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Found 370 results

  1. Getting more than a little sick of parking my Large Rover nicely by a resource deposit, only for it to roll into the pit while im mining because once i get in the crane, the brakes release and the rover starts rolling. This is a problem that drives me to punch my keyboard until it dies.
  2. The Original Pancake

    Vehicle Front Tires Missing, any fix?

    My medium rover fell, and the front tired have either disappeared or sunk into the ground. I have dug around the rover to try and uncover the tires, but to no avail. I can sit in the driver seat, and the rear wheels still work, but it can't drive well enough to go up a gradual incline. Is there any way to fix this? Or is it just a bug?
  3. Sometimes, the medium rover will get stuck in the ground and it's wheels will clip through the fenders when I launch my save file. How far the vehicle is stuck in the ground varies every time it happens.
  4. A legged spider thing the size of a medium rover that allows you to climb mountains and crawl on the ceiling of caves to get out easier.
  5. Simple as that - 2 times out of 3, entering the Crane on this vehicle makes the whole contraption do a 180 degree flip upside down.
  6. dunieljanfangon

    Vehicle Recoginition

    It won't recognize that my spaceship is right there...
  7. 0.6.1 - STEAM - Car doesn't recharge While i was away in exploration, my car battery died, and the car refused to use the extra batteries I provided, nor charge while a solar panel and turbine were put on top of it. I also used natural energy item on top of it and didn't use it neither. The only way it accepted charge was by puting the panel on the ground and connecting the cable. (In the photo, the solar panel wasn't working cause there was no sun.... what i want you to look at are the batteries and the red cable, that means i'm steering the vehicle but it won't move cause "there is no energy left")
  8. I was attempting to change seats in my rover, from the mining crane to the driver's seat. When I exited the Crane I ended up under the vehicle; I didn't think much of it as I have had this happen without problem before. Unfortunately, when I got into the driver's seat from under the rover it and its trailer decided to freak out and are now floating at, I presume, the center of the planet with me. The rover seat being a save point I think the problem is apparent. Yall might need to attach the exit point of the crane seat to one side or the other of the rover base rather than the crane itself as the current setup is really touchy. I noticed when I got out of the vehicle that my astronaut fell up until he came out in a cave; If yall can mirror this for vehicles it might help a bit.
  9. Yu Kazami

    Road (for Vehicles)

    I thought about a tool to draw roads that are flat and have a constant width so u can builds ways between ur bases. There could also be different types of roads(some have more width, some more hight, some have lights and some needs power so that u drive faster on them(my favourite)) Probably there could be even rails and kinda trains to automatically move resources(or urself XD) between ur bases.
  10. Joe Tirado's graphic explains it all. This is a must have! Just making it an official request here.
  11. After printing up a large rover and driving it on it's maiden tour, if I take it just barely far enough to where it's not tethered up to any tether lines or base structures, and all placed tethers go dark; lines go black, lights go out, and any attempt to get them to work fails unless the vehicle is in range of the existing oxygen network. This usually happens if you're driving a rover on the return trip to base from underground, could be more likely if a tether in the tunnels is moved. In the images provided, the large rover is just barely out of reach of the tether network, which is connected to the base and offline. If we can get a fix for this in the next update, it'd be appreciated.
  12. Playing Astroneer regularly made me realize some glitches that happen quite often: While in multiplayer only the host can easily drive land vehicles, without having the danger of sending it to unwanted locations. When my friends (I am the host) enter the quad, sometimes it moves only one of the sections (the one where the character is seated) and the other(s) stay still. We figured out that the only way for the driver to get out of the car safely is by bringing the sections together, as if the vehicle is not being used, and then pressing TAB. But twice mistakes were made, and the driver tried to exit the car while the section with the seat on it was far from the rest of the vehicle. Now is when the problem comes in... When they did that the car suddenly was put on orbit and the driver dropped from the sky. Here is the image:
  13. Summary: I attempted to add a large storage unit to a train of two medium rovers and it did not attach correctly. Description: I attempted to create a large storage unit to place on my medium rovers. I drove my rover train of two medium rovers up to the vehicle bay to attempt to create the storage unit and the bay did not show the unit on top of either of my rovers. Both rovers had one item on board, one a seat, the other a medium storage unit. I was able to put the resources into the vehicle bay and construct the large storage unit. It appeared on top of my lead rover, parked under the bay, on top of the seat. It looked to be properly seated, but I was unable to remove the seat that was underneath the storage unit. Then, when I finally found an angle that let me enter the seat, driving away left the storage unit behind. I don't know if I can reattach the storage unit now that it is unattached, so I think I will have to build a new one. The uploaded image is of the aftermath. I didn't know it was an issue until it went sideways. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600x Six-Core Processor 3.60 GHz GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 TI RAM: 32GB Drive: ST1000DM003-1CH162
  14. Summary: 0510 - Steam - Energy stacked is not being used until the end Description: So until now this has happened from time to time: my stacked energy ressources do not get used until the end, eventhough i put them in situations where they normaly should provide energy. It saddens me every time i have to leave an almost finished one somewhere on a planet ;( Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0510 Specifications: OS: windows 10 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K CPU @ 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 RAM: 16,0GB RAM Drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 500GB
  15. Hi all, Had a few thoughts watching Vlog #23 and seeing/hearing the Dev's thoughts on larger vehicles. The concepts they demonstrated looked really nice, but they seemed dubious about the largest of the mock ups. Personally I think a huge, lumbering truck, akin to the Caterpillar trucks used in quarries and mines, could be a great addition, offering the ability to transport large amounts of resources, or even construct a small, mobile base on top. Make it a slower vehicle, maybe powered by coal or hydrazine, so that electing to use it as a hauler or mobile base means planning your journey carefully. Also, unlike smaller rovers, if you flip it or drive it into a chasm you need a second vehicle/crane to right it. Likewise, chaining two or more together should require additional power consumption by the lead vehicle. Constructing such a large vehicle might be impacted by building mechanics, eg. be done in parts, maybe constructed at a space station and dropped in, but would be an awesome addition for a large scale mining operation. See what you think...
  16. Is there any way to get it back, I miss it. Also, anyone have a good trainer to use?
  17. The thruster has 4 spots that you can put a small item on each one of those spots for storage (I'm assuming). It would be nice if when you attach say: a battery, small solar panel, small wind turbine to those spots and attach it to the back of your larger vehicle (and possibly anything else the thruster may attach to, I'm not that far in the game I don't know if it does yet) that it would charge your car from where it sits on the thruster. The design of this game is so intelligent that when I did it I assumed it would work and was surprised that is didn't. So I just thought It'd be nice to see it as a functional feature. I just think it would speak for the already intelligent design of the game. Also I hate that I cant just put single Items anywhere I want on the the open ports on the back of the ship. It autofills you from the seat on back.
  18. Hi! So I found a small bug during my time playing Astroneers, If you manage to flip yourself over in either a large or medium rover in certain instances you can become stuck and unable to press tab to exit or kill yourself, this forces you to disconnect and reconnect. I'm sure others have encountered this issue. Thanks for your time, I hope this issue can be resolved soon! - LC
  19. Bruseth1000

    Vehicle goes into the groud

    Summary: - Steam - Truck Glitched Into Terrain Description: The terrain ate my truck with a triple-seat and a solar panel and a medium battery on it. No matter what I tried, I couldn't manage to dig it up again. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 home version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3201 Mhz RAM: 16 GB
  20. A long series of bugs that i have experienced due my friend flipping over in a vehicle BUG 1: Flipping vehicles. I am the host player and i usually play with a friend. My friends rover constantly flips when she drives it, mine works perfectly. However when we switched rovers, she still kept flipping over and I on her rover would apparently flip over randomly even while keeping it stationary. Sometimes the rover would be found flipped even though nobody was interacting with it. BUG 2: Only host can exit flipped vehicle Having her flip so many times made me realize that only the host can exit a flipped vehile. Which would require me to get off and help her. Usuallly digging a hole. However sometimes even after making a hole, she wouldn't get out. So i just picked up the seat from the rover. This in turn would make the rover fly. Sometimes it would come back after a bit of flight. Or it would just disappear. BUG 3: Host and 2nd player on the same rover If both of us are on the same rover and it flips accidentally, the moment i exit the rover and flip, it literally goes sky high taking both of us in the air. Enough height to kill us both, we were lucky to be next to a huge mountain. The rover was never seen again. BUG 4: Driver seat and Inventory Now leaving my vehicle so many times led to another bug. I could no longer interact with anything. I could only dig. Seemingly going in and out of the driver seat can fix this bug but also cause it. BUG 5: Respawn prefers Host When we both die together and respawn together. She cannot get out of the Habitat(dropship) that respawns us because my habitat lands directly over her habitat. Even after i come out and it leaves, she still cant get out.
  21. Vega22


    Hey, After searching using your sites search feature I could not find the request so I am posting here. The game needs to either have an addon to flip vehicles up after the rolled over. Either a vehicle falls in a hole from bad driving or the storms blows it into a hole and even into the ground so need a way to make up right again. Also would like to have a creative mode in game for people like me who love to build. Thanks Vega22
  22. Summary: - Steam - Other End of Rover has been Eaten by the Terrain Description: I just parked the rover for awhile coz I'm scavenging the wreckage nearby. And later on the terrain just eat the other end of the rover, when i tried to flip it (Press TAB) the Rover Train just went up high and then disappear and I can't find it nowhere, and I died due to the suffocation because the Rover is gone. Platform: Steam Windows 10 PC Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.786 CPU: Intel i3 4160 3.60GHz GPU: Radeon R7 260X 2GB DDR5 RAM: 2x Micron 4GB DDR4 1600Hz | 1x Transcend 4GB DDR4 1600Hz Drive: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010-2EP102 1TB
  23. Archiel Arrofo

    The Terran and Barren

    Summary: 5.0.0 - Steam - Truck in Terran and Barren float Description: Everytime I'm gone exploring the surroundings, the Trucks is always floating going into the outer space, even the cords are connected. Both in Terran and Barren, all trucks are fully loaded, 1 seat, crane, drill head, large cargo, medium cargo, solar panel etc., 2 to 3 Rovers are connected. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 5.0.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.786 CPU: Intel i3 4160 3.60GHz GPU: Radeon R7 260X 2GB DDR5 RAM: 2x Micron 4GB DDR4 1600Hz | 1x Transcend 4GB DDR4 1600Hz Drive: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010-2EP102 1TB
  24. Tó/\/\

    Another Vehicle Issue

    Today I had to expierence that if a Rover is turned around You can't get out of the rover so the flip function is with this (maybe its a bug) Completly useless and you have to restart the game Or ask somebody to help you solving this problem but its Hard to do that too ... And the save is from the version 0.4.10223.0 ( the newest) Please fix that ... (PC)
  25. Nust a Butt

    Unusual camera behaviour

    Summary: 0.4.10223.0 - steam - camera moves unexpectedly Description: when exiting a vehicle, or entering one, and even sometimes while driving, the camera moves to a position in front of the player and then changes back. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 0.4.10223.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 pro CPU: Intel core i7 3770k GPU: Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070 RAM: Corsair ddr3 8x4 1333mhz Drive: Samsung SSD 840 pro series