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About Me

  1. Astroneer is a great game. I was around way before the 1.0 update and loved the game. The 1.0 update was bettet than i imagined. The terrain, planets, and even the machines looked EPIC But, There are 3 things i think would make the game way better. ROBOTS A little bot could make the game a whole lot cooler. Im not asking for the dev team to make a gigantic terminator planet dissasembler powered by the might of zeus. A little bot (the size of the player) that could recieve commands given by the player (Mine, create a tether line etc...) would make the game really feel like it is gener
  2. After getting a medium rover, I used the driving seat i had used for my buggy to move it into a position I liked, then put the seat back on the buggy (not sure if that's related to the cause), but after I started driving for a bit, I went over a bump and instead of landing on the ground, I went through it into the cave below. I logged out of the game and relaunched it. After digging my buggy out and driving it back to the surface, not 30 seconds after I got out, I fell back into the ground again after going on a bump (picture below). Looking around, it seems like vehicles slipping through
  3. I play on steam with windows 10, mouse and keyboard. I drive my tractor around with three trailers. (this happens with anything on the trailers). I attach anything to the front of the tractor, it can't drive anymore and I have to reload save. Also, sometimes when I get out of the tractor its front wheels are bothe turned in L or R and it doesn't drive either. if the wheels are turned and it does let me drive, everything moves except the front wheels on the tractor which lag backwards through my trailers.
  4. i noticed this issue during my first digging into the surface, i found a space ball, attached it to the front of my transport vehicle and was surprised, that it did not move at all. so i thought that space ball is the cause, so i removed it/dropped it. for some time everything was working fine, till i had the resources to build a drill. i attached it onto the front of the truck, tractor, does not matter. it works to some degree, but once i get out of the truck, tractor etc. and re-enter the seat, it is glued to the postion. it is no power issue, it is the position in front of the vehicle.
  5. with Rovers when a large shredder is placed on it and the shredder is used when it is impossible to move forward with the vehicle and the shredder must be removed and also often the other Rovers must be disconnected to unblock this problem with Rovers when a large shredder is placed on it and the shredder is used it is impossible to go forward with the vehicle and the shredder must be removed and also often the other Rovers must be disconnected to unlock this problem
  6. I´am playing Astroneer on X Box one Release Version Bugs i found so far: Lag after full build Station Game crashes when sliding Storage can't be taken of Tractor (Front) (found out, you can unplug storage if you unplug the Trailer) Items still falling through the ground and disappear Vehicle does not start after entering. Need to leave Vehicle and enter again. Sometimes three or more times. Vehicle was powered with RTG Had once: Digging out big piece of space station, space station flying through the map, landing in my base. Same thing with a tre
  7. This has happened with both vehicle types I currently have; primarily noticed with the Tractor, but happened once with Buggy too. I will get out of the vehicle, generally to grab resources, get back in it, and it won't move. This will happen on any terrain, even perfectly flat ground. Sometimes, after several minutes I can get in again and drive, often it will not work again until I reload the save. The vehicles have power (generally carrying batteries and wind/solar), and will happen whether or not tractor has trailers. This happens... frequently. I would guess 1/7 times I get in.
  8. Every time I try to enter tractor the game just crashes and I have to start from last savepoint. Anyone else having a same problem?
  9. about half the time i get out of my tractor or buggy when i get back in the vehicle wont move. This is a serious game breaking bug since most of the time all i can do is exit to main menu and come back in. in the tractor i noticed that when the bug takes place things like drills work but the vehicle wont move. I have had this issue over ten times today alone its a serious problem i cant be the only one with this problem. Let me know if you need any details or logs or reports
  10. The Buggy (as well as othe vehicles) rear wheels glitch and i have to remove terrain to get driving, failure to send power to wheels from power generators and power storage devices, framerate drop severaly when in high foliage areas (forests, grass plains, etc.), few other bugs are found but result in loss of items (very irrietating), and small bugs (often funny but also annoying after repeating multiple times).
  11. Attempting to unpackage a vehicle on the mysterious satellite orbiting the sun leads to the vehicle flipping around and launching into space. I have tried this with both the large rover and tractor with the same result. Please see the attached video for more detail. ASTRONEER 2_12_2019 3_51_35 PM.mp4
  12. 1. When my friend joins my world he gets problems where only the terrain that he dug gets replaced (sometimes more terrain than was there before) and kills him, this replaced terrain isn't there for me (host) also i am able to walk through where he sees the replaced terrain and he interacts with it as if it's real. 2. sometimes when joining my game his tractor disappeared but randomly reappears after he left the area or re-logged. 3. My friend and I both get a reoccurring bug where one of us get in a tractor and are unable to drive. (to fix it we get out and spam F straight away, the
  13. So it's not EVERYTIME I place something on my tractor that this happens, but every now and then when i attach something to the front of my tony little tractor it won't come off. I figured out that i could just use a packager to detach whatever's on the front, but I'd this shouldn't even be an issue. pls fix Playing on PC from the Microsoft Store
  14. When i stop the tractor and leave it for just 10 sec it starts sinking into the ground. I had over 10hrs worth of materials and i tried to dig the tractor up. digged for a super log time. it was gone. it had fallen off the map. pls fix
  15. i was playing astroneer on my xbox. i got to the moon and set up a base with a small rover i went into a deep cave and saw these ropes with a red sphere on the bottom. The sphere got caught on the back of my vehicle and pulled me into the planet. when i tried exiting the vehicle i flew 500ft into the air and when i fell it was an instant death.
  16. Version 0.10.5 My friend and I were messing around in the Terrain 2.0 Test world due to the unlimited item spawner. We decided to build a space station and place a vehicle bay at the top so we could fly to and from. However once at the top, with our ship built, when we entered and pressed "take off" the ship remained in place and we could not exit the ship, no matter what. We did build above the height that the ships fly at when orbiting the planet, so we think that may be the factor that caused it. We did not try a space station take off at a point below the orbit height. Hopefully, this
  17. Noticed a bug where a friend of mine took away the seat from the buggy while i was still in it. He was then able to carry me everywhere x) He tried to throw me from very high, but i took no fall damage and i even got through the ground in a cave. What's more, you can't die of suffocation if u're staying in the seat ! Had a pretty long time staying in it waiting for my friends to save me ! Thanks for considering !
  18. Summary: Changing keybind is buggy with vehicle. Changing windows keyboard from AZERTY to QWERTY is buggy with building rotations. Description: After changing my key bindings to match AZERTY keyboard, the vehicle won't move forward at all. Like if changing the keybind to move forward doesn't affect the vehicle binding. I changed A to Q, but this one seems to works (the wheels are turning according to the key pressed) Moving the character after changing keybind si working great. On the same binding problem, I notice that changing my keybo
  19. First things first, I'm the host playing on PC 1) my friend is unable to collect resources even when she's digging stuff up and visually seeing the resources disappearing. 2) character model phasing through buggy seat sometimes. 3) terrain is split up at the edges sometimes, allowing me to see underneath terrain at different angles. 4) friend not having their characters saved, fresh new character being generated sometimes losing everything on them. 5) character randomly gets pushed into the sky and falls down.
  20. Summary: – Steam – 3 Critical Bugs Description: ... in the video. 3 Critical Bugs @ YouTube (not listed) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | 1803 | 17134.345 CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR3 800Hz Drive: Western Digital 1TB (WD10EZRZ-00Z5HB0)
  21. This is an updated concept to my old one. The reason I really want to suggest this is because when me and my friend play we like exploring. Although we find it hard to set up connecting bases of operations around a planet. We like going into caves, mining everything we can find. As well as gathering as much research as we can. The problem comes when we get full we either have to run all the way back to the base or if we have our rovers with us we try and get them out of the cave. (I don’t know about y'all but getting the rovers out can be a pain depending on how deep you are,
  22. Summary: 0.10.2 - Steam - Can't build Buggy Description: I researched the Buggy and have a vehicle bay, but it doesn't give me the option to build a buggy. It would be nice if it showed where the part was constructed in the research menu, since I had to look in the wiki to make sure I had the correct stuff built. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.10.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX RAM: 8GB DDR4 Drive: Liteon CV1-8B256 256GB SSD
  23. I feel like there is currently a problem with the implementation of the crane in the game - it is *not* a driver seat and there fore can not be used to drive the vehicle around... But once you're inside it, the vehicle physics behaves as if you are in a driver seat of that vehicle, e.g. the wheels begin spinning freely and sliding more, unlocking. Therefore, I propose that crane is either changed to be a driver seat, allowing players to drive the vehicle from it and alter their position; Or that it is changed to not be treated as a driver seat at all, keeping the vehicle wheels locked as
  24. Hello I reported everytime i launch the game, my settings are not save, by setting i mean sound settings and mapkey. Is already load by default. Also, we cannot move forward with vehicle when using french keyboard mapping... I am playing on PC on Steam Version And on Steam we can see i am not the only one Big thanks to dev for this game
  25. Hello, This bug bas in last update and here it its ( in this ). SO: when we can`t rotate the cabin (when we try to print it ), we try all the staff and it didn`t work(