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  1. Summary: 0.4.10223.0 - steam - camera moves unexpectedly Description: when exiting a vehicle, or entering one, and even sometimes while driving, the camera moves to a position in front of the player and then changes back. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 0.4.10223.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 pro CPU: Intel core i7 3770k GPU: Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070 RAM: Corsair ddr3 8x4 1333mhz Drive: Samsung SSD 840 pro series
  2. You can add motorcycle.Because sometimes ı want to explore the planet but there is nothing for ONLY explore.And you can add workshop.I trust that we can make this game better with workshop.You can make planes.Because this vehicles gives a different pleasure.You can add water and ships.
  3. I think it would be really useful if you were able to pick up/interact with objects and machines while in a vehicle
  4. This is not my idea, I think Z1 mentioned it in one of his Videos but, we need a launchpad for the Shuttle, perhaps you could make it so you build a Cargo Bay (Vehicle Bay) and then have a research you can get to upgrade it to a Launchpad. Yeah you would have to build multi Cargo Bay's so you can still build and upgrade your rovers, but this adds challenge and depth to the game. Also, some things that you can build or add to should require a structure research and upgrade. Example, you wouldn't just find and research the large rover, you would also be required to upgrade the Cargo Bay (Vehicle) as well, which would be another research you would have to find. I won't to add this, I know the team is working on a research upgrade. I hope you have a tree of sorts in mind, and that some items will truly only be available on different planets. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Win10, PC, Steam My vehicle has decided it doesn't want to be charged in the conventional way anymore. No plug in play for this medium rover. He's power hungry. Nothing but direct power for him. He'll take any size solar panel and any size wind turbine. He does not like to be poked and or prodded, so won't charge at the vehicle bay or anywhere else the light blue power cord shows up.
  6. When I opened the game, one of my vehicles acted weird. ASTRONEER 09.16.2017 - ASTRONEER 09.16.2017 -
  7. Hello, I'll list the bugs I have seen when my friends join my server or I join their's. My friend parked his rover near mine and it freaked out and went into the sky and stayed there I was in a cave with research items and some of them weren't affected by gravity Sometimes I can't see research items and my friends can I have two vehicle stations, one with a large shuttle and one with a normal one. I launched the normal shuttle and came back down and the small shuttle landed in the large shuttle.
  8. I think maybe this could be helpful, because sometimes we use trucks and rovers as a train. The only problem with that is that the truck fidget out of the tunnel sometimes. I'm going to keep this short just in case you don't want to read to much, but this would be helpful and I know many others agree. Plus It's starting to get boring with all of the normal things just think about it. Please and thanks :-) Sincerely Bad-Juju on Steam
  9. Sitting in a rovers seat to save and exit will cause the rover to sink into the ground when you relog (EXPERIMENTAL BUILD)
  10. I have no idea how or what happened but when I got back from exploring in my "medium rover" the text was just upside down, not sure if this is anything big but I hope posting this helps in someway... Thanks -A fan : )
  11. Hello... ive found a new bug (i guess its since the last update). When u want to dock the rover to the station again and u already see the predicted line, u can click on it but the rover detaches instantly. So at first u have to drive as close as possible to the station, until u can dock the rover and do whatever u want... thank u for reading and improving bye
  12. Please make a way to lot be able to land on your other Vehicles and only land on open spaces
  13. When exiting a vehicle like a shuttle, sometimes you get trapped "inside the vehicle" and then as you finally get unstuck you die. Please fix ASAP, because this causes frustration. Information, Version: Early Access (PRE_ALPHA) - 0.3.101991.0 Planets: All
  14. I looked around the forum and I didn't find anything about this so I thought I would suggest it. I noticed that it was a real b*tch to move around the exotic planet with anything more than 2 large rovers attached together because of the rocky and steep terrain. my idea is spiked tyres that can only be attached to the large rover. These new spiked tyres would help you get up the large hills with ease. they would be made with 2 parts compound and 2 parts aluminium (that's how you spell it Americans). They would be bigger than the current wheels on the rover and will have spike looking things on them I only thought of this cos my large rover train got stuck at the bottom of the hill up to my base
  15. When mining with the mining drill, every time you accidentally bump into a different type of resource, the stack that you were working on drops off as a partial and is lost. This is quite annoying, considering the overlapping location of resources (compound overgrown with organic, hematite mixed with power crystal, etc..) My suggestion is to give the mining drill a built in "hopper" for the spoils (partial stacks) to "drop into" (behind the scenes). When a resource type is switched, the appropriate type is loaded in from the hopper and added to, with the player only able to interact with it, once it becomes a full stack and drops to the ground. Example: (For this example, assume there are no previously collected units in the mining drill.) I'm mining compound and get a stack of only 4 units. I accidentally bump into organic. The mining drill stores my 4 units of compound and collects 2 units of organic that I bumped into. I get my drill back under control and get back on the compound The mining drill stores the 2 units of organic and loads in the 4 units of compound, then proceeds to add all the compound I mine to them, completing and ejecting 3 stacks of compound and leaving a partial stack in the hopper with 7 units of compound in it. As I complete mining, the result is 3 complete stacks of compound (ejected), 7 units of compound partials in the hopper and 2 units of organic partials in the hopper. I pick up the 3 stacks of compound and attach them to my storage tray, leap up in the air and cheer, before jumping into the cab of my truck to trundle back to base. Thanks for reading and thanks for creating such an awesome game!
  16. When the hologram comes up to attatch the buggy to a part of the base if you have a solar panel on that part it just pops off... Of course this isnt very major and may not even be a bug and you probably arent even supposed to put solar panels their but I thought it best to mention it
  17. (at the end of the video the game crashed) have two videos of the vehicle and player not working very well i what to say that i think there should be some changes to how we get in/out of vehicles and some extra ideas that will help this issue. 1. why can't we get out from the sides of the vehicle instead of the front of it it would help less this issue and should get less stuck. 2. if one can't work in anyway or just need to less the issue then make get into vehicles a hold the button for like a few sec like 1.with this you will be able to get out the terrain tool to get yourself unstuck without fighting the game to move around to get unstuck or even now kill you.
  18. First necceary info: PC through Microsoft Store. Keyboard and Mouse Well... Lookie here: Now, I connected A LOT of vehicles together, so I am really to blame for this. But here's what happened. I have connected 3 medium rovers to 2 trucks (Large Rover) in an awesome train of 4 storage and a drill. I've noticed that 5 vehicles are the max before weird stuff happens. The end of the vehicle train loses gravity after the fifth vehicle as seen in the video I posted. Ignore the lady in the background. The Game DVR picks up all the audio I happen to be listening to. Now, I did observe it happening once or twice while with only 4 or 5 vehicles in the train, but it seemed random. (A quick side note: I've also observed any vehicle you are not currently looking at will float about your character's height off the ground and stick there. When you turn back to the vehicle(s), they become affected by gravity again and drop to the ground.) Now to how my train ended up in orbit, I notice the end of my 5 vehicle train was floating again. I tried several methods to reset it's gravity (Quickly: I disconnected the vehicle and did a quick 360 to reset it and I removed the second Open 1 Seat I kept on the ending vehicle. At one point, it seemed that having two driveable vehicles in the train caused the no-gravity effect.) to no avail. That's when the sandstorm hit. I immediately got into the head vehicle to wait out the storm. The storm then blew my ending vehicle into the air where the ending vehicle pulled the rest of the train as well. The storm continued to spin my train around and carry it higher into the air. After the storm passed, I found myself /quite/ high up in the air. I floated there for about 5 minutes till I decided the exit the train and quickly exit out and hope it didn't save. It did. So that's where we are in the above picture. Sadly the couple of videos I captured of the event itself were blocked by an error with the Game DVR capturing thousands of instances of my mouse which blotted out the video. Now I don't care at all about losing the resources/vehicles/accessories I had on the train, so don't worry about doing anything about that. You guys focus on this weird gravity bug. If you guys have any questions feel free to send me a DM or reply on this thread. Whatever works for you guys! THANK YOU guys so much for the game. It is really amazing and when you guys finish it, this game will win all the awards! This is serious, not sarcastic. I really love this game so far and I know it will only get better. And I shall do my best to help you guys tease out these pesky but hilarious bugs. With great regards, Valerea Orden PS - Here's a clip of how sometimes a vehicle loses gravity. Ignore this. I just saw the Merged Vehicle post and have moved this post into that. And for the life of me, I can't find the delete post button.
  19. Here are some ideas for the game: Hover Vehicle A vehicle that hovers 5-10 meters above the floor, moves freely around the planet and needs hydrazine to fly. You build it with iron (to implement Hematite in the game which has no use at the moment). Very Large Storage A stationary storage where you put in resources to store them and choose which ones to put out again, similar to a vending machine. (sketch made by me) Astroneer/Backpack Upgrades These are upgrades you can get for yourself at a stationary machine. Here are some examples: - Health: More health so you die less quickly. - More Backpack Space: Add more slots to the backpack. If it gets too big, you will be able to scroll through your inventory. - Speed: Run faster. - Terraforming Range: Better range for your terrain tool. (This could also be an augment) - Stamina: Less oxygen consumption. You could pay for these upgrades for example with Astronium (to implement this in the game too) or other resources. Settings I wish that you could adjust or turn off the shaders/bloom effects and other graphic features for lower end PCs. I really like the game and I hope you like my ideas Sorry for my bad english
  20. I love to use the Rovers to get around, but sometimes it can be slow going and hard to get places. So here is my idea. What about a vehicle that allows for much faster transportation? Obviously it should have ridiculously low/no storage space because that would render the other vehicles useless. However it would allow for much faster travel for individual players. Im thinking it would look a lot like a motorcycle. If it can travel fast enough, it could make large jumps over ravines or in-between hills/cliffs. The jumps would be almost drifting or flying through the air. This would be INCREDIBLY USEFUL on planets like Exotic for example. Getting places on Exotic is incredibly difficult and a form of transportation like this would be infinitely worth it. Because its so great, it would probably need to be made of a valuable resource like titanium or lithium, but oh how AWESOME it would be! What do you guys think?
  21. I was playing on my completely fresh world on Xbox one. I was driving with my rover and if I drove onto a hill or over a rock, the rover would start rolling around while ascending. After a couple of seconds, it would stop and just hover in the air at the approximate height of a mountain peak. If I jumped out, it would stay in position but I still died from the fall, but if I got close to it later on, it would suddenly update and fall to the ground.
  22. I was making a new base when I noticed that the vehicle end of the connector was invisible. I tried reconnecting but that didn't work. Please tell me if you come across the same bug. Thanks!
  23. First off, I'm on the Xbox one. I had just loaded up my game and was wanting to look for more research. I got into my large rover and started to drive, until I hit a bump. When I hit it, I slowly started to rise into the sky. I wouldn't come back down. I tried to fix it by going to the main menu and going back into the game, didn't work. Although it stopped me from going any higher, I am now stuck in midair. I'm afraid of get in out and the large rover staying up there, stuck. PLEASE HELP!!
  24. Sometimes when I drive my Rover around, it will start floating out of no where, and currently I am stuck in orbit.