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Found 361 results

  1. Greetings! After hearing about the new 0.6.5 patch, I created a new world to give the new things a try. I crafted a large rover with a one-seater. However when I exit, it sends the rover flying into the air. After testing it a few more times, I realized it was my character that was in the way (it exited in front of the rover, not the side), causing tension between the character and the rover-- which made the rover launch into the air. This happened often around fully flat ground, but not too much on uneven terrain. I gotta say, it was quite entertaining to watch the rover fly across the base and do beautiful backflips. It did eventually get frustrating when I wanted to park the rover in a certain place. - Kzane
  2. Whenever I exit a truck, the entire thing flies a few feet away. Normally it doesn't go very far, but it still makes it nearly impossible to charge it or use the crane. The last time this happened, I ended up underneath the truck. I decided the best solution was to just enter and exit since I was stuck. However, upon entering, the truck clipped through the ground and now we're stuck in the ceiling of a very, very deep cave. Either or introduced the bug.
  3. Spanner0jjm

    Multiplayer Vehicle Issues

    Found a repetitively game-breaking bug related to vehicles which is making the game unplayable for my friend and I past a certain point. The problem happens after a few interactions with a vehicle, either by the host or other player, and then the host is unable to interact with the vehicle or any other machines, even after restarting. The vehicle wouldn't stay still even when supposedly no-one was in it, and has made the game unplayable past this point. Found others who share the same issue: Playing on Steam, ASTRONEER Version 0.6.5 Really frustrating as we can't play past creating a car and are both first time players, would really appreciate a prompt fix to this!
  4. Summary: - Truck sticky wheels teleport Description: I was driving a chain of 4 large vehicles out of a base I just started. When I started driving away my wheels started sticking and then jumping back to the vehicle. This is something I have noticed before but wasn't really an issue. This time however the truck shot up into the sky and then into the earth and bounced all around while the wheels were fairly far away from it in different directions. I eventually disconnected from the other 3 vehicles and landed on the planet about 1/6 of the way around it some how near my origional start point. If you need more details or would like a copy of my save I can provide it. Some of the vehicles are suspended in mid air with their wheels in every which direction at the moment. I will attach a screen shot. Look in the sky near the blue icon to see the issue. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1709 CPU: Intel i7 6700-HQ 2.59GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX1070 8 GB RAM: Corsair 2x16GB DDR4 2200Hz Drive: Crucial_CT500MX200SSD1 500 GB
  5. jpicton63

    Vehicle Creation issue

    I started a new game after the last update broke exiting the rovers because someone said that worked for them. I created the vehicle printer and researched the large rover, but all that appeared on the menu was large storage. I thought maybe you now had to research other components first, so I researched small batteries and the one before that (cant remember the name) , I researched single seat, and now the choices are only large storage and single seat. I researched the medium rover, and it doesnt appear either.
  6. Summary: Description: Cannot interact (use or enter) rovers or seats, game does not detect key hold. Holding E (default press for terrain tool, hold for use or enter) just toggles the terrain tool even when hovering cursor over seats. The hold-E only functions when hovering cursor over habitat or when astroneer is in habitat. Habitat entry and exit still works. [possibly unrelated] Camera when in habitat now goes to an odd POV, clipping through the terrain below the habitat. zooming and panning no longer work Have tried restart, reload. No change. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: steam current content buildID 2604607 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1709 | Build 16299.309 CPU: Intel i7-7700K 4.20Ghz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, 8192 MB GDDR 5X RAM: 16GB Drive: Seagate 2TB ST2000DM006-2DM164 Astro.log AUTOSAVE_0_2018.03.20-11.06.28.sav
  7. Large rover aren't able to move forward after running through a few rocks, restarting the game didnt help the only way is to make a new rover. Hope you guys fix this
  8. I had been using rovers as a mobile mining/research lab. I had replaced the front rover with a large one, and sometimes when I got in the driver seat, it wouldn't move. Not struggle to move as if it was pulling too much, but it actually wouldn't move as if I weren't even pressing the controls. I'd get out and then get back in and it would move but this would happen (in the attached picture). It could possibly be caused by the 3 or 4 other medium rovers that I had lying around from trying to figure out why I couldn't train more than 3 other rovers, but either way I'd like to see this issue addressed. Thank you.
  9. Virztev

    Rover and Item bugs

    Greetings. I have a few bugs I'd like to note that started happening to me in the newest update (0.6.5) When exiting a rover, every single time the vehicle will throw itself upside down, often landing a few feet away from my current position, as well as resulting in my player being clipped into the ground below me for a short time. After this, my position resets itself to above-ground, and the rover is somewhere flipped over a few feet away. This seems to be happening with just "research nuts" (as I like to call them), and work lights. With the research nuts, sometimes when attaching them to rover storage, they will disappear after left clicking to place them; this teleports them to their spawn location from where they were obtained. As for the work lights, sometimes after dying and retrieving a work light from your corpse, it will enter your inventory as being turned off, with no key prompt to turn it back on. Upon trying to unhook it from a backpack slot and re-equip it, it will disappear. I find that once it has disappeared, it will respawn at the player's spawn location (whether that be at home base on the original spawn planet, or near the space ship on the planet you've ventured to) These are just the couple bugs I've encountered after starting a new save in 0.6.5. I would also like to make a few suggestions! Adding in the ability to detach crafting and research stations from their bases, repack them into a box, and have the ability to move them to other platforms would be much appreciated. Same goes for rover-attached storage modules. Thanks, team Era! This is a great game thus far, and I can't wait to see it grow even more. P.S. I do not have videos of these bugs, however, I can make some upon request.
  10. Mouse/keyboard Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug?/Steps - I printed a large storage onto a medium size rover (fresh, no other connections on it). I then attached the new rover to my other medium sized rover, and drove them both. I hit a bump, and the large storage rolled right off the medium size rover and I can't pick it up and put it back or anything.
  11. Leo Veracruse

    Vehicle Terrain Grip

    As of the 0.6.5 update, I have noticed that my vehicles have become more "Slidy" along the terrain as if they don't have near as much grip even on small slopes, however I have only noticed this issue as the vehicles slide from left to right, not forward and back. I am unsure if this is truly a bug or not, however I simply wish to bring it to attention.
  12. Bunnybuns Rover Issues

    I built a large Rover and getting in is fine, but when I get out the astronaut instead of teleporting in front of the Rover, teleports directly underneath the chair causing the Rover to flip up into the air and most of the time flip over. This happens both with the Rover alone and in a train. It takes several tries of getting in and out to connect the Rover to the base because it flips so far each time. It also sometimes does a 180° flip which can make driving in caves difficult. I absolutely love the new rovers but this is the only problem I have (besides needing more traction/torque). So far this has happened every single time I've gotten out and I've restarted the game several times to see if it would help.
  13. On radiated planet I found it near impossible to enter my crane. It took 30 mins. the verb was not working. It appeared but the circle didnt fill when i pressed "E" no matter how near or far i was. or where i was in proximity to the crane.
  14. G0thicJarg0n

    Excavator/interact bug

    When using the keyboard the key ‘e’ interacts with object and pulls out the excavator to be used. The bug is when trying to interact with an item or object, i.e. when getting in a river, the character model pulls out his excavator gun instead and gets into a fit bolstering and unholstering the gun every time ‘e’ is pressed.
  15. I have a base on the moon and after the update today, it is almost impossible to drive a rover. First, you have to mess around a lot to even enter the seat. Holding E does not work all the time, unless you first remove the seat and then re-attach it, then hold E and it works. The crane has similar issues, but without being able to remove it, you just have to click multiple places and keep trying to hold E (then putting your terrain shaper away) multiple times. Secondly, when exiting the vehicle, it throws the vehicle in the air, and shoots it backwards or flips it over. One time, it shot me into the air so far, I died from fall damage. Finally, although not new with the latest update, we need a parking brake on the rover. When you get out, the rover is stable (Compared to when you are sitting in the driver seat) and not affected by the terrain (slope), however, when I get in the crane to use the drill, it moves as if i was sitting in the driver seat, and slides down terrain. This makes it almost impossible to place it somewhere to effectively use the drill. I am curious about directional power. What if I want it to go both ways - to and from my vehicle, not just one way? There should be a way to set that other than plugging, unplugging. All this said, I am extremely impressed with this game and look forward to MANY more hours expanding my Galactic presence. Thank you for all you do. Jpicton63
  16. Hi! So after the recent update I have been trying to make a vehicle charging bay. The idea is that I connect my rover to my network and it starts charging. Thing is, I want it to consume from batteries when there is no source of power. However I can't seem to make anything work. What setup have people come up with?
  17. Getting more than a little sick of parking my Large Rover nicely by a resource deposit, only for it to roll into the pit while im mining because once i get in the crane, the brakes release and the rover starts rolling. This is a problem that drives me to punch my keyboard until it dies.
  18. The Original Pancake

    Vehicle Front Tires Missing, any fix?

    My medium rover fell, and the front tired have either disappeared or sunk into the ground. I have dug around the rover to try and uncover the tires, but to no avail. I can sit in the driver seat, and the rear wheels still work, but it can't drive well enough to go up a gradual incline. Is there any way to fix this? Or is it just a bug?
  19. Sometimes, the medium rover will get stuck in the ground and it's wheels will clip through the fenders when I launch my save file. How far the vehicle is stuck in the ground varies every time it happens.
  20. A legged spider thing the size of a medium rover that allows you to climb mountains and crawl on the ceiling of caves to get out easier.
  21. Simple as that - 2 times out of 3, entering the Crane on this vehicle makes the whole contraption do a 180 degree flip upside down.
  22. dunieljanfangon

    Vehicle Recoginition

    It won't recognize that my spaceship is right there...
  23. 0.6.1 - STEAM - Car doesn't recharge While i was away in exploration, my car battery died, and the car refused to use the extra batteries I provided, nor charge while a solar panel and turbine were put on top of it. I also used natural energy item on top of it and didn't use it neither. The only way it accepted charge was by puting the panel on the ground and connecting the cable. (In the photo, the solar panel wasn't working cause there was no sun.... what i want you to look at are the batteries and the red cable, that means i'm steering the vehicle but it won't move cause "there is no energy left")
  24. I was attempting to change seats in my rover, from the mining crane to the driver's seat. When I exited the Crane I ended up under the vehicle; I didn't think much of it as I have had this happen without problem before. Unfortunately, when I got into the driver's seat from under the rover it and its trailer decided to freak out and are now floating at, I presume, the center of the planet with me. The rover seat being a save point I think the problem is apparent. Yall might need to attach the exit point of the crane seat to one side or the other of the rover base rather than the crane itself as the current setup is really touchy. I noticed when I got out of the vehicle that my astronaut fell up until he came out in a cave; If yall can mirror this for vehicles it might help a bit.
  25. Yu Kazami

    Road (for Vehicles)

    I thought about a tool to draw roads that are flat and have a constant width so u can builds ways between ur bases. There could also be different types of roads(some have more width, some more hight, some have lights and some needs power so that u drive faster on them(my favourite)) Probably there could be even rails and kinda trains to automatically move resources(or urself XD) between ur bases.