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Found 286 results

  1. professor_utonium

    A little disappointed

    I got this game the night it came out a year ago and put in a good amount of time. I just got back on after a 10-9 month break from the game and I'm not too stoked on the performance of the game on Xbox. I'm glad most of the glitches of clipping through walls and falling through the floor to my death are gone and I do appreciate all of the new changes that add to gameplay, but this frame rate is killing me. It is such a turn off to have the game render 2 feet in front of my character when I run. I still love the game and know the developers are hard at work and I know the game is in pre- alpha but I still am bummed that after a year it's still a hassle to even play on a certain file for more than a dozen hours or so.
  2. Since the 0.4.10215.0 update i havent been able to play with my son. We both have an xbox but are unable to invite each other to the game (through party or individually). We can however both play single player. On the previous 3.201 we had no problem. We both have Gold. Tried restarting and switching from console, without result. The options "Invite party/player to game" is greyd out.
  3. Platform: Xbox One Version: Affects current update, but this bug was actually introduced with the patch that altered tether behavior (physics changes, including new drop animation, gravity effects, etc). It's not a problem with tethers per se, it's a problem with their behavriour in association with storms. Bug: When storms blow through the envirmonemnt on Terran, they will knock over and often disrupt tether networks, including tethers not in line of sight of the player. For example, a few hours ago I was playing a new game (current update version) and I got caught out during a storm so I decided to take shelter in a nearby cave. I didn't need to dig any around the cave, I just laid out some tethers forming a basic oxygen supply line from the nearby hab I spawned in at (no base at that time). As I went further into the cave placing tethers I noticed they weren't lit/active. I started to ascend (the storm was short-lived) and as I reached topside I noticed the storm had knocked out some of my tethers (toppled over & strewn about). This has been happening for awhile now, but nothing has been done to fix this so I decided to file a bug report so it can be taken care of. Storm damage & subsequent damage to structures has been discussed before, but nowhere have the seen it mentioned being placed in the game. I must conclude it's a bug at this time. Later if some wish to have storms damage things they can then repair for an extra level of challenge, then that's something that certainly could be introduced along with other "survival options" for the game. Now is not the time however, with so many other priority changes occurring. Having storms and other random factors cause your tether network to come apart all over the game world without having any idea what's happened or where, other than all of a sudden you're now cut off from your vital resources, that just won't do! Severely hampers the exploration & discovery part of the game. Please do fix this. Thanks!
  4. Brian Crivella

    Game saves on Xbox one gone..

    Summary: 201/Xbox One/ Game saves gone. Description: Since this last update I have had to start over several times because of the game saves disappearing. After the first 2 I figured it had something to do with the fact that half the time when you exit to the main menu the game would hard crash. But after the 4th save disappeared I started to pay attention to the size of the save file, with this I have notice that once the size exceeds 3MB and you exit the game to quit, then check the game file size, it is reset back to 14.9KB every time. Then you start up the game and the save is no longer there. Hard crashes where not the cause of this seeing the last 3 did not suffer a hard crash upon exiting the game. Not sure if this is a coincidence, or just something with my Xbox. I don't have this issue with any other games, and I have more then half my internal space left on the Xbox. Not sure if anyone else on Xbox has been having this issue I have only seen one other mention of this on Xbox that I could find. Platform: Xbox One S Version: 201
  5. I have made three separate saves on the xbox one and the physics or gravity have broken for the rover. Before the rovers broke it to me a little to get comfortable with the new physics of the rover being based on the wheels, but once I got comfortable with it I really preferred how it operated. After the rovers broke they become almost impossible to control with the front end constantly coming up. It acts like the rovers used to on the moon with the rear wheels trying to out run the from wheels when you gave it full throttle. However way less controllable. The first two save were fine up to the point where I left Terra the broken rovers. My third save however broke with never leaving Terra. I can't point to what is breaking the rover physics but maybe someone else has more of this picture they can fill in. Thank you.
  6. Summary: 200- XB1- Framerate, or lack thereof Description: I loaded my game last night that I saved the previous day. Was on the moon (deserted). When I saved and exited, I had no issues with framerate, it was smooth as always. However now, the framerate is like watching streaming video on a 300 baud modem. Its like maybe 5fps. Hard to move, look or do anything. This was a fresh power on of the XB1 after work. Killed the game (options, quit). Rebooted the XB1. Reloaded. Same. Did a full power down of the XB1. Reloaded. Same. Nothing seems to clear it. Unable to clear it, rebooted again but this time I loaded ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) to see if there was an issue on the xbox or with Astroneer. ESO was fluid and realtime as always. Loaded Astroneer again, and "wham" 5fps. So its not the XB1. The framerate is not consistent. At times its better but still low. I had set up for a launch to space (loaded large shuttle) the previous day. So I got to the shutter at the base and launched to space. Issue still present in space (had hoped changing planets would clear it). Took almost a full minute to rotate the camera to point to the planet. Its bad. Virtually unplayable at times, barely playable at others. I managed to get to irradiated (spiky ball planet) and establish a small base. Took hours. Decided enough was enough and went to bed. Its simply not fun playing like that. Platform: XB1 Version / Build Number: 200
  7. On Xbox one, version 154, since updating yesterday evening, all previously researched items cannot be printed or even shown as an option to be printed. Those already printed can still be used but the printer only displays one item able to be printed and that's the 1-seat. Additionally, all researched modules cannot be used (e.g. Trade platform). Once the modules are reresearched, they become functional (e.g. The vehicle bay) but researched options are still missing (I.e. The vehicle bay only offers a rover to be printed even though a shuttle was previously printed and I started the game by exiting a 3-seater truck). I also tried starting a new save, hoping the bug was specific to my main game save, but no. In the new game too, once a printer is made, I can only print a 1-seat. Even if you research new items, I'm still unable to choose a new item to print. Unfortunately, because of this games reliance on the printer, this bug has made the game unplayable.
  8. Bdar2

    Patch 200

    Ever since patch 200: - I can no longer hear the sound fx of when making items from my pack -my hub constantly makes the noise like it's being re-charged - I can't hear the noises for 2/3 emotes that my guy does (like fist bumping or waving) -can only walk 2-4 consecutive steps before freezing up and it takes a second or two before I can walk again. -hissing-type noise coming from hub. -can't pan camera without it freezing up for a second and then letting me continue to pan.
  9. Brian Crivella

    Gas bags have no sound

    Hot Fix 200 Xbox One. Gas bags have no sound Started a new save after the update and I noticed that when you get near a gas bag plant they make no sound at all, not even when you destroy them. This is a pain in the neck when you don't even know they are there if you do not see them 1st. Also after putting a few hours total on a new save I noticed that all of a sundden when you dig up the chest under the gas bags they do not act like the others, I had one float up real fast the second it was released from the ground. They will not drop if you are carrying them they just float in the air when you let them go. This just started today when I loaded up today (I think?) don't think this happen yesterday, all other chest act normal so far.
  10. Hello, every time i start the game up and it hasent loaded to main menu and i click join friends game the game crsshes every time. When screen loaded and i do click join game it still gives me the option to join the same game. Clicking twice results in crash. When finnaly playing with friend/friends Game crashes within 10minutes. While playing by myself game crashes 30minutes to 1hour. I always loose everything. Thankyou. -Chaotic
  11. LeroyRed053

    Xbox one asteroneer crash

    Hi, I was playing my copy of asteroneer on the xbox one and all at once the game crashed on me and won't let me back in that save file. Is there any new updates coming up about for this coming to the xbox?
  12. It would make it so much easier if you were to add a report feature that automatically logs bugs and crashes ?
  13. To all, My question is hoping someone has figured out a way to get the cross platform working in the newest releases. I've done some searching in the forums but find mostly PC to PC or Xbox to Xbox complaints. My friends and I use a Windows 10 PC to host a game, then as we can we join that game from Xbox One when we have time. It worked well pre 196, save the random disconnects and other minor issues. Our previous process was just: Windows 10 - Start Xbox app > Start game Then from an Xbox one - Select friend from list and join on game Since the patch we have tried to put the Host in DMZ, reinstalled the game, reinstalled the PC with a fresh load of windows 10, tried pre windows 10 updates / post windows 10 updates. We've done port sniffing to see about opening ports (pre DMZ) on the routers to allow access. We have tried on other computers and laptops. We have tried on other networks. We are just unable to connect anymore from an Xbox to a windows 10 pc. Has anyone else had the issue and found a resolution? I see in the patch notes that 197 was supposed to help cross platform play. I am hoping someone else has found the silver bullet to the issue at hand. Thank you.
  14. Brian Crivella

    Death using inhibitor

    Xbox One Hot fix 197 I had a strange bug today using the inhibitor mod while walking clearing plants and rocks. This happened 2 times in less then a min. Not sure if was because I was moving while using it, after it happened twice I kept using it but remained stationary and it didn't happen. Included a clip of the 2nd death showing I clipped into the ground and as soon as I hit X to put the terrian tool away I died. 8-1-2017_12-37-25_PM.mp4
  15. Xbox one Patch: 197 3 rover train rover -rover-large rover found thruster not made just attached to side of large storage. (no hydrazine on storage) First the game crashed while getting in rover for the millionth time. Then at login when I exited rover it immediately flew away/clipped out. It however left the 3rd rover the only large in the 3 rover train.
  16. My frame rate on the Xbox One has dropped drastically since installing patch 196. I wouldn't classify it as "unplayable", but definitely "unenjoyable". Also much of the terrain is covered in minute graphical artifacts (small white specks). Have any other Xbox players noticed this?
  17. I have patch 197 installed. I'm continuing a game which I've been playing since Patch 189, but it freezes after less than a minute of gameplay and crashes out to the XBox homepage. I had saved the game while entering my vehicle, and after I start the game, it locks up whether I'm driving around or also if I get out to starting walking. This happens when I play singleplayer, and I haven't tried multiplayer. I just started a brand new game with patch 197 and it is not crashing anymore. I will update if there are any changes. I just started a brand new game with patch 197 and it is not crashing anymore. I will update if there are any changes.
  18. 196 Xbox One I have less then 8 hours in total on a new save since the new update. And the performance has dropped severely after a few game crashes. All of these crashes occurred while I was out exploring driving my large rover on the surface of terra. Today when I loaded in the save to start back up from when it crashed, it took forever to get back to my base because while driving my rover it came to a dead stop dozens of times, these have gotten worse along with the lag since the game crash yesterday. It kinda makes it not worth the effort to drive a rover plus the rover acts weird ever since I had my joy ride in a sandstorm being blown across the surface like a leaf in the wind?, it acts like it has no gravity at times. Do not know if this helps, but I have included a game clip of the rover coming to a dead stop. 7-25-2017_8-35-20_AM.mp4
  19. Xbox One- The game crashes when I'm in multiplayer and also it is very laggy in multiplayer. When I'm the rover I also lose control over the vehicle and lose gravity and fly off into space.
  20. the game keeps crashing on xbox one multiplayer, had the game for two days now it ok when it works, but when it starts to mess up it very annoying, as the second player re-joining after a crash i lose everything from my pack and glitch in and out of the ground then it puts me in random places. When do yous plan on having it finished? i enjoy the game when it works, really feel the games concept is a great idea, hope the game gets finished soon.
  21. Circlecat113

    Save bug

    In use on xbox one Span of 3 days What happened is 3 days ago i deleted my world for the new update and i played with my friend for 2 days and now i load up the world and i am now on the map i was on 3 days ago.
  22. Hi all, love the game, but just dled the new update, its friday the 16th, and I don't have any sound now when playing on my xbox one. I uninstalled and then re installed to no avail. Hope you can fix this soon
  23. TylerDynamite

    The Ability to Move Stations

    So you know when you first spawn into a world and you randomly start at a point. It may be an area you like. It may not be an area you like. What if you accidentally build a station in the wrong area/position and you want to move it? You cant.... sadly And for my OCD people out there! What if your station is crooked and/or out of place and it really bothers you. well you're stuck with that. I would love to see the ability to re-arrange stations and habits after positioning them down. It would allow Astroneer's like ourselves to build our base in an area we really like and it would allow us to fix any mistakes we might of placed by accident. Agree or disagree?
  24. Pete spencer

    Controls Frozen XBOX One

    I left my xbox for a few minutes and it went in to sleep mode when it woke again the controller wouldn't respond on the game. Normal Xbox controls worked fine and game was running just couldn't move my naught or the camera
  25. Patrick Rogner


    Please add a splitscreen mode for Xbox One if possible, the game would be much more fun with this addition