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Found 278 results

  1. Hi, i got additional orbitters, a truck including attachments and a rover with a second rover behind. I see them floating in orbit. I even see them from my moon. I learned to not place them at a vehicle bay as if i land with a spaceship and there's something in the way it might fly away or fall through planet. If added power access points and attach all vehicles there which looks like it solves the problem for now. P.S.: Windows 10 + Steam
  2. Nedward_Clark

    Tools in Front of rover/truck

    - that removes pebbles and rocks from the ground - like a Bulldozer-tool. - that makes some sort of road/pavement - it can be a tool (like a Brush) for a crane, mb.
  3. XZeffer

    Multiplayer Trucks PC

    Ran into a bug while playing with a friend that was pretty hilarious. If my friend was lagging, the truck would wig out on my screen but not his. This caused me to be ejected out of the vehicle on my client, but not his. If my friend got out, I would end up driving the truck while walking on the ground. If he got back in, well... Take a look at the video. (obligatory profanity warning.) Threw in a bonus clip of falling through the ground while trying to exit the rover. The game loaded back in with me in a tunnel underground somehow.
  4. upon loading my safe, which was made upon entering my truck, i spawned with the truck inside an already mined deposit. i could not move the truck, however battery was consumed. i was able to exit the truck, upon which the mineral deposit "plopped" back to its supposed state, how it was mined, thus freeing my truck and myself.
  5. When in multiplayer, when driving the rover or truck, the "motor" often goes dead when approaching the base. When it happens, the vehicle refuses to respond to movements the same as if its battery was dead (but it still clearly has charge). If I get out of the vehicle and then back in again, it works fine. Sometimes it happens on a ramp and getting out/in does allow me to workaround the problem, but it's quite annoying.
  6. ZenHeadshot

    Research crash

    Attaching a research to the back of a truck that is already connected to another vehicle makes the game CTD PC/Steam, Version:
  7. Steam version of Astroneer - Using Mouse and Keyboard. Just got enough materials to make a truck (has been using a buggy before with no issues) and I tried to drive it away from the base but it was going really slow, so once I left it, the truck flipped over. So got in it again and didn't move far, then got out - flipped again. The Truck seems to be magnetically attracted to the base and whenever you get out of it, it just flips away from you. Tried to go back into the buggy, but then THAT flipped away. So quit the game completely and then try again - this time with the buggy first - buggy works fine, so go back to the truck. Same thing happens, magnetic pull to the base and flips. Go back to buggy, and it flips again. So the truck seems to be a little bit broken at the moment, but the buggy does work ok, if you don't get in the truck first!
  8. Removabillity of modules All base modules, such as the conectors, and buildings, and perhaps the starter player capsule, should be removable. Along with the modules that are build/printed onto the vehicles.
  9. mouse/keyboard, steam. I put a seat on the arm of the crane, and found when I got in, the crane's arm extended and I was able to control the crane.
  10. I am using the Steam variant of the game. without the beta(Experimental) Current content BuildID: 1544554 (according to Steam) OR "Pre-alpha build:" I am also using Mouse and Keyboard. I found the issue when i wanted to try the idea of having a moving respawn point, i started by getting a truck and adding a seat to the front and then adding a Habitat to the back of the truck(after this stage i disconnected the truck from the primary Habitat), i then drove the truck onto level ground and got out, i pressed the button to construct the Habitat while it was still on the truck so i could use it. This is when i found the issue. This is what happened next in order: 1) the Habitat started to place ground underneath itself 2) the Truck detected that it was stuck in the land and repeatedly attempts to get on top of the land that is being created by the Habitat.( this causes the both the truck and the Habitat to float into the air(as they are both attached to each other and cannot be separated once the process starts)) 3) this loops constantly until the Habitat ether hits the sky limit (if there is one) or manages to setistelf up with the truck embedded in the ground below it. When it happened to me the assembly ended up flying round the map slowly (if sporadically at times) in the end it finally finished in the air, far out of reach of a player. after i had finished the last image the assembly glitched into the ground and i lost sight of it, and it came back up 10 seconds later, and then disappeared back into the ground, i have not seen it since so it is probably still glitching around.
  11. Hi SystemEra, Love the game!! +1 I am having the same exact issue with my Solar Panel. It won't move after it has been unearthed. The first time I experienced this bug, it was with a chair. Xbox 1 from a previously saved game What were you doing leading up to this bug? I just made discovered a crashed solar panel. I unearthed it only to realize that I need a truck with a winch to move it back to my base. Then I spent the next 3 hours making new discoveries to get the option to build winch and truck, as well as collecting enough resources to build them. I never left the game, but saved multiple times. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Unearth a larger discovery crashed solar panel or ship. Save game Reload game This item will not be moveable.
  12. There are a few bugs that I've experienced recently, but let me tell you what I was doing prior to this to hopefully provide more context. I noticed all these bugs in the following order and within the same time frame. I am playing on Xbox One, Version 0.2.10109.0 Disappearing/Floating Truck Glitch My friend had joined my game (I am progressed pretty far on Terran) and we drove around together in a truck. The truck had one seat on the front with a storage rack on the back and there was a rover attached to the truck, with a wind turbine on one end and another seat on the other end for my friend. There was also a drill head attached to the very front port of the truck, which we used to mine a couple ores. Please use the picture below as reference. The truck glitch that people have been experiencing had happened to us. The truck spontaneously kicked us out of it and just disappeared. I reloaded the game by myself and found the truck and the rover in mid-air so as I approached them both, they suddenly fell down when I got close. I got back in the truck and drove it to my base. An additional note is that both me and my friend can drive at the same time, which is counter-intuitive, especially being on opposite ends. I believe this is a bug and not intended to be used like that. Ores Not Able to Be Picked Up After Mined with Drill Head When you mine something with the drill head, it will automatically place the mined item(s) on a spot on the truck. Even if you are not finished mining an ore to the point where you can pick it up and use it, it will still place it on your truck. Please refer to the picture below. I was unable to pick up the resin on the left after being mined with the drill head. The resin on the right had been fully mined to the point where I could pick it up and use it, however the one on the left was only partially completed and therefore could not be picked up nor used. It is permanently stuck there. I am almost positive that the previous events did not affect this bug though. Items on the Ground, Very Tiny Until Picked Up Upon reloading my game after the truck glitch, I noticed that there were items on the ground (compound and aluminum) but they were very tiny and hardly even noticeable. When I hovered my cursor over them, I could pick them up and they would return to full size again.
  13. Catch

    Some bugs I found

    Well first off, I had one of my rovers just completely vanish during a sand storm, I tried finding the beacon for it and it was miles away and high up in the sky as if it was on another planet, but I haven't made any rovers on other planets besides the main one. Second, items seem to "phase" into buildings such as the vehicle bay, I had two aluminum that I accidentally dropped and both fell inside the vehicle bay and I was unable to get either of them. And, my rover's seem to be pushed into the ground when I get in. Finally, the trade platform took off with my items and I was suppose to get stuff in return, but I left the game (and saved) while it was in the air, and it was landed when I got back on, but my old items were on it and I couldn't take them off, so now they are stuck on it. Hopefully this helps get them fixed
  14. So on pre alpha build 0.2.10109.0 on Xbox one, I found that when entering a seat on the rover or truck that it would just start flipping all over the place when I try to drive it.
  15. My brother and I are really liking this game, however there are a few things that has come to our attention. The joining player cannot easily use vehicles, specifically trucks. If you hit a minor bump in the road it flies off into space every once in awhile. Also multiplayer has an issue with keeping in sync on other planets. This was exacerbated after the recent patch or after James joined my game in progress it is hard to tell. This last bug occurs in single player as well . Sometimes after using the crane to mine it creates partial resources which cannot be easily dealt with. If it gets into your inventory you have to go to printer or something that uses the resource and shift click it in there. Then when you make it so that it switches to another print design the resource has nowhere to go and flies off onto the ground. There is no other way to get it out of your inventory.
  16. Bluebehir

    Tethers and Trucks

    So one trick that I started using was driving a truck (and trailer) over to the mouth of a cave, and beginning a tether from the truck. This seemed sensible and plausible, and worked all too well. When I was done, I drove my truck back to base loaded up with all the goodies. When I returned to this place, the tethers still flow oxygen even while no single truck or base is attached. Picking one up and replacing it makes it dead, just like it's meant to. But until then, free oxygen.
  17. FatGiraffe

    Vehicle Glitching

    When I land my shuttle at my base in Terran in front of the vehicle bay, I jump out and I get stuck in the vehicle bay which I have to spam jump and move around for about a minute to get out. This happens to me also when I get out of my truck and I have an 'unknown' in front of the truck. But with the truck I can remove the 'unknown' and simply put it back. I find this tedious and a bit annoying when I just got back front Barren or another planet and when I hop out of my shuttle, im stuck.
  18. Hardware Setup: PC - Windows 7 x64 Steam Intel i7-3930k 16gb DDR3 Nvidia GTX 980ti Keyboard Bugs: During single and multiplayer game session, FPS continually drops over time while playing as the base grows. This continues to effect the gameplay even after restarting the game. It seems to get better at times, then will degrade further to the point of an unplayable experience Extreme lag when connecting two or more vehicles to the base via the "power connectors" in older games (2+ hours). I can actively connect one at a time to the base, and there is minimal lag, however connecting two causes spiking lag "freezes". For example. I have truck #1 connected to my base, and hop in truck #2 to go on a supplies run. When I return to the base with truck #2, and connect it to the base the freezing occurs. It doesn't seem to freeze if I am standing still, or even if I move the camera. The freezing occurs when I move the character around inside my base. I can take 1-3 steps, and then the entire screen freezes for about 2-3 seconds or until I stop moving and the game catches up. Overall I LOVE this game. Great work getting this far! I am excited to see where you guys take this in the future. I can acquire video of the above bugs, and would be willing to if it would help provide context. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! To (non-pre) Alpha and beyond!
  19. DJ81

    Missing Assets

    I am enjoying this game. It has a lot of potential if executed correctly in each phase. I do have a question about assets disappearing after a while. I have played many hours and have built up my base on the planet and the moon. I had a space shuttle, a rover and a truck. After a couple of trips back n forth to the moon and planet, I built my spaceship at one of the vehicles bays. Then, as I landed at the second vehicle bay, the truck and rover disappeared. I have had other assets disappear too. I know this is an Alpha-Early Access title, so I'm just reporting this as it is. I'll keep playing and I can't wait to see the progressions in this game you guys have in store. Peace! DJ
  20. I managed to crash the game while placing a research unknown block in between the truck and rover cable connection. After I placed the object in between the rover and truck the game began to freak out and crashed.
  21. Adding a way to flip over vehicles or trailers (mostly trailers though) would be a great way to improve them. Seeing how they can't handle the rocky terrain as of yet.
  22. My friend and I were enjoying our first few hours of Astroneer tonight and encountered quite a few glitches. The most annoying one being: whenever one person got into a vehicle - it made the game lag for the other person. Not only that, my truck would occasionally respond to the lag by pushing me out and flying high into the sky. The first time it flew it got stuck pretty high up but not too high for me to terraform to it (it fell by itself when I got close), however, the second time it was gone for good. Picture of the first incident:
  23. This happens quite a bit. 8/10 times when I drive on a rock my vehicle either flips upside down or does into air. Recently I was driving a truck (one seat, solar panel, and a truck storage) and it got launched into space throwing me into air and then towards a mountain (I flew quite a bit of distance). My truck disappeared completely.
  24. AquaticD3VIL

    Multiplayer vehicle mayhem

    This is for the xbox one. So, a friend of mind and I were playing on a world together. He constantly had issues with a vehicle. He would be riding it and it would flip him and it would make the vehicle vanish from his sight. I just figured it was bad driving till I saw the video below... The rover was broken apart and flying through the air. Don't panic though, we recovered it after he was off the server I found it IN A CAVE! lol so, if you have these issues. Know your vehicle may be hiding from you under the spot you lost it... GL and game on! ASTRONEER (Game Preview) (3).mp4
  25. so as most of you guys already know, when you are too far away from your truck or rover and come back to your vehicle, it will have disappeared. this is due to a rendering issue. it will check for the trucks and rovers fist and then render in the ground causing the rover to disappear underneath the ground. some people have been able to recover their rovers and trucks since they have fallen underneath the ground and into a cave where they will land. so all you have to do is give the ground more time to render in by delaying the rover somehow here is how you can do that. you will either need to make a hollow space underneath the rover or a platform above the ground. the rover will fall through the ground or platform and fall on the ground underneath it. by this time the ground will have rendered in and your rover is safe and sound. now you won't ever have to worry about your rovers and trucks again just make sure you park the rover on the platform every time you leave.