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Found 281 results

  1. Started the game with a new save. Digged out a crashed ship. Build a line of tethers into a cave. After a while the game became pretty much unplayable. I tried to pick up a tether in the cave, experienced a graphical glitch on it. Game froze, then crashed. Since then the save it pretty much unplayable due to very low FPS.
  2. I can pull the seat off my truck and move it around but I can't do it to my rover
  3. On the Xbox one when saving and exiting to the main menu and returning after a time my rovers will fall through the ground and glitch into some dirt stuck forever super awesome game absolutely love it
  4. Hi, I've been playing for 4 hours now. As I explore I put a lot of this oxygen extender. If I select one of these extender to move or put back in inventory, the game start to slow down to 1 or 2 FPS, and then after a moment the app crash. If I drop new one (to extend the existing oxygen link), no issue. It's only the one already installed and linked that cause this crash. It happens every time I try. Another bug related to oxygen link : I died once, and after respawn the oxygen link was there, but no filling oxygen. I had to "unlink" and "relink" to get oxygen on the entire network back. Hope this will help. P.S. I like your game a lot
  5. I started up my 3rd world after a few issues on previous saves, the deformation tool no longer works, even after restarting the game multiple times. Not sure how to replicate it, just that the tool no longer works after a 3rd world.
  6. First of All: Love the game so far, have had a lot of fun with it already. I am excited to see where this game goes in future updates. Here are a few bugs that I have encountered in my play so far, feel free to add on to the details of these bugs if you have encountered them. Not the host on Xbox One Tried to sit in the ship when there was a storm, I sat on the outside of the ship (Graphical Bug) When the host was in a rover, riding along a tether line, I couldn’t connect to the tether, probably a lag issue. Takes a long time join the host, sometimes just brings you back to the main menu. I join a friends game and my pod goes right through the map. I spawned under the map. The host on Xbox One Inventory cursor breaks, can’t easily use inventory. Inventory graphics break, the items in your backpack stick way out of your bag, I believe this causes the one above. Tethers and rovers make the game slow down greatly. Both Building underneath your person makes you fall through the map.