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  1. logged in and played for an hour or so after the most recent update patch 0.3.10182.0 first thing I did was try to drive to a distant mining site. I hit one bump and I was launched into orbit. I waited to see if I may land back on the surface after about 10 minutes of steadily increasing height I decided to push "X" and exit the vehicle. I feel and thought for certain I would die...but ... I fell through the world and continued to fall passing rare minerals until I eventually died and restarted at home base. only noticeable glitch since patch. I did not rebuild another ground vehicle due to lack of compound.
  2. Since the latest update to 182 I found that playing with other people is very difficult from a driving perspective, namely with the large rover. Issue #1 - once the large rover is researched and multiple are built, if one player exits the vehicle, it stops another player from being able to drive. Exiting and re-entering the vehicle fixes it, but it happens over an over again. Issue #2 - The large rovers flip very easily, requiring you to exit, right them and re-enter; which brings you back to issue #1. Issue #3 - Since the vehicles have been changed to not kick you out upon flipping, there have been many instances where the large rover hits a rock and goes airborne, taking you with it. The ability to tab out, doesn't work and you end up flying into space. Removing the seat resets the vehicle, and you and it fall back to the planet.
  3. In all honesty I think the animation for exiting the land vehicles via appearing in front of the vehicle is illogical. With the construction of the seats it would make more sense to exit through the large side opening rather than climbing over the steering wheel and dashboard. I think this would also solve the clipping issues that lead to the vehicles flipping into the air when exiting. P.S. Honestly, I'm not trying to sound like Spock here.
  4. Ok heres another possible base model mockup of a planet based hovercraft. Very basic design. 4 atmospheric thrusters, left side has a panel for power visuals. First image is stationary mode, second image is flight. Again another idea for possible updates.
  5. Something that is incredibly annoying in Astroneer is how big and awkward the vehicles are. If you have two bases that are separated by a hilly terrain, then you have to use a rover or a truck to traverse between them quickly, and the hills will cause them to flip. This gave me the idea of the Quad Bike! The Quad Bike would move as fast as a rover, but would be much smaller. It could fit one Astroneer and would have one small attachment point, meant for power. It would store 8 bars (32 units) of power internally, and would use 1 unit of power every 2 seconds. It would have no heavy cable attachment points, but could recharge in proximity to the base as well as in proximity to a tether connected to a power source, similarly to the Astroneer's backpack. It would also have a finite supply of oxygen, indicated by a blue bar at the back. This could be refilled using oxygen crystals, filters, or a tank, which would attach to the lone attachment point. It could also be filled by a tether connected to an oxygen supply. The Quad Bike would be lightweight but would have a low center of gravity, making it very difficult to flip. It would be printed at the Vehicle Bay for 2 Aluminum. What are your thoughts?
  6. So I have noticed that when you take damage then sit in a rover seat the red edge doesnt fade. Also, i managed to get myself stuck in a small hole while driving my rover and when I got out I was trapped because the rover blocked the camera. Because of this I had to have a friend join and dig me out. A way to get out of that sort of thing would be nice. Anything else seems to be common so I wont bother typing them again. Thanks for a great game I cant wait for the end result!
  7. Hello, I have noticed a slight issue in Co-Op regarding Saving Game by entering vehicles. First off, I was hosting on Xbox One and my friend joined be on Windows 10 version. My issue is that since the game is designed to save the game every time you enter a vehicle, and saving the game usually causes a big lag spike (for me on XBO at least), when you need to jump in and out of a vehicle this seems to cause some issues. For one, it causes a Save when either the host or the guest(s) enter a vehicle, so this causes an excessive amount of lag spikes--especially since the terrain seems to force you out of your vehicle very often, increasing number of Saves in a period of time. I posted another topic a few minutes ago where I also described my frame rate issues on Xbox One when hosting a game, so frequent lag spikes from saves plus continuous 10-15 frames per second, causes a lot of frustration. In one instance, it was occurring so often and my frame rate was so bad at that moment that the game literally crashed and I had to restart. Thanks for your help!
  8. With the most recent patch we now only get one vehicle by default at the vehicle bay; all others must be unlocked. The problem with this is that if you unlock the Spaceship before unlocking the Shuttle (which has happened to me twice), then unlocking the shuttle is worthless because the Spaceship is superior. I liked the old way vehicles where set up: you start being able to build the basic land vehicle (the Rover) and the basic space vehicle (the Shuttle). This way you have a reason to use the Shuttle early on. You can use it to reach other landing sites or other planets whilst searching for more Artefacts to research (sorry, but I personally don't like the new 'official' name of research chests). does anyone else agree with me on this issue? Or does anyone have any suggestions for a possible use of the Shuttle even if you already have the Spaceship?
  9. 04/26/2017 Im playing on xbox one. The latest update has bugs on the vehicles. Every time i try to get off any vehicle it will jump far away of my player. See the video attached to understand better. Please fix this, because of it i can't connect two vehicles now. It is a pain in the neck. Thanks. See also this links for more videos about it:!AuRxRTfjJ0A5cGNbvejOFLEqjc4!AuRxRTfjJ0A5cu3uvJYNde3dnMg 4-26-2017_11-02-15_AM.mp4
  10. When playing multiplayer, and if a non-host player gets in a vehicle, after a few seconds the vehicle will glitch up and fly in the air. If you launch into space you can see all the vehicles floating in orbit mocking you as you go and build another truck/rover, which will also go warp into the atmosphere. (I have only found that this occurs in land based vehicles, and not the shuttle/spaceship)
  11. When landing back at home base in the shuttle next to the vehicle bay, upon exiting player model will become stuck between the shuttle and vehicle bay as if they're falling for a long period of time.
  12. Since there's fall damage for your character, I would love to see the same for vehicles. Drive off a giant cliff, breaks the vehicle, requiring the same material to repair it. Rover, compound, truck, aluminum, etc. Thoughts?!
  13. Was driving around with three research items and one storage full on the truck. Having frame rate issues trying to find my way back to base when I exited the vehicle to deploy a beacon and turned around to see my vehicle had disappeared. I then had 2 instant deaths when reloading the save file and deleted that file.
  14. Repetitive crashes when entering a vehicle. Driving "truck" entering pauses game play for a few seconds and it skips forward while saving. Accidental repetitive entry causes a crash and it seems prone to crash regardless. Like that it saves so often but maybe there should be a limit around ten to thirty seconds to where it won't attempt another save and cause lag. It's not like much could be done in that small amount of time.
  15. I would like the ability to change modules on the shuttle and spaceship, it would make it much better than having to make a whole new platform or try and push it away when you want to make a new one. Also maybe the ability to recycle the vehicle for 50% of the material costs?
  16. So I was going to suggest a garage, but see in the forums that the Dev's suggest to get creative with the terrain tool. So let me try to suggest this another way as I think the Dev's are missing the spirit of what we are asking for. We would like a safe place to park vehicles. It can be a garage, or maybe just a parking Pad of some kind. I've lost several vehicles, one of which was half buried when I returned to the planet, and wound up falling through the terrain. Creating a cave to park them in is not the answer, as I have had a couple of caves collapse so to speak, and the vehicles are gone. Suggestion: Would it be possible to make a Parking spot that would save your vehicle? Thinking about this from a game memory point of view, would it be easier on the game to not have to remember where vehicles are? I'm thinking something like Borderlands, where you have a pad, or garage and after you build a vehicle you can hit a button and your vehicle will roll out, and be ready. I do think in order for this to fit the game, that you would have to park the vehicle and not expect the game to generate new ones just because you didn't feel like driving it over. At least it might get rid of some of these vehicles that seem to disappear.
  17. Running Patch 131 via Steam... Backpack printed solar panel, mounted to large storage on a truck. Panel charges truck until sunset. At sunrise, panel follows sun, but does not charge. Dismounting the panel and remounting fixes issue.
  18. I found several bugs 1. once I was leveling the terrain I got stuck between the terrain, half body inside the newly leveled terrain. then, as I tried to jump off(or jump out) of the terrain, I ended up inside the planet, some terrain layers and suddenly, ended like... swimming(?), and then arrived to a submarine cave and sought to get out of it but then something exploded and died. 2. In the planet I arrived, I assume each one might be a different one, a storm passes by like once avery 2 days or so. but some times it passes, makes the tether cable between the tether to cut off and are reset (glow again) once placed again. 3. that said storm, also messes the connection between base constructions. so at first I could connect a energy on the base center (like shuttle) and send to other buildings, now I can't. and also, when I installed a Aeolic generator it doesn't send energy due to the connection problem 4. the vehicle movement is a bit too unstable and also, once it falls it cannot go up. caused me several deads 5. also, once mistakenly placed a storage in a buggy(or rover?) and can't seem to be able to take it off. 6. and also have a storage laying in the ground without being able to grab it again. 7. After dead and re-spawned, several times, the map doesn't show where is the other dead bodies (not the last dead one, the previous to that) 8. Bugee or rover seem also to disappear after a while. Request 7. maybe add climbing option? 8. option to change language? 9. option to recycle or scrap vehicle or optional parts 10. option to rotate items, specially seats P.S. if the name doesn't match.... sorry. I tried my best to try to figure out its name in english. I have a japanese windows (because I know japanese) but don't know how it is called in english version (that's why i ask for change language option)
  19. Xbox while driving in the truck, the terrain started loading in slower as I progressed. I had a lot of materials on it and when I exited and reentered the game, the truck was stuck somewhere underground and I spawned in aboveground. This mad me so mad I kinda rage quit and started a new save, where it happened again. PLZ FIXXX
  20. I am playing Astroneer via Steam and need to know if you can destroy a vehicle with dynamite or through other means. And if so, how? What is the process?
  21. What would you all think of vehicles having extendable nodes that cost resin to build, like base nodes but equipped with a set set of wheels? I think it would be nice to at least have the option of making our vehicles bigger as an alternative to trailering vehicles together for more space, but if the devs really want to get crazy, extended vehicle nodes could function just like base nodes so that you can build structures on them. You could end up with a huge tractor trailer type of thing that serves as a mobile base. Throw a vehicle bay on it and you've got a vehicle that creates other vehicles!
  22. Controller : Mouse/Keyboard Platform : Steam How it did happen : Transferring compound from the backpack to the building buy left click. How to reproduce : Set the bay to build the shuttle, have just 1 stack of compound on, and left click to the "bluish needed resources" indicator. Aditional info : The compound stack that I was trying to move to the building slot it actually moved there, I have also heard the snap sound but it disappeared right after touching the slot's snap point rendering it useless. Even after filling the other slots, still not viable to build the shuttle. Also, swapping to other vehicles doesn't give the stack of compound back and ofcourse doesn't let you build anything any more.
  23. after loading a new game from savegame and you enter and leave the vehicle the vehicle bounces around only, when you have changed the level of the terrain the vehicle is currently standing on before you save/quit the game. in such cases simply drive out of the changed terrain and leave and re-enter the truck/rover one more time (new savegame). after this step the bouncing of the vehicle stops and behaves normal still one issue is present. driving a truck with another truck to it, the connected truck behaves like a loose horse on a leash, even small stones causes still a sudden pull back effect.
  24. *Pictures below taken with my horrible phone camera* Last night one of my trucks disappeared right before my eyes and thought it was gone. Today I looked up in the sky and saw 3 dot icons way high up. I drove close amd saw it was my missing truck and rover trailer. I started building the ground very high to try and reach them but the higher I built, the higher the floating vehicles went. The wheels were also detached and floating apart from the truck. Another thing happened as I was building; a house icon randomly flew across the sky then disappeared.
  25. Steps to Reproduce: Grab a vehicle with wheels, wait for a storm to start anywhere nearby. Go to a steep mountain and angle your vehicle on it at a sharp incline. Actual Results: Adjusting the angle the car on an incline will cause the fog from storm effects to fade in or out and start spawning storm blocks. Expected Results: Effects should remain the same based on storm distance and not vehicle angle Video of Bug: