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Found 2 results

  1. So there's a new bug with bases I'm needing help to fix and it revolves around sometimes when you load up your game you can clip through your base and all of the base objects, items, and building become unusable. I've had it happen in 3 different saves and the only building I've never seen it affect is the main base you hide in. It seems to work like a AOE of your base is bugged but you can drag those items in to bug them to be unusable but cant take them out and even if rarely accomplished they are still unusable. haven't been able to find a work around or fix yet.
  2. Not sure how any of these bugs happened, but I believe the one with resources falling through the ground is due to base expansion which pushes dropped items into the planet. They pop up in caves below, so it's not a complete loss. The others, I'm unsure how to explain. You know when you look into the sky, and see a distant planet? Well, I saw one cut into four segments, floating around each other. The planet didn't float away or anything, I just could see the core and don't want to land on it for obvious reasons. Third bug is that I have power stacks somewhat used up, but when I put them in place they aren't absorbed. I did this without power sources, like solar panels and the like. I have my rendering distance set to half, but that's all I changed for the game.