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Found 278 results

  1. HitokiriGuille

    Ground vehicle improvement

    Hi there, both car and truck have quite poor traction on their wheels, i think they could have bigger wheels at least the truck in order to avoid getting stuck with rocks every few meters, or a road making upgrade could be added to the terraforming tool which uses any new material and energy. Linking vehicles is a great idea but i would suggest reducing the range the connecting pipe can reach, also the stability, i find many times my trailer spining, upside down so i think adding a limit of how much it can spin.
  2. While playing with my friend we set up a nice little base and started on rover exploration. After getting the truck convoy set up and returning back to the base I noticed a slight drop in fps. After driving up to the vehicle bay in order to recharge the trucks there was a significant loss in the fps once it was attached, causing it to drop down to around 1-3~ fps. The game became generally unresponsive but did not crash. My friend dropped down to about 10 fps but was still able to move comfortably. We detached the truck and instantly the problem was mostly resolved, but there was still a slight drop. Detaching the rear rovers and their subsequent cables returned the game to its optimal fps. Reattaching only the truck and one rover to the base or reattaching the whole convoy but not to the base did not cause the massive loss in performance, but did lower the frame rate slightly, but once the whole convoy + base were attached the problem re-occurred. I don't know if it was a problem with the amount of attached objects in the area or a problem with the convoy itself. Attached pictures of the convoy setup and base. I will also note that when the truck was moved slightly up, thus dissipating the build hologram for another rover, performance increased slightly, even with everything attached, but was still running around 3 fps.
  3. Fluffyson

    Vehicle Physics issues

    In multiplayer, a friend and I were driving, and if the host of the server isn't driving, the vehicle will start to lag behind, glitch into the ground, and get stuck in the air. We're not playing until this is fixed, because we had a LOT of wasted resources on them. Edit: On steam, with keyboard for all players,
  4. When u are controlling a land vehicle like a rover or a truck, the control appears to be relative to the camera position, following always your sight when u are pressing "W". This is simply horrible, it doesnt let you look around u without making driving a nightmare. It will be a great idea to use the classic input of "WASD" to "W" forward, "S" backward, "A" Left and "D" right. Like in all the other games, its a control that doesnt needs to be changed.
  5. The game is fantastic, and I love how it is so far. I've been using the rovers and the trucks a lot lately, and now that I'm expanding my base, it's time to haul all that gear. That being said, while I understand the more rovers/trucks you have setup as a train slow it down, it would be nice to have different selections of speed. For example: Performance: Increases energy usage, but is faster, has higher top end, but less torque (single rover/truck, allowing for faster transport) Towing: Increases energy, is slower, has lower top end, but much higher torque (allowing it to not suffer as much of a penalty with lots of items) Standard: As it is right now, neutral performance and torque, with no additional energy usage Economy: Less power usage, lower speed, lower top end, less torque (for when you need to extend the range of your vehicle, let's say you can't recharge and want to converse) It would also be nice to be able to research different attachments for the vehicles in terms of performance. How this would work is that there would be spots on the vehicle for 1 or 2 attachments, which customize how the vehicle performs. For example: Regenerative braking (regain a small amount of energy when you brake) Suspension (or even the ability to modify it, or be able to craft either a harder or lighter suspension to add) Tyre size/type (rovers already have small wheels, compared to the trucks, but would be nice to have different types of wheels for the different terrains) Radio (would be cool to be able to use your own music and play it through the vehicle, but as an attachment) Just my idea and thoughts/suggestions that would make the vehicles in the game a lot more enjoyable to use. I know the concept of the vehicles is not to go half way across the planet necessarily (cue shuttles/spaceships), but it would make them more fun to use. As a car enthusiast, there is just something about using a rover/truck to go all the way around the planet, or even explore. What do you all think?
  6. TheMightyBread

    Loading World + Truck

    Every time I would go away from my base and then go back, in which the world would load my trucks there would either get flung or stuck inside the ground, I have already lost one due to it falling through the ground
  7. Character ejects under the truck If the truck is moving forward at all the character usually ejects under the front tire sending the truck flipping through air. Even with truck stationary the guy eject somewhat under the truck especially if there's something in front of truck.
  8. While I, nor the people that I played with, are extremely upset about this issue since this is early access, It did happen and could be likely to happen again. We had just found the Blueprint for Truck, crane, and drill so we made all three and had a good time playing with that. We attached two rovers to the back of the truck for storage reasons and everything was fine for a while. The issue came when we wanted to disconnect the attachment and it did not fully detach, the connection stretched and spanned many many (kilo?)meters in game. The truck became stuck in the air and eventually came down during a dust storm, so we drove it back and tried to disconnect it again but only ended up creating tens upon tens of separate attachment points coming out of one vehicle and attaching to nothing. We assumed restarting the game could fix it and cause the game to force the other attachments to go away; however each time the host loaded up the game it crashed and we could never get back into that world. The screenshots below where taken from the "Doc Ock" truck. Just as a note, I was not the host and if a bug or crash report is needed by a Dev, I will be sure to get in touch with and ask the host of that game for the report.
  9. Maxalator

    Truck/Buggy bugged

    My buggy and truck keep freaking out whenever I get in them to drive they turn slow like very granny slow and when I hop out they go flying far off
  10. KurumiAndRias

    Truck Train LAG (really bad)

    If your truck has more than one car attached to it, it will lag bad, increasingly worse with each rover attached to it. The lag will happen when you attach to a tether if your truck and cars are rendered in the game. I'd post a video, but xbox live is down. Sorry. I'll update with the video when it comes back on. This also happens if the trucks are connected to a stationary platform like a research platform. I think it only happens when enough rovers are connected to the truck, I'm not sure if it happens with trucks connected to trucks but they don't seem that different in behavior.
  11. I play it on Steam. I use mouse and keyboard. Look maybe first to the pictures. When I pass next to a big station part with my truck the solar panels fall of the big station part, so you can connect your vehicle to the station. I dislike this very much. Every time when I pass this happend. So please fix it. Thank you. Here are the pictures.
  12. I play it on Steam. I use mouse and keyboard. I was driving in my truck (3 truck connected in total) and when I stop (break) the store of the second truck goes in the first truck his store, even with the third in the second (too with the stores). So far no problem. But if I then put some Unknown on it so that the Unknown is in the other Unknown, then the truck start shaking, move back and forth and so. So maybe fix that stuf on vehicles not going into each the other (of an other vehicle). Pictures of my truck can you find.
  13. I attached a drill to a crane to a large storage on a truck trailer (I have one truck as a trailer attached to another truck). After using the drill to mine resources I noticed that on the storage on the truck there were slots with partially filled resources (looks like "organic"). I can't move these partially filled resources on the storage. I tried doing some more drilling to see if I could fill them up, but that doesn't work either. I don't have a screenshot because that save is now unplayable due to another bug. Steam version Windows 10
  14. fernando4452077


    Since playing this game with one of my close friend , it have been 10 hours. We enjoy a lot of fun include some interesting bugs and the brilliant idea of this game .Although some bugs are really funny , there are still several ones which annoy us a lot. The most serious problem is occured during the drive. As the pic below, this pic is captured during my driving period.My whole body should stay at the chair not the other place. And far more annoying about this bug is that it will cause some beyond describling situation,such as the pic attached. Today I was so lucky to meet the car just dropped out from the earth, so i can caputure the image that it is floating in the sky with giltchs.Normally , i just can't find them and lost all of the rescourses i collected . Another serious bug is always occurs when i play the game online which means i visit my friend's planet. The planet surface scratched more frequently than offline mode. And if i died unfortunately , i would fell from the surface where is at the respawn point until i touch the ground below then died again. i am willing to see that my post would helped and wish ASTRONEER better and better.
  15. We tried to use a truck, one player in the driver seat, and another in the "crane seat", but the truck cannot be driven like this, as the crane wants to poke wherever the crane-seated-players mouse cursor is.
  16. When using storage on a truck with a crane, while mining resources, when you change to a new resources, you end up with partial stacks in the "expanded" storage on the truck. Should the partial stacks not be limited to the two slots on the crane alone, leaving the expanded storage to only house pure stacks.
  17. When using a truck-mounted crane alone, the truck floats around the surface terain, and is not very secure. Can the truck not have a handbrake that activates when "NOT being driven" and "NOT being towed"
  18. The rocky terrain is a hurdle every time I drive a Truck or rover. It would be better if the rocks on the ground won't effect the truck/rover getting jittery or stumpped everytime it hits a rock.
  19. The rover and the truck sometimes while using them just glitch out and fly into the sky. and stay there. If I go up to get them they sometimes teleport away. Sometimes I cant even find them. This happens in multiplayer not sure about singleplayer. I joined my friends game and he doesnt have the problem
  20. Hello! I am on xbox one, using an elite controller. I am having a bug where when I attach (some) items to the truck, it spins out of control or flys into the air. When I take the item off the truck it stops (If I can catch it), and sometimes I can re-attach it and it's fine, and other times it is not. I've notice it happening with re-searchable items, and I had some sort of debris around a crashed spaceship I was able to pick up that it happened to (this was the first time it happened).
  21. Strayker777

    Truck ghost after pit

    I hit the truck on a stone. We decided to pull out to undermine him. Drip, dripping but the deeper, the deeper he went into the ground. As a result, he had disappeared, and after a few seconds appeared in the 100 meters in the sky. Cusco dismantled and moved, it lasted 30 seconds, and then disappeared.
  22. Robm476

    Glitches truck

    My truck and two rovers glitched into the planet because my shuttle landed on them when I came back from orbit
  23. repro - make a truck, load it w/ seat, battery, wind thing, storage. Drive around and get lost for 40 min. Find base after circum navigating planet. Proceed to tip truck over irregular & unexplored territory. I drop 1000' to my watery death with a shit done of valuable stuff. expected - not to lose my body & truck to a watery death... actual - mysteriously bounce out of truck, start swimming, madly hit escape, result in my body in the depths and truck/death marker no where to be found.
  24. please santa give us a handbrake or all wheel drive + wheel lock handbrake so everyone that wants to drill titanium or lithium can use the crane without the vehicle moveing or driveing on its own ... i am annoyed by the rolling vehicles when you sit in them and they slide around & useing the crane... but if you want to haul 6 research cubes you will have a bad time slideing however no problem ... also titanium and lithium patches can be fully mined with crane and link to all wheel drive post by me: meh wrong forum .. pls move to features nontheless its a bug that the truck moves while no one drives it but does use the crane... your call to move the post or copy it since its a bug and a feature request mr. admin/mod/santa
  25. Creating the truck and rover went as planned. Placing items such as seat and power source or storage on vehicles worked. Driving the truck nearly freezes game, framerate drops to 1 or 2 fps, until it crashes the game. Rover drives in reverse as soon as I enter, flipping over my base, fps drops again, nearly freezing. Sometimes crashes game sometimes not, however it is currently upside down in the center of my base and I am not touching the thing. Looks like I will stay on foot for now.