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Found 6 results

  1. while I was learning to play this wasn't an issue as I would look to mount a vehicle or the habitat and if too far away just dig a whole. When I figured I could literally raise the ground right in front of me to protect against sandstorm winds and debris I began building some walls in the case of Sandstorms. The I started noticing that the rocks thrown by the sandstorm were simply going through walls that I had raised using the deform tool. I eventually built a really tall garage with three walls and a roof to protect my vehicles but when a sandstorm hit the same thing happened. at certain points in the wall especially close to the ground the rocks would still fly through the wall and hit me or my cars knocking everything of them.
  2. I was just thinking you could add walls to the printer for protection against the rocks that fly about in snow and sandstorms so we don't have to hide in our habitat or a cave. On the note of sandstorms maybe you could make it so a 1 in 100 chance that a sandstorm breaks a tether so you have to go out and replace it to keep your oxygen lines operational.
  3. It would be a very nice feature to be able to print walls, roofs and other stuff at the printer that you can build a base building. I know that the game is about exploring and other stuff, but the main problem I have right now is why should I go and explore planets when I don't have any use of the resources I gathered. The Reason for that is that after about 6 to 7 hours of playing you don't have any modules to research anymore and the only thing that you can do is exploring and mining. But I just don't see why I should go and do that if I can't do anything with the materials than building vehicles I already have. It would be just a nice feature that players can spend some time and resources on.
  4. as the title suggest I wish to see a terrain tool with pre selected gradients walls with pre selected tilt and as a side option able to research wall and floor textures (start with something simple like aspalt and concrete **a mono color**)
  5. So my friend and I were both confused we couldn't build anymore, and then I figured it out. We built a shuttle to go to another planet, and we went to one planet. It was fine, but there was nothing there. We decided to go back to the first planet and we dropped off somewhere different. We walked a little bit until the walls glitches out and dropped us into the center of the planet. There were a bunch of giant hollow cubes, and we floated around for 15 minutes until it finally crashed.