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Found 292 results

  1. I'll start with the game-breaking bug. I've been playing for some hours now and this one is the most recent bug I've had. It broke the game that I had to start all over. I was driving with the truck in a storm towards a cave, to the truck was attached a thick cable and in the storm it was giving me grief. Pulled over and got out. My character dies but then the truck with me suddenly in it falls through the ground to an extremely large cave that I guess was much deeper than the other cave that was right next to my base. I follow the cable back where base would be above me. I find there the items that had disappeared earlier from the ground around my base. (This is another bug. Thought they actually just vanished, now I know what happened.) Tried digging upwards to get to the surface, character falls down the pillar I was making to get higher to continue with the digging and the world becomes a floating endless cave where you couldn't tell what's what. I was walking on nothing. That's when I stopped and started again. Other bugs I've encountered: Items floating off backpack FPS drop at couple times when tethering Game crashed every time I tried to make a storage unit, my mistake was trying to make it for the rover And then the items that fell through the ground that I mentioned earlier.
  2. I can't figure out how to do this.
  3. I cant expand my base onto the expansions made to my drop pod. I didnt turn the expansions into anything yet and I cant build onto them.
  4. Attempted many times to join my friends game. I would click join game and it would load the screen, it would show the blue sky for about a second before it bring me back to the loading screen to home. Can someone help?
  5. I noticed this as a connection was beginning to get stretched out as I drove. I tried disconnecting from the vehicle and that did not work. I drove back and tried to unhook it from my base. But, the point of attachment is in first pod, right where your character sits. I can't disconnect the phantom cable nor connect my vehicle to the base EDIT: Attempting to reload the save crashes the game, rendering save unusable
  6. Russell Canfield

    Congratulations on launching!

    I wanted to post and congratulate the System ERA team on a successful launch for Astroneer! Myself and a few friends have been waiting for release day, and we've really been enjoying the game. I see a strong future for this game, and being a software developer myself, I know getting to production is no easy task. Congratulations, and happy holidays!
  7. ExtremeRaccoonX

    Holes in ground

    So basically im wandering around this awesome planet and come across a hole in the ground that was bugged out (3rd time loading up my save) i go through it expecting nothing to happen, then gravity changes, i fall in a cave, die, and lose my stuff including a titanium tank (earlier i had just traded all my titanium) and i was unable to retrieve my body :'( hopefully you can see and find out what's up, has this happened to anyone else??? GameClip-Original (23).mp4
  8. Brand new game, i understand, but i've got a pretty small base and having frame rate issues constantly especially when in a rover also a painful audio issue when you connect to a tether the sound repeats and repeats and gets louder and louder to an unbearable point, once you have disconnected from the tether the sound echos away but when you connect again, it comes back, hopefully you guys can fix those things towards the end of the month, and i'm having a lot of fun with your game so far, thanks
  9. CrypticFox

    Xbox One Camera Control

    I've been playing Astroneer on the Xbox One (and loving it so far), and I find managing the camera view a bit challenging. The view only rotates when you push the collection tool "icon" to the edge of the screen, and this makes for sluggish turning and view correction when trying to manipulate your camera view. For example you might turn your character on the spot, but the camera continues to face the original direction, and you need to swing it around using screen pushing at the edge of the screen. It would be helpful if we had better right-stick camera control. For example maybe if you click the right stick you swing the camera with the right stick, and clicking again returns it to controlling the collection tool? Not sure how this would work out, but it's one of the gameplay aspects I find more challenging.
  10. Danifsc2000

    Low FPS in Xbox One

    Low FPS in Xbox One I write this in spanish: He jugado Astroneer por 3 o más horas. Durante la partida note que los fps empezaron a bajar poco a poco hasta el punto en que casi se vuelve imposible de jugar. Espero que System Era "pueda entender esto" y solucionar el problema en Xbox pronto. I hope that someone understand: I played the game for 3 or more hours. The time passed and fps began low at the point that it is impossible to play. I wait that System Era can repair the game in Xbox soon.
  11. kyler9437

    Can you remove a seat?

    Can you remove the seat off a rover? I just built my truck and want to turn my rover into a trailer but the seat isn't coming off.
  12. Started the game with a new save. Digged out a crashed ship. Build a line of tethers into a cave. After a while the game became pretty much unplayable. I tried to pick up a tether in the cave, experienced a graphical glitch on it. Game froze, then crashed. Since then the save it pretty much unplayable due to very low FPS.
  13. I can pull the seat off my truck and move it around but I can't do it to my rover
  14. On the Xbox one when saving and exiting to the main menu and returning after a time my rovers will fall through the ground and glitch into some dirt stuck forever super awesome game absolutely love it
  15. Hi, I've been playing for 4 hours now. As I explore I put a lot of this oxygen extender. If I select one of these extender to move or put back in inventory, the game start to slow down to 1 or 2 FPS, and then after a moment the app crash. If I drop new one (to extend the existing oxygen link), no issue. It's only the one already installed and linked that cause this crash. It happens every time I try. Another bug related to oxygen link : I died once, and after respawn the oxygen link was there, but no filling oxygen. I had to "unlink" and "relink" to get oxygen on the entire network back. Hope this will help. P.S. I like your game a lot
  16. I started up my 3rd world after a few issues on previous saves, the deformation tool no longer works, even after restarting the game multiple times. Not sure how to replicate it, just that the tool no longer works after a 3rd world.
  17. First of All: Love the game so far, have had a lot of fun with it already. I am excited to see where this game goes in future updates. Here are a few bugs that I have encountered in my play so far, feel free to add on to the details of these bugs if you have encountered them. Not the host on Xbox One Tried to sit in the ship when there was a storm, I sat on the outside of the ship (Graphical Bug) When the host was in a rover, riding along a tether line, I couldn’t connect to the tether, probably a lag issue. Takes a long time join the host, sometimes just brings you back to the main menu. I join a friends game and my pod goes right through the map. I spawned under the map. The host on Xbox One Inventory cursor breaks, can’t easily use inventory. Inventory graphics break, the items in your backpack stick way out of your bag, I believe this causes the one above. Tethers and rovers make the game slow down greatly. Both Building underneath your person makes you fall through the map.