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Found 42 results

  1. Kwasimeister


    Hey guys, I have a problem, I just found a SolarPanel with my car so i attached my winch to the solar panel, an I drove to my base but now at my base i can't move the solar panel. Please help me
  2. Ladegan

    Habitat + Winch Bug

    Habitat + Winch Bug YouTube
  3. It would be great if base platforms could be adjusted using the winch. If a platform is built directly from the hab, it would be great if a hub could be inserted between and the platform could be pulled/moved some distance to adjust placements/configuration.
  4. It might be nice to be able to recover/move/flip knocked over shuttles/spaceships with the truck+winch.
  5. I tried dragging it out of the cave, but it's not budging, even though when I increase the gap it's laying in it does fall further down so it's not stuck..
  6. I have been trying to use the winch on two different save games. Each time I attach it to objects it produces another winch head. I have never managed to get the winch to work. I have watched vids online of people trying to move the large solar panels. When I have tried this on XBox One the winch severely bugs out. See attached photo.
  7. Buzzlightyear87


    I swear i seen this question before but cant find it , but what exactly does it do and how do you use it. thanks ?
  8. xxwhoshotxx


    Winch when being used sometimes stays stuck and if u try to shoots multiple tips and then crashes with error
  9. This is absurdly broken... and has screwed up the multiplayer game we have lol. Have to start all over to get rid of it.
  10. we messed around with the winch a bit... and sometimes it doesnt snap off the rope after you carry it around or drive it away with a truck. so just writing this that at some point the winch rope might need some tweaking. carried far away: bit of a mess while moving the winch around with the crane while the rope is stuck to things:
  11. So i felt it was time to start over so I started to see if I could get it to crash or corrupt my game. So far no success. I've collected a mass amount of Resource Nodes in one place. I have 200+ tethers. I have 7 vehicles (Linking 4+ will cause severe lag). And I decided to Drive a Truck linked to a Crane that was 3x winched to the base and 2 other vehicles into a hole and start digging straight down. No luck, handled it just fine... hole is probably 100 truck lengths deep and has a Truck, crane rover, and rover stacked in it.
  12. When shooting the winch cable at a distant mountain, the cable freezes and duplicates itself. One is permanently frozen, while the other one works. Removing the winch from truck does not remove second cable.
  13. On steam. After this happened, I was unable to load back when i logged out the game , always crashing
  14. I really love this idea. With one winch you are able to move smaller objects like the crashed shuttles, with two winches you can pull heavier stuff like this grape thing... Perhaps one day we can pull something together with multiple vehicles!
  15. Hello, here are 3 bugs that i found so far: - Trade platform exploit: you may already know this, but whenever you use the trade platform, NOTHING prevents the player to take back the item when the rocket takes off, making it too easy to use this exploit to duplicate reassources easily. it would be wise to lock the ressources in position once the player clicks the take-off button of the trade platform. - Truck glitch: I observed during my time of playing that sometimes, when truck are loaded with a 4-space consuming big stockage module, they sometimes glitch out, their wheel getting stuck INSIDE the ground below them, making them impossible to move from. the only fix so far was to stop using them altogether (so not exactly a fix) - Winch glitch: I'm rather unsure of this one, but i oserved that sometimes, when pre-generated structures such as a crashed module are winched, they get stuck in place, and become fully unmovable. - Refinery glitch: I observed that taking a refined metal from the top of the refinery WHILE said refinery is begins working on another ore can almost everytime cause a glitched metal wich becomes uncomplete, unmovable and unusable, this making the refinery less and less useful until the point where all 4 slots are taken.
  16. BipolarFish

    Winched Out of My Mind

    What the hell does the winch do? I attached it to the crane and then realized that must be a stupid move and now I'm thoroughly winched out of my mind as to what this thing might be used for.
  17. Hey peps I have looked into the problem and i have read serveral pages. All the corrupted saves have one common thing. The winch is buggin. The winch is behind the corrupted saves. My English is not good, so i cant really argue.