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  1. Steam version, kb/mouse controls. While driving the truck (physics are waaaay too bouncy) I got it stuck on a rock. Unable to maneuver my way off, I exited the vehicle and attempted to raise the terrain under it. Instead of lifting the vehicle, only the wheels moved, and to a point where they were through the chassis and storage on the back. At that point, the truck jumped into the air and started to fly away. I chased it for a bit, but it disappeared after a few seconds of flying. I reloaded the save hoping it would take me back to when I got in the truck before it was stuck, but it save
  2. Hello all, I am CubeMaster_1, I am new here to the forums and I really love the game! The way Astroneer limits your movement radius via oxygen is something that I like very much, because it takes some work to do further exploration (like setting up tethers). But I did notice that not only your base, but also your vehicles have unlimited life support capabilities (i.e. giving you oxygen for free). That means as soon as you can build a vehicle, you can move almost with no limitations around the world. Because of that, I suggest the following: Vehicles should have an internal oxyge
  3. Flying Vehicles! Some kind of flying rover. It could support storage, cranes for mining, and would allow planetary scouting. It could run on liquid fuel.
  4. I cant figure out how to launch into space on xbox, i built my craft, its full of fuel, i get into it and cant figure out how to click the orange flight button above the ship. if i use the right thumb stick it lets me click objects around my base but not highlight the ship launch icon.. maybe im doing something wrong or missed a step idk but i cant figure it out and help will be greatly appreciated, thanks ?
  5. My friend and I created a truck with a rover base bed to connect and pull along. We decided to try to connect a second rover base and create a 3 part train. However, we had problems connecting it. When the vehicle moved and I failed to connect, I ended up with the connector portion that just hung out in air. Over time, we managed to create these repeatedly. Every time we clicked on the connector section and clicked again, it would create another one we couldn't get rid of.
  6. Hey, while playing some ideas came to my mind. (Maybe something i already read in this forum.) - walls and gates to fortify the base a bit - kind of a bulldozer to get a flat area for a nice base - the ability to change bigger modules of the vehicles (like the storage, so the vehicles could be reused if they are misplanned while building) - a heavier feeling of the truck, i think it jumps to much (if it depends on the gravity of the planet i'm more or less fine with it like it is now) - "normal" steering-based controls for the vehicles - a rail and piston sys
  7. So I don't know what I did, but I THINK it has something to do with having a habitat attached to my truck. I just loaded the game and it started like this. the truck is constantly spazzing out as the concrete of the habitat drills into hell Other notes: I saved at a shuttle before i quit and loaded to this When i saved, the rover W/ storage attached to the truck was flipped upside down When i exit the game from this state the game will crash sometimes the game will crash randomly while this is happening I've loaded to the same situation 4 times in
  8. I think the truck could use a bit more torque, I was hauling a caravan of three vehicles, (driving truck with solar panel/battery, rover with inventory attachment, rover with drill/winch) and the thing just couldn't move very fast, and would get stuck on pebbles all the time I made it maybe 1000 yards and had enough, had to detach my caravan and just drive home, Although when i went to retrieve my two rovers a bit later, as soon as I reached their beacons they just sorta dissapeared? I lost all the inventory on it and a drill If the truck could just haul ass then
  9. These are things I either keep wanting, or just think would be cool/useful. BASES landing platform (must have cool landing lights) - dedicated landing platform for flying things so they don't take up a construction bay. mining drone - requires power and fuel - set a mining beacon (a craftable) and the mining drone will mine any resource within <x> of the beacon, bringing back a few at a time and placing them in whatever storage is available (so a slow steady mining process requiring resources and time rather than player intervention) VEHICLE
  10. This has to be my strangest experience so far and I hope it sheds some new light. It's slightly different than the other vehicles experiences where they make a sudden jumps into space after exiting the front seat. This bug happens after I got back and, thus also resulting in a save file that repeats the result. I did some good traveling with this one just before putting a shelter on it thinking I would use in a new area a few beacons away. It also has a solar panel, storage and battery attached. At some point in the video you'll also see that after a certain distance, the truck will stop movin
  11. I built a truck with a single seat, a wind turbine and the triangular storage unit so I could transport all the large plant organics I had collected. I added a red one and all seemed fine but after adding a bumpy dark green on the truck shuddered then started rolling and flying away. I had the chase it on foot and remove the cargo for it to settle. I tried adding different combos of cargo but all had a similar effect, eventually I just took it all off and drove back to base. Previously I had been transporting organics fine on the back of my one-seater buggy.
  12. So I wanted to build a truck with two storage blocks (the big ones printed from the vehicle bay) but when I printed the first one, it started to pring with the slots for items forward and backward. This mean that if I put a second one on there with it, two of their panels of storage area would be facing each other and likely cause problems. So, when I saw this, I quit to main menu and reloaded. I returned to the storage block printed, but not attached to the truck, and unable to be picked up and placed on (see image).
  13. I have a shuttle which is in the way of the vehicle bay doing work. Any way to move the shuttle?
  14. In xone, when trying to create a new vehicle while the shuttle is parked there the game crashed completely.
  15. I noticed this as a connection was beginning to get stretched out as I drove. I tried disconnecting from the vehicle and that did not work. I drove back and tried to unhook it from my base. But, the point of attachment is in first pod, right where your character sits. I can't disconnect the phantom cable nor connect my vehicle to the base EDIT: Attempting to reload the save crashes the game, rendering save unusable
  16. After building a shuttle the vehicle bay still allows you to build a storage and crane, I did so out of curiosity and they just plopped to the ground and could not be maneuvered further/removed. once a shuttle is in place on a vehicle bay it can't be moved, so having a storage or crane on it sounded ridiculous in the first place
  17. 1. when three or more tethers are connected in sequence, 0---0---0, removing the middle tether causes the tether line to show up as connecting to the next tether as such, 0------0, and any tethers thereafter will still show up as connected, 0--0--0--0--0--0 => 0------0--0--0--0, but any tether after the one removed will not actually be connected. These "Faux" tethers remain looking like they're linked, even after restarting the game. 2. while holding a tether, it can collide with vehicles, causing them to flip out. you can actually throw a vehicle with a tether and make it fly away b
  18. During my live stream on Youtube I was gathering materials for a truck I had just researched, upon coming back from a cave i was looking at my base and out of nowhere my truck that i had built launched into the air onto its top lmao, very funny but i think this is most definitely a bug. At 1 Hour 5 Seconds into my stream you can watch the truck just flip into the air lol. It happened completely by itself, there were no events leading into the bug such as wind storms or anything like that. You can watch the video here: Thanks!
  19. A few hours into the game. I have a researcher, printer, smelter and vehicle maker. A storage unit and several solar panels all in close proximity. All inside a sculpted crater. I created a buggy but when driving it after about 5 seconds the frame rate drops down so low it almost can't move, a frame every two seconds or so. I've reset my game a dozen times and issues continues, reset the console as well. Only experiencing when in a vehicle. Console is xbox one.
  20. Every time I drive my vehicle my frames drop to almost nothing. I've tried reloading the game and just waiting it out to see if it gets better but it doesn't.
  21. Truck power bar display showing an "extra" bar below intended position. The truck is being powered by a generator w/ organic resource.