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  1. All non-rotatable vehicle modules build by vehicle bay are 180 degrees from normal I`m playing Steam Windows version of game
  2. And then I spent 10 minutes to get it out ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 09.09.2018 22_46_38 (2).mp4
  3. Summary: Vehicles don't drain energy in multiplayer Description: In multiplayer mode, vehicles used by a player not hosting the game don't drain energy. Bug in game since version 0.9.0 from my experience. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 - version 17134 CPU: Intel i7-6700K 4.00GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 980 Ti RAM: G.Skill RipJaws 5 DDR4 3000 MHz CL14 - 4x8Go Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 SATA 6Gb/s 3 To (ST3000DM001-1ER166)
  4. Summary: - Steam - little rover only able to go backwards and not forward Description: The little rover is only able to go backwards (it's fully charged and has a seat) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 family x64 CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz RAM: 16,0 Go Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1069MHz Drive: 1863GB TOSHIBA DT01ACA200 (SATA ) -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I find it annoying now that we have no Beacon to indicate the location of our vehicles, so what if we could switch the Beacon on and off? Simply get i the vehicle, then use the same button that opens our backpack when on foot (Y button on Xbox One) to toggle the Beacon on or off on that vehicle. This would allow us to have just the Beacon o the lead vehicle of a vehicle train, instead of on all of them.
  6. Summary: forward key for vehicles doesn't work (AZERTY keyboard) Description: When starting a new game or a save, the keys to move vehicles are WASD and work. When remapping the keys to my preference (ZSQD) the Z key doesn't move the vehicle forward, and the W key does nothing. The W key used to move the vehicles forward in previous release (can't remember precisely which update) even though the forward key was remapped to Z and worked correctly for walking/running. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.9.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Famil
  7. Hi, strange thing happened while I was far from my base, so not much information on it. WAS: I have a base. I have "train" of 4 connected medium rovers. Train cars: Medium rover with 1-seat and medium solar panel on top and medium turbine on front Medium rover with large storage with 2 medium storage placed on sides of large storage and a work light on of the medium storage Medium rover with large storage Medium rover with 1-seat and medium solar panel on top and medium turbine on front (copy of 1) ACTIONS: I printed a large rover with 1-seat on top a
  8. Several ideas have gone through my head about gravity manipulation in Astroneer. Please comment if you have a better idea for upgrades. One: A player upgrade that allows walking on walls and ceilings at the cost of 1 bar of suit power every ten seconds resulting in 100 seconds of wall/ceiling walking (unless a battery is used) Two: A vehicle upgrade for small and medium rovers only (or maybe just small) that allows wall/ceiling driving at a slightly faster power drain than normal, which is why large rover might not be a suitable vehicle for this upgrade, it already drains one bar in
  9. Driving across Terran I stepped out of the vehicle to accomplish a task (I believe I was either gathering resources or building a ramp) when the game crashed. Re-start the game hours later and I find myself in the vehicle, trapped underground in the wall.
  10. Make city boards or segways to move faster in the game it has only one storage (for the small solar) if you interested in please contact me anytime in e-mail (
  11. I was playing keyboard on steam, multiplayer with a friend. I had just built a rocket, and my friend, trying to leave me on earth, launched it without me. I had used a habitat instead of a seat, as it was more efficient. The ship blasted off, leaving the habitat, unmoved, floating in the air as it slowly rotated upright. The ship entered orbit and stayed there. After i had died, I of course, i spawned in a habitat as it brought me back to earth. Instead, It sped through space towards the orbiting ship, tried, and failed to dock with it , and then froze in space as the ship continued on its orb
  12. Basically I was driving along in a cave in my world and accidentally drove over a tile that had glitched out of place. me and my buggy fell through the planet till we fell past the planetary core and we switched gravity. When I got out of the buggy it shot me back up to the surface but not me I tried jumping into the glitched tile as just the astroneer and it shot me back up again. I did some experimenting with them and found if there is no empty space below them they will keep falling infinitely. If there is a cavern ceiling below them than they will sit on top of the ceiling and you can dig
  13. Please consider adding a mechanical parking brake to all rovers. One that doesn't require power to stop the rover when occupied. It is quite the experience to run out of power down a hill, and have absolutely no way to stop your rover from falling into a pit. A mechanical brake is common on most vehicles as a safety measure, since it requires no active power to engage. Please consider adding stabilization arms to large rovers with cranes, these will lock in place when the crane seat is occupied. There is still a problem with entering a crane seat and the rover starts sliding down a hi
  14. When loading in, the rovers are sometimes stuck in the ground, and have to be dug free. Sometimes just the wheels are sunken and it can be driven free, sometimes half the rover is sticking out of the ground upside down. This also happened on the starting platform where I couldn't dig it out. Loading in seems to "jiggle" the rover to a slightly different position, where it may be flipped or moved.
  15. Just posted about Xbox saves, but there is something else I found that I don’t think is intended. ive been farming a considerable amount of soil, so all of the ground around my starting base is hollow. I leveled the ground to make a platform for my solar/wind farm. So the whole platform is completely hollow underneath but there is a ton of space leveled on top. The power farm is fine. i parked my vehicle next to the power farm , same platform, and when I logged in the next day the front wheels were dug into the ground. It was minor I just dug it out and re leveled the ground. ne
  16. The can't launch the shuttle with full fuel and habitat.
  17. So played the new update. One thing which is off is that, if i keep the Beacon on the Ground, it will show up from a distance. But if i put it on the Small Rover, it doesn't work (i.e. no indicators visible from any distance)
  18. the new vehicle control does not read the key change ! if you change the key map, u need tu use the default mapping to drive ... !? it's a realy stupid bug ... And please can you think to record key mapping change ? Astroneer really has a problem with keyboard management, at the beginning ok, but now at 8.0.0 you should think a little about anyone who does not use qwerty ! .. Do not you think it's time to think about this problem?
  19. Hello, I just wanted to report a bug. I was driving through the landscapes of my beginning planet when I suddenly fell through the ground into nothing (or planet). Still flying there Thank you!! *Note added: I just left the vehicle and I kinda catapultated back to surface an died cause of fall damage? Anyway, my vehicle is gone 55053162988__D2A39C00-13D7-4F65-97BF-5314A75EC68E.MOV
  20. Steamgame: I was exploring the Planet and at some Point i just fell into the Ground, ending in the Planet Core with my liddle Vehicle. I have a Video linked here. The Planet and the Ground were loaded, i just fell through the Ground. As i ejected out of the Vehicle i was thrown to the next loaded piece of the World. I dont know where my Base is and i think i might Die now. ASTRONEER Weltglitch.mp4
  21. Vehicle and or user fall through the map. User often recovers but vehicle is lost. To add to this, upon entering the vehicle, game saved. Exited the vehicle, vehicle fell through ground. User fell slightly then returned to immediate surface. Killed the Astroneer.exe process, reentered game expecting to be returned to the point it had saved when last entering the vehicle but it returned to just at the moment I killed the process.
  22. Driving the small rover on the map, I ran over a flat, medium size rock. The end result is it left all tires up in the air, unable to move and get it off the rock. I may eventually try getting a medium rover later and ramming it to knock it off, but it seems like there should be a way to reset a vehicle (in a manner of speaking).
  23. When you change the key binding to move from WASD (American) to ZQSD (Belgium e.g.), you can't move forward in a vehicle with Z, only with W. That's kinda annoying ...
  24. ok this is what happens, bugs everywhere with vehicles that fall underground, so we need a respawn vehicle station, maybe to maximize performance too. Maybe options for the vehicle station: 1- List all the vehicles you have in the real world. 2- select, choose vehicle from the list of vehicles, option to eliminate, reappear, dismantle, recycle. 3- Information on the current location of each vehicle: start the emergency light to rescue it by means of a minimap or gps, then they would have to do gps? LOL
  25. some idea for further development: 1. As a game that is still concentrate on better experience as a stand-alone game, loneliness is a great theme, so you can't give us a pet. Similar to a drone, and then can be a simple interaction, there can be several slots, you can simply specify the delivery to base or vehicle, or simply in front of the map to light the area up when equipped with torch. 2. We need map, It is already space age, but we still simply relying on beacons for navigation is not enough, especially under the ground. God knows, there are all oxygen piles easily confuse us