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Found 278 results

  1. In an attempt to pick up 4 research pods at once, I drove my truck into a large, flat cavern with a clear and open ramp up to the surface just "feet" away, as well as PLENTY of power... but the instant it went underground (where there was some "surface" above the truck) , it refused to move even the slightest, the ONLY feedback I get is the power depleting as I try to move it, as well as a CONSTANT skidding sound (as if it's sliding down a hill, whether or not I'm in it) even though it's not moving at all. I've already tried digging out ALL the wheels (so that it went airborn and fell each time) , I tried refreshing the game (quit to desktop, reboot, and try again) , I've even tried to "push" the truck out enough for it to start working again with the "raise mode" of the deformer tool (but that was a nightmare to try with horrible fps and a glitchy camera to work with) but nothing worked. Heck, I've even taken off all the resource things and dug out all the "ground" above it, and yet it still won't budge (and still makes that sound) and on a side note, it seems that the frame-rate has also suffered since it "got stuck"... but then again, it's always been terrible on my computer, so it's hard to say exactly
  2. So, i was quite surprised when my truck started to freak out and just flipping around whenever i got out. I tried literally everything from stopping it and tried it on different terrain, underground etc. It just seems to have an urge to do a backflip whenever i leave it. Like a dog wantig to say: "Look what i can do! Don't leave me!" Since I was looking for other people having a similar issue, i thought it would be worth a try to put them all into one thread. Now bring it on! Make them flip, disapear, float into space, eat you alive whatever...
  3. I mounted a Wind Tirbine to my truck and it falls off every once in a while very randomly. Almost lost it!!
  4. Tigger

    Mega bug

    Mega bug! just got out of truck for 2 seconds and the whole thing dissappeared, I had lots of kit attached to the truck that is now gone so just a little annoying solutions?
  5. I made a truck and placed a 1-seat, winch and crane on it. When I went to drive the truck, it immediately does a front flip and ejects me from the drivers seat. This occurs every time. I can get into the crane operators seat and operate the crane fine. I also cannot remove the 1-seat module.
  6. Summary: 119 - Steam - Truck Glitched Into Terrain Description: The terrain on barren ate my truck with a triple-seat and a fully loaded large storage on it. No matter what I tried, I couldn't manage to dig it up again. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4GHz GPU: R9 290X OCII 4GB RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB (Only write down the drive where Astroneer is located) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This post serves as example to make the process of reporting and addressing bugs more streamlined. Be sure to also include the asked information in the title just the way the title of this thread suggest. E.g. "119 - Steam - Truck Glitched Into Terrain" (Do not include the [ ] signs) And even if it may seem redundant (it actually has a use when threads are being merged, because then the title gets lost), please be sure to include all points above, even though some are already being answered in the title! Also please use proper tag. For example "terrain; vehicle; truck; glitch" are proper tags. An example of unsuitable tags would be "pls fix this; help; important; please read; vehicle got stuck in terrain and now is gone". Basically do not write entire sentences there. You've got the actual post for that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Here the empty post to copy&paste (underline whatever applies in multiple selections):
  7. Not-A-Spy

    Shuttle lands on truck

    Shuttle lands on truck when there are two vehicle stations and truck is at one. Cannot board shuttle. Cannot move truck. I attached a rover to try and tow the first one out of shuttle. Then I tried exit and reload - One truck glitched underground (my precious coal D:), the rover glitched through terrain but came back above ground when I tried to board it. Steam, default version as of 1/17/2017, Windows, keyboard + mouse, two monitors, game running in fullscreen, play session had lasted at least an hour by then. Since environment details might help.
  8. I had an issue with my Truck/Rover on the Xbox One. Had a good size base, decided to expand, loaded up and blasted to the exotic planet to set up shop. Realized Resin/Composite not very common there so jumped home to collect more (plan was to wonder with my Truck since I had exhausted local reserves). Truck was attached to base with power line, setup with large solar panel, large storage, one seater, winch, 2 rovers attached as trailers with a regular storage on one with a few resources. But as I landed and the terrain shifted from low poly to high poly the truck was gone. Thought the game had eaten them, but then I could hear the truck motors going for a short time after landing. Thought it was just buried but shallow digging revealed nothing. I used a glitch where if you bury yourself you can pop behind the terrain. Floating in the void there you can see a lot of the nearby cave system and I saw my truck. Then took an hour and a half of digging, driving, dying, and exploring to get the thing back to surface. I was annoyed at the glitch, but it was a fun/goofy little adventure retrieving the darn thing. I was relieved to find the truck, it easily could have sunk to center of the planet if it hadn't hit the caves. Then I'd be reporting the thing just disappearing not sinking through the terrain. To speculate on the cause: the way the truck or the terrain reloaded must have put the truck in or under the terrain enough to fall through. Maybe caused by the way the terrain shifts from lower to higher polygons when landing and taking off. I like the visual effect of the terrain shifting as you take off and land or travel across the planet, but it does seem to cause breaks in the terrain.
  9. Here is a video I made to make a Power Generator. Its pretty simple, but VERY helpful, all it takes is a rover or truck and some solar panels or wind vanes.
  10. TommyWatcher

    Trucks/Rovers in orbit

    I left Barron to explore Radiated for the first time in a Spaceship. I just looked around for a while then headed back, never even got out of the ship. When I got back, all of my land-based vehicles were not at my base anymore, and if their beacons are to be trusted, they are now in orbit around Barron. There was a total of four vehicles. There was a tuck an rover linked together, and another truck and rover by themselves.
  11. List of Ideas: 1- Add Stability to Truck when using drill, something that sticks into the ground and can be removed when finish drilling. 2- Add more resources and make the crafting more complicated, for example add carbon fibre which can be made from coal 'carbon' when put into a new machine like a science module which works much like the crafting bench but uses a lot of power, much like the fuel condenser. This would allow for longer time before leaving the planet. 3- Add satellites to space when you are orbiting your planet, these can be used for resources or as a way to transfer power between planets. Also add a late game system to send up satellites. 4- Add clothing to the astronaut, something that aids in mining with extra lighting or gives grip to climb better or gives added strength that allows you to carry multiple research at the start of the game without vehicles. 5- Add Self drilling systems that will drill straight down looking for minerals. 6- Add Oil for upkeep of machinery, much where the self-drilling system will be looking for mainly the oil. This would also add a new element to be cautious of when mining as falling in oil would lead to death as its viscosity would mean no chance of escape. 7- Add a terraform object that you place in the ground and wait for it to expand into a dome which allows organic and oxygen to grow within, this would be useful for barren planet. 8- Add random walking traders that can be used to get new research blueprints. These walkers should be random and un-killable. 9- Add a underground hyper loops to travel fast around the planet, these could be made with a drilling devices that is placed on the front of a truck, would need to be quite large however. 10- Finally I believe being able to leave your own solar system should be added, or at least add highly scientific systems like fusion reactors and particle colliders which allow for spaceship designs to be changed from research. This is a far out there idea for the future. Thank you for reading and hope you like my ideas, comment any changes you would make or if you think these are good ideas or not, the game needs as much feedback as possible.
  12. I have the Xbox Play Anywhere version of the game, and on both my Xbox One and my laptop if I go off into space in a shuttle or spaceship, then I come back down, all of my rovers, trucks, and even the huge solar panel I dragged across a large area of the planet were all underneath the ground. I eventually got the rover and truck out because there was a cave below where they were so I could drive them out, but the large solar panel is still underground to the green level of the planet. This has happened multiple times and I am needing to take everything off the vehicles before I go out into space. Can you fix this?
  13. There needs to be way of deleting or recycling old equipment and buildings. Help keep he game free of unnecessary stuff to bog the game down.
  14. link23454

    Crash in game.

    First and foremost, the controls for xbox are extremely weird. That my opinion and Im sticking to it. As soon as I built the Truck, it was extremely awkward. The driving was just odd, though I understand that this is prealpha, so the fact that it works was amazing enough. While driving, however, I accidentally ran over one of my tethers, and the game decided to freeze and crash. The moment I touched the tether it crashed. Obviously a problem, but this would be one of those "you did it yourself, so no complaints" situation. Either way, there's the issue, so that you devs know.
  15. A new item that can be attached to the front or back of a truck (both if you have two) that when activated lowers down to lift the wheels off the ground an prevents you from sliding. Especially useful when using the crane so you don't slide away from, or worse, into whatever hole you are digging. You see these IRL on heavy equipment such as backhoes. Crafting can be similar to the winch, perhaps use iron instead of or in combination with titanium.
  16. I noticed that when you mine the rock away from, in my case Malachite, ores then harvest everything and try fill the hole in you are not able to fill with the Deform Tool as it cannot be used where rock was placed at all.
  17. I noticed that when you mine the rock away from, in my case Malachite, ores then harvest everything and try fill the hole in you are not able to fill with the Deform Tool as it cannot be used where rock was placed at all.
  18. So first sorry for my bad english im swiss so i am not the best writer... So first i split it up in two groups single/multiplayer Singelplayer: - When im Playing singleplayer and it sometimes happens to me that my theter conections get black and i cant get Oxygen i Need then to replace every theter on my way to the base to get Oxygen. - Sometimes i glitch into a wall and can see caves but i think that is a known Problem.(You can avoid death by Watching upwards and jumping at the same time. -the winch is flying in the air and got several conections Multiplayer: -When my friend joined me the first time we couldent use the printer.(After reastarting it was working but.. -we had an extra habitat in my base where you cant make conections and you cant sit in. -when he is driving a care he gets random shot out and the car stucks in midair -the car connector ar broke so you can connect it to anything you want and it will hold and just get longer and longer -if i print a seat and put it on a car, and my friend starts driving i can remove the seat and ake it with me. he can still controll th car and he is on the seat Floating in mid air -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- attached is a photo of the flying car. Feel free if you want more details Lyraik
  19. elmupo

    Vehilce Bugs

    Hey 1. Video i was kick out of the truck and then he flys through the air 2. Video we drove over the planet then it starts to kick me through the map. As the secound playe (driver) stops the truck and leave them, the truck bugs through the map. 2 videos
  20. Chandler

    Truck Disappearing

    On the Xbox One version of the game, I had a truck built and then I built a shuttle, and left the current plannet. When I returned, my truck had disappeared. While I was in space, I noticed a suspicious looking icon floating in orbit of the plannet, and it wasn't my shuttle.
  21. Dear developers, first of all, thanks for this awesome game. I noticed a huge performance drop, when the truck is built. I ran GPU-Z and also observed the CPU stats in Task Manager, and to my surprise all computing devices operate far from their limits. I attached a screenshot, the graphs show the utilization of CPU and GPU with Astroneer running (left side of the graph) and back in windows, idle (right side of the graph). kind regards, L
  22. SLOlizardMAN27

    Vehicles cause lag

    Be able to destroy vehicles at disposal. I made 2 too many rovers on my planet and they are causing me intense ingame lag to where if I get anywhere close to them my framerate becomes almost nothing and it takes me 20 minutes irl to even try to get my game working again. I tried to send one of them into a ditch but it didnt do much good. Please allow me to destroy the vehicle (even if I get no resource from it) for the sake of my frustration over lag.
  23. SLOlizardMAN27

    Truck and rovers stuck

    I have such frustration over going out and exploring my world with my truck or rover and get caught and stuck on tether rods and random rocks. Atleast I can choose how many tethers exist on my world but as for rocks I can do nothing. If I could break them that would be great but for the time being I get stuck trying to run through them and drive on them. Please fix.
  24. Wesuleesu

    Multiplayer Lag Glitch

    I was in my friend's server (he was the host and he has pretty fast internet, about 200Mb/s download speed but I am unsure about the upload speed), so it was just the two of us. My internet is meh (about 20Mb/s average download speed, 5.54Mb/s). I experience teleporting glitches while I am driving, but he does not. Once, my rover went crazy and the vehicle and I teleported pretty far from base. Oh, and to the sky . The rover stayed stuck in space while I fell back down, but I didn't die for some reason. It took a while to get that rover back. (my friend building up) (me falling down)
  25. Just started playing on version and noticed that while driving around in my trucks, they no longer collide with tethers. Is this an intended change that wasn't mentioned in the patch notes? Awesome job on this game so far, System Era! An incredible game you folks are building! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!