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Found 278 results

  1. I'm currently experiencing a glitch where once I attach the seat to either the Rover or Truck, as soon as I go to sit in either of them, it glitches out and spasms everywhere, then throwing me out. It stops once I've left the seat.
  2. driving truck on a lessurly drive... then suddenly it goes poof and is no more!!
  3. Harrzack

    Truck still flipping!

    As of latest version (as of 2-13-2017) still getting the bug where Truck flips when I exit. It can be righted again, but then flips on the next exit. Hope this will be soon fixed as it is pretty much a show-stopper for me. Thing is - you never know when it is going to strike, and hours of play can be lost as there is no way to destruct a bad or bugged truck and start over - short of a whole new game.
  4. Built two trucks and two rovers. Salvaged chair from wrecked spaceship. Everything worked great. Saved game last night. This morning, started game, boarded lead truck to begin collecting resource/research. Exited truck, it jumped a bit, but nothing I have not seen in the previous game. Hit TAB to enter truck again, and it went spastic and threw me out of the truck. Repeated actions several times with same results. Quit game and reloaded. Same results. Unable to board vehicle. Disconnected from other vehicles, tried again, same result. Moved chair to other vehicle, same result. Ran back to base and built a new rover, used vehicle bay to make new chair. Same result. Detached single seat and tried to enter it, it jumped all-over then settled down, but continued to "twitch" and make collision like sounds. System Specs:
  5. cmadison

    Truck Disappeared

    Date of Incident: 1/26/2017 System: Xbox 1 / Xbox One The game had just been loaded from a saved state. Upon load I had 2 trucks and 2 rovers. Using the Vehicle Bay I created another Truck (Truck 3). This truck was moved off the vehicle bay platform, so a rover (Rover 3) could be created. At this point, more compound was needed to accomplish this goal, so I took Truck 1 on a compound gathering expedition. Truck 1 had the following items attached at the start of my trip: 1 seat Small Storage Rack 2 small wind turbines attached to the top of the storage rack Two large batteries (one on the front and back of the truck) In Truck 1, I drove about 2-3 minutes away from basecamp to find compound deposits. Discovered 2 compound spread through out the ground and one easily obtained via a rock pillar deposit. Both of these were mined in their entirety and the one hole was meticulously filled in. I drove a little further to see if there was anything else interesting in the area. I discovered a cave entrance, and got out of my truck to place down a beacon. As I was getting the beacon out of my backpack, my truck disappear right before my eyes. At the time of my truck disappearing the following items were attached: 1 seat Small Storage Rack 2 small wind turbines attached to the top of the storage rack Two large batteries (one on the front and back of the truck) 12 compounds Not sure if any steps can be taken to reproduce this bug, and it happened so abruptly no pictures or videos were able to be captured. Please fix!
  6. digital.lei

    I got lost...and love it

    I ventured out last night to get compound and resin before my initial flight. Being an adventurer I strayed off the path a little. Found more caves, came out into some canyons...found a buried shuttle. Ventured more into mountains and got stuck. Refusing to turn back, I dug through a mountain and made my way out. That took awhile, as the spot I was stuck in barely got any sun (mountains were too high)...I had to maneuver the truck just right to get power haha. Now I am completely lost (can't even see my home beacon)! I know my base was North, so I headed that direction...but I think my venture through the mountains took me further North than my home. I'm so lost, and loving it. Good times. I hope in the future they add some cool, rare places and/or things to discover when you venture off the beaten path!
  7. I think the stalagmites in the cave are just annoying, trying to get a truck down a cave becomes tedious. I think if the stalagmites fell over when hit by the truck instead of having to dig under them, the process of caving would be much less tedious. Maybe an item like the cattle guards on old trains could be researched and crafted to make this effect happen.
  8. I was inside a cave and my trucks wont accelerate or move forward no matter what I do. the rest of the movement works perfectly. Windows 10 x64bit Steam keyboard + mouse i3 820m
  9. Chris Augustin

    Best vehicle load out

    Just bought the Steam edition (already own the other) and I was hoping to get some advice. What does everyone recommend for vehicle load outs? I like using the truck and building a small convoy, I like to have storage shelves as well as spaces for research material. I find the driving to be very difficult at times, especially over rocks, where the whole convoy bounces around. What recommendations do you have for cross world exploration, with the most amount of carry space available?
  10. 119 - xbox - invisible rock stuck under truck Was clearing rocks near my base by mining under them & letting them fall a few feet so they break up/disappear. As far as I recall, I did this to a rock that was under/near the truck. When I got in the truck to drive off, it wouldn't go forward, as if it were encountering a rock. I found that I could drive in reverse and side to side, similar to the behavior when you attempt to drive over a visible rock. No rock was visible under the truck. When I would get out of the truck, it would bounce up a foot like it does when you park on a rock. I attempted to roll the truck into a ditch & dig under it, to no avail. Unfortunately I don't recall how I was able to get rid of the invisible rock, pre forum membership, but I was able to. Will see if I can repro
  11. I built a spaceship. then filled the slots for 1-seat, -vehicle storage - leaving two slots remaining. then i attached truck to spaceship then i went back to vehicle module and selected to build a crane, hoping it would attach the crane to the four free slots on the truck. instead it build the crane but tried to attach the crane to the two free slots on the spaceship (but crane requires 4 slots!) it was mounted on the spaceship at a funny angle. i decide to launch the spaceship, crane fell off and went flying in the mountains no other bad effects
  12. DubstepKartoffel

    Bugging into the ground

    So sometimes, when I drive around with my rover witch has a truck attached to it, I automatically leave the seat and bug into the ground, afterwards I hit some ground and die, resulting in me loosing all my stuff. It would be awesome, if you fix this. Also I wanted to say, that I really like your game and appreciate your work!
  13. I noticed that my vehicles disappeared after i come back from a space travel between bases, and that i have indications of them far in space. I realized thar they went flying (like zero gravity) after i landed my spaceship i saw them taking off.. Its impossible to reach most of them and even from space its impossible to see them now!! Hope it guets fix soon!
  14. On Xbox one, while driving the truck or rover (happened multiple times to both vehicles) in multiplayer, they launch into space if you hit a rock or jagged edge too hard. on my friends screen, the truck fell into the planet. on my screen, I was launched into space. later we noticed the way point in space, it was not moving, we built a ramp to space to get it back. once we got close to it, it began to fall. I have pictures demonstrating this. once we retrieved the truck, it began freaking out whenever we tried to drive it, spinning, flipping, and showed the wheels coming off.
  15. Playing on PC via Steam Patch 119 with keyboard & mouse. Looked through forums and couldn't find anyone else who has encountered/noticed this. As you can see, even if the tethers aren't connected to the main hub, you can connect then disconnect it from your truck (haven't tried on a Rover) giving you unlimited oxygen only, no power. I had at least 4x the amount of tethers going deep into that cave system. I have played around with this and can confirm that it does supply oxygen and not just a cosmetic glitch & can be easily reproduced.
  16. Hey, that's pretty good!

    Vehicle movement

    What if we had a way to move our rovers and trucks around using space ships? I often get lost when driving off in my truck but what if I could use a spaceship to carry it back? Or what if I wanted to explore a new planet? I thought it would be an easier way to scout around?
  17. Pyroghoul32

    Three bugs found

    If the player opens their model's bag too close to a vehicle or loose item on the ground, then it either gets deleted from the game or sent off flying. I believe this is due to the bag being physically taken off of the player's back in order to examine its contents, which pushes anything in the way out of it. I have had to close my game many times without saving in order to recover my convoy at least three times now, and once to collect items I "borrowed" from a corpse. The first bug I encountered, however, was that, occasionally, when entering a vehicle it would literally collapse, jamming the axles. A simple closing and reopening of the game can fix this, but I think it will become a nuisance if it begins to get more recurrent. The third bug, which I only found today, is a little bit more game-breaking: I presently have an invisible compound stuck in my bag in the craft slot and I can't move it, replace it, or craft anything with it because the game won't register its visual presence. Now, I think crafting something else with another material might fix the issue because at one point another invisible compound was put into a storage slot until a newly collected compound took its spot. Another small bug, no idea how it happens (although I think it's because of the sand storms) there are sometimes holes in the world. Like x-ray cracks. I have no screenshots of this, but next time I see one, I'll include it below. The first screenshot is of the invisible compound, the second is an after affect of opening my bag in front of my truck.
  18. mlolle

    online truck bug

    i was playing some astroneer, and then my friend joined, and then we got in my truck and started driving and then it just glithed out and my truck vanisted.
  19. I've been mostly enjoying Astroneer. My request list is basically keyboard controls for the camera, +50% to tether length, and a delete/recycle button for platforms. Nothing really big. Maybe less falling through walls to your death . . . And then I started building vehicles. . . . on Steam Version 119, My vehicles are one time use. They are not falling through the ground, they are not floating in the air, but I can drive them ONCE! Once I get out, they will never move again. They make a whir-skip-whir-skip noise when I am near them or in them. With full power and trying to go in any direction, it will use up power, but not move. --The FNP
  20. I'd like the ability to recycle accidentally placed nodes and buildings as well as vehicles made obsolete by researching better ones. For example replacing rovers with with trucks and shuttles with ships.
  21. when you create a 2nd truck or rover you can only move it, when you have one version with a seat on it, otherwise the vehicle stucks on the last position. maybe a small version of a device for moving vehicles without driver seat could help.
  22. Using multiple vehicles as a train with a truck in the front with 1 seat connected behind is a rover with 2 storage modules. The truck vehicle connection slot can hold objects that occupy 2 slots (satellite, wind turbine, and research objects). Even when vehicles are connected it still allows you to place something in that used up slot. Doing so causes the game to crash.
  23. Had a sweet base started on Tundra World. Invited 1 for multiplayer (LAN). we begin 1) Had 2 trucks, kitted out, linked up and ready to explore, player 2 entered game. I hopped out and waved hello. Player 2 hopped into the first truck (3-player seat) and launched about 1 km into the air (both truck 1&2). They landed...eventually (weird in-game noise). 2) Let's try this again, trailer had tipped over, so we both were in cab, I pulled forward 5 feet (1.65m) hopped out to [TAB] trailer in order to right it. It launched and I am not sure if it was up or down (very fast). Same weird sound. Second player made it back to surface (unclear how), truck is either in orbit below planet with all my other stuff (it's getting crowded down there), or deep in a cave (currently exploring...hey, I might get lucky). 3) 2nd player "touched" storage racks, (5) and all 5 disapeared upon spawning new game. 4) Upon entering caves looking for my trucks (previously explored and tethered) the textures started to disappear. Not sure if I am at a wall or about to fall into the pit of doom. Laid out a new row of tethers to explore. Found a previous line, and decided to go up to the surface that way. Half way up all walls disappeared and I started flying through the ground (transparent) (I lived, don't be worried). Ended up near base. 5) 2nd player could not see my base or storage racks, only my trucks and space ship
  24. Description: Uncomplete Organic bundle permanently attached to truck. Impossible to select or remove it. Do know how it was attached to it ! See attached screenshot. Platform: Steam / Windows 10 Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Window 10 Pro CPU: Intel Core i7 - 4770K @3.50GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 770 2GB RAM: 16 GB Gskill Drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB
  25. Cathedralman

    4 Player Bugs

    So my brothers and myself are playing together and I must say we are having so much fun. The bugs we have encountered happen most when entering a seat. So we ended up making 4 rovers so we could all could do our own thing. Whenever anyone enters a seat, life pod, space ship the game will save. When it does save, one or all of use not entering the a seat will flip out, phase through the floor or get shot into the sky. Then the rovers are either suck under ground or lost in space. At first it was funny until we made a truck. Then that too, got sent out into space. Now before entering a rover we have to announce it so everyone can stop moving. All and All great game so far (Will add pictures next time it happens)