.mp4
  21. After 3 hrs of playing here is what I have learned so far. Some has probably been cover by others, for this I am truly sorry for repeating. And for someone who learned the hard way and lost their base. 1. Dig a shallow tunnel close to base - Helps when storms come in. Especially when you're not near you Habitat or Vehicle. (Tunnel under your base if, you need too.) 2. LT on "yo'self" - Compass! lifesaver at times. 3. If venturing a far - Beacons! plant them, venture, once the most recent one hits the horizon - plant another. *make sure you have compound or harvest it * 4. When venturing at the start - tether the s**t! remember you can always pick the tethers back up. 5. Solar panels... 6. Trains - 3 is the magic number to start with. What I have ended up doing. Trunk for my main drive, trunk with large storage, then 'blank' rover carts attached but one with a seat at the end. Means I can drive into caves straight and makes it easier to leave said cave. 7. Hear wind? LOOK AROUND! you may not need to duck for cover! If it looks like it is heading your direction, DIG A HOLE or HIDE! However, your vehicle will protect you if out and about. 8. If you have a train, gather your tethers and plant them on there or your backpack. This saves you creating more but compound is as common as muck, literally. 9. Power or Oxygen in caves, you say? COLLECT IT! it will be stored and automatically be used before your main supply of power and oxygen*without tethering*. 10. Aliens Trees - Look up at them! From what I have seen so far, they have 'unknown' pods on them. However, depending on the camera(angle on the xbox) you should be able to grab them with ease. ***You will need a Research lab*** I hope this helps newcomers to Astroneer on the xbox one. I look forward to any feedback and new tips and hints.
  22. Hi erveybody ! Please, can you remove the inertia of the camera ?? With such a low framerate, aiming is like hell ! Because of the inertia and the lags, 80% of the time, I miss my target because the cursor doesn't stop where I aim, but a little further and, due to the low framerate, I can't anticipate and control nicely the cursor Thanks
  23. Hello everyone, I'm new here and quick read through the forum rules and even through the post i should have read before starting a new "Bug" topic. I searched about this "bug", but found it only on different platforms or other explanation... not sure but i saw that you have got merged topics so please merge this one if you know where it belongs to. I'm very excited to play this game and it makes a lot of fun. That is the reason why i'm here, because other games i would never touch again after such performance issues but this one i already felt in love with.... It's a pitty but very fast described: Xbox One extreme performance issue occurs in respect to the distance ( player to base distance) and size of the base (in my opinion). My Base is about 10 connections and 5 modules big so it should be possible to build even bigger bases!? But i cannot even walk around... extrem fps drop in my opinion and in this case unfortunately unplayable. I'm aware of, that it is not a finished product yet, and also that it's great work to get it even run on the xbox one. I saw the requirements for pc and wondered how it even works for the xbox so the performance issues are understandable. maybe you could deactivate some of the shiny animations running in the background. For example, that all nodes have "possible connections" attached and they're moving all the time in respect with your position. That's a nixe gimmick but could it be that if 10 connection nodes move in respect to your position, this causes the performance issues? (or only the drop in the ocean) This one could be deactivated, and only the focused node could print such a connection in respect to your position.... only ideas because i like the game style and concept. Greetings so far and i'm looking forward the continue my saved game ! Max
  24. Hello, Fellow Astroneers! I have been running into this issue time and time again... and I am unsure how to fix this problem... I have been playing for a bit with some friends... And well.. every single time we get a base built up it starts to lag and then crash my xbox... I am wondering... Has anyone discovered a way around this? Any tips to where I can fight off the lag and play this game? Loving the Game BTW -Lonestar2123
  25. (Xbox One, 2-player, host system) We were arriving back on a planet. We landed enough for it to allow me to exit, yet it still looked like it was loading textures. When I exited, I fell through the ground and ended up still alive in a cavern far below the shuttle. I just died after I ran out of oxygen. We also had a truck parked fairly close to the landing zone.