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Found 278 results

  1. So I was cruising in my truck and when I got out it flew into the air. The tube was still connected to the rover and the rover was underground. In the end the truck rapidly kept smashing the ground until it flew out of the atmosphere. This is was one funny bug lol.
  2. When I have separated vehicles the game plays fine. When two are connected, there are lag spikes for about 2-3 secs. with about 5 sec. intervals. When 3 are connected, there are lag spikes of about 5 secs. with about 5-6 sec. intervals. When 4 are connected, the game will freeze up for about 30-45 secs. or more and will freeze again almost immediately after unfreezing. The freezes have also been getting longer with each one, the last one tested (still frozen actually) has been there for about 3 mins. With the 2 and 3 vehicle connections the lag spikes were accompanied with the sound of the wheels bouncing, even thought the vehicle was not moving. This glitch was prevalent inn 2.111 and is still there is 2.115. Cant attach a screenshot because alt-tab does not show even the frozen window.
  3. 1. Type of controller: Xbox One Controller 2. System: Xbox One 3. What led up to it: Loaded a prior saved game. 4. Reproduce Bug: Go underground with a truck, into a cave housing flora with research attached. Save & quit the game. Upon loading the game some of the flora will not have regenerated within the cave system. However, all research items will spawn. Some research items will fall down, if previously attached to branches. I believe it spawns some research that was previously underground within the root system of the flora, and places it on the nearest surface.
  4. Ckclion

    Rover and Trucks Bug

    I was on multiplayer with my friends and i was riding on a truck. The truck was going fast and it hit a small rock and it flew into space and we could not retrieve it back. Same happened to rovers and all connected rover/truck flew into orbit.
  5. Vae_

    Landing Error

    Can anyone else spot the error? Haha! Whilst this is amusing, I hope in a future update that we can land safely without landing on our other vehicles. Perhaps an "if" and "otherwise" statement. (I'm not sure how it works in c++ but hopefully that makes sense). if (obstruct = true){ }
  6. I have a shuttle at my vehicle bay, which kinda serves as a launch/ return site. However, now i want to build a truck. But i have the shuttle in the way. How can i move it without taking off. Do i need a new vehicle bay for each vehicle? I'd like to just have one and not keep building entire platform for one vehicle.
  7. When driving a truck or Rover that the psysics cause the vehicle to fly all.kver the place if there is another vehicle tethered to it that one also glitches all over the place causing you to flip over and fly out of the vehicle. This has also cause me to fall under the floor to my death, loose all my stuff , and lost the vehicles as well. P.s personal jetpacks would be nice, and planets without gravity ?
  8. ThisGameisCrack

    The Land Monster

    Thanks for the wonderful game so far! Just making a small, grammatically incorrect list of bugs I've run into. Most have probably been brought up by others already. When playing, the ground has eaten my truck and my friends for no reason. Just driving along with a trailer full of delicious research and the earth god gets hungry. The truck will also just bounce into the air and get stuck. Also, after an hour or two of building and expanding, the frame rate becomes unplayable. I start at 60 to 80fps and as we build it slowly drops till it hits 5 to 10 fps. Adding more platforms is where I notice it. We ran it down to the bottom of a cave for power, and we had to (happily) start a new world because 10fps is impossible to ignore. I think tethers and land modifications affect this as well. (This is the most important fix I'm looking forward to). I know many have already passed this on. Sometimes my friends mine a resource and it drops next to their full pack and they are unable to pick it up. Only the host can pick it up. Tethers don't always light up for non host players. Occasionally when you hit the RMB is makes you do a 360 degree spin that is a little disorientating. If you add soil directly underneath you. You fall through the map and die. I would love to be able to delete a misplaced platform or bay. Thanks again for your hard work.
  9. Game crashed after i was driving arround my truck(loaded with research stuff) and just as the battery got empty client crashed
  10. Just_That_Jacob

    Multiplayer Rover Problems

    Most of the time when playing with friends, some rovers will bug out, causing them to spin extremely fast, blast into the air without coming back down, or fall through the earth, often times never to be found again. Has anyone else experienced this?It's pretty funny sometimes, but can rarely fix itself. This also seems to happen when 2 or more people are riding in a rover. the 2nd player experiences no slowing in speed even though there is weight on the truck, but it almost seems like the rover realizes you're going too fast and glitches out. I'll post clips if i can in the near future.
  11. Every once and awhile my astronaut will fall through the earth and sometimes its just random and sometimes its when i exit a vehicle. Also, whenever i land back at my base in my shuttle my rover or truck will fall through the earth and completely dissappear.
  12. vincentio124

    flying vehicles

    On my xbox one every time I leave a planet with vehicles on it they go into orbit with my shuttle and stay there. this has happened on 3 different play throughs and 4 different planets.
  13. Jimbolicious

    Disappearing Truck

    While playing co-op with a friend, vehicles were very buggy. They would bounce around on my screen/ kick me out and pull me back in. May be because of latency (he was the host and saw nothing.) It wasn't really a problem and it was a little funny, until I started driving around alone to search for compound. The truck would randomly teleport into the sky while driving on flat terrain, along with my avatar, then I would teleport back into/under the ground. I lost two trucks this way loaded with items/storage units (they just vanished off the map.) I thought it might be because I was the guest on the server, but my friend's rover disappeared too. Fun game, a little buggy but definitely one of my favorites right now.
  14. A friend of mine was in my server when he tried to get into a truck and as soon as he started moving it would toss him out and fly into the sky even though it looked fine on my screen. It would sometimes cause his game to crash. He plays on PC: Graphics card :AMD Radeon HD 6570 1024MB CPU: Intel core i5 processor 2320 Mouse and Keyboard Steam We were building a small base on Terran, which included a Printer, Fuel Condenser, Vehicle Bay, Research and Smelter. Then we built a truck with 3 seats a tier 2 solar panel, a solar panel and a wind turbine. After he crashed we tried making a rover with 1 seat and a tier 2 solar panel. The result this time was he was thrown out of the rover and it flew into the sky. This happens each time he gets into a vehicle.
  15. Pwalsh88

    Truck hydrolics issue

    (I have not tried to replicate the issue) ------------------------- Hardware/OS Configuration: GPU: Evga GTX 1080 FTW CPU: Intel i7-6700k CPU Cooler: Corsair H110 MOBO: Asus Z170-AR RAM: 16GB DDR4 @3200 Drive: 500GB Intel 850 EVO PSU: 1000W Single Monitor: 4096x 2160 @120Hz OS: Windoes 10 Pro x64 No overclocking performed. Temps are all great. Excellent cooling. Changed a few graphics settings using Nvidia control panel, including antialiasing, - LOD Bias. ---------------------------- Details: - Two trucks connected. Lead truck built with 3 seats, and storage in rear. 4 storage units (built with printer) connected. Dual pane solar panel connected to front of lead truck. -Second truck only had winch on back two slots. (Trucks weren't connected with winch) - I only had TWO trucks connected. I know troubleshooting via emails can be difficult. I want to be as detailed as possible. -------------------------------- Bug Description: I started driving my mini truck train and ran over a few rocks. The hydrolics acted as expected until I drove past the rocks. The "bounce" from the hydrolics continued on the rear back-right wheel of the lead truck as if I were still driving over rocks even though I was driving on a mostly flat surface. It quickly continued to get worse (relatively funny for all of 40 seconds). I was able to disconnect the second truck however the bouncing continued to worsen (even when not driving, the bouncing hydrolics continued). I was able to get back in the bouncing truck hoping to stop it. The bouncing wheel started to throw the truck in flips until we rolled into a cave. At that point it would bounce onto the walls (this is not a joke) and was driving/bouncing along the walls and ceiling. I buried it in with my tool and left a waypoint to find it after reloading the game. After closing out of the game and relaunching then returning to the spot of my buried truck, the issue was then resolved. update: After playing for an hour since that happened, the same truck had the same problem. I relaunched the game and issue resolved again.
  16. Here is a picture of the before If I link the last one with the group, my game stutters for a second every two seconds. If I unlink it, the game runs normally. There is nothing on the other side of the storages.
  17. Excorpse

    Driving rovers/trucks

    Please fix the driving in the game and please add a lot more weight and traction to the vehicles. They are so easy to flip or knock around and it's probably the worst part of the whole game. I personally enjoy the driving mechanics from GTA so if you could take some inspiration when working on that, that would be amazing.
  18. Excorpse

    Land Vehicles + Rocks

    Please fix the driving in the game. The trucks and rovers randomly stop working after driving sometimes. I could be on a flat surface and it will just not let me move unless I get out and get back in. Also, whenever a truck or rover hits a rock, it flips extremely easily and it's really annoying. Sometimes this happens without even hitting anything and the truck/rover will either get stuck in the ground or launched in the air. Trucks and rovers also have this problem when dragging other trucks and rovers as sometimes they will just fall through the earth or get flipped and be ridiculously impossible to flip back.
  19. So after I built my base up and crafted a rover and truck with other rovers attached, I left my world through the shuttle to explore other planets. When I returned to my home base, all off my vehicles had disappeared. Little did I know, they fell through to the lower levels of the world. I started a new game and rebuilt my base again and tried to recreate the same issue. It happened again. *I did found out that if i stored my vehicles on top of my base structures (as long as it was on the grey part) the vehicles would not fall through the map when I would return to the word again.* I verified this temporary fix over and over. Hope this helps anyone!
  20. I'm on Xbox One playing with a controller. Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem but when I take off in a shuttle then land back at my home base (or any base that has a land vehicle such as the rover) the land vehicles glitch out. I've lost two rovers with trailers this way till I figured out what was happening. The render order for the terrain and vehicles is off so the vehicles load before anything else and fall through the nonexistent terrain. I was able to rescue my truck but my rovers are long gone. It's really weird. One of my friends has this happen as well but not all the time.
  21. Whenever I exit my Truck or Rover, It jumps off the ground fairly high. The jump is significantly worse while on uneven surface or are moving. This bug is kinda only annoying cuz I cant park my Truck/Rover at my base and let it charge lmao.
  22. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? - Xbox One Controller Steam? Xbox? - Xbox One What were you doing leading up to this bug? - I Have separate bays for trucks and shuttle (no conflict between trucks and shuttle). Left truck at base, took a ride in shuttle to other landing site. Explored site, returned to home base. Upon arrival truck was missing. I also noted there were seams in between the surface polygons where I could see narrow slits of the cave system below, where it seems the ground had been regenerated. I saw the marker for the truck within the cave system. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. - See above
  23. So... Me and my friend were just playing this game and, well, here's a few of the glitches we encountered...So first of all, the world sort of unloaded on the side of the mountain, leading to the video below... Later we were driving around closer to home and I glitched out of the truck, leading to the picture in the truck where I was flailing my arms... Then when we got to our base, we got out of the car, and it flipped up in the air... Then it just kind of took off in one direction and disappeared (sorry I don't have a picture for this one). Then I don't know if this is supposed to be there or not but when we went to an arid planet there were spiky balls flying everywhere, and my friend got that other picture shortly before I got slammed in the side of the head with one. Great game though, keep up the good work! Astro-Win64-Shipping_2016-12-26_17-15-44-886.mp4
  24. Game crashed as I exit a truck I had loaded as much as I possible could: Solar panel on the front 1 single-seat & 3 research...blopbs... on the top 1 resarch blob on the back Drove the truck out from the cave I had dug out and as soon as i exited the truck, the game crashed. I collected some logs and dumps, as well as my save. It's all attached zipped with 7zip in the 7z-format. Also attached is the HWinfo from dxdiag. Sent an e-mail as well, referring to this thread. I tried to repeat what happened but with no success, but when I logged in after the crash the truck was underground... I had to tear up the floor (and what a pain stuff like that is to repair...) to get it out. Good luck. Love the game so far! Merry Christmas! :-) System info: AstroSaved.7z DxDiag.txt
  25. When I attatched an unknown object (one I'd found under a big plant) onto one of the spaces on the storage unit (all others on storage were empty), it first pushed the truck sideways the opposite direction it was placed on the truck, started to fly all over the place and is now just holding the truck floating around 50ft in the air. Windows 10 64 bit sorry for lack of photo, working on getting a good angle;)