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Found 278 results

  1. bobafett2000

    Flying trucks

    Sometimes when I park my trucks and I go away, I see the trucks flying in the air. When I go closer to them they fall down and turn on the back. Pleas fix it Thx (sry for the bad english)
  2. Why is this game still a complete fail after months? The team has had literal months to work on things and it feels like the game has regressed. Rover Handling I still cannot drive a rover without having it fly into the atmosphere and the time that I do get with the rover on the troposphere is spent trying to flip the rover over because its handling was implemented by a four year old. Crafting & Research Why can I no longer craft a tank or small battery on my backpack? Why was there no on screen notification saying that the way small batteries and tanks can be crafted has been changed? Does System Era know anything about game design? I can understand a lack of tutorials for pre alpha games but the communication of the games mechanics to the player is nonexistent. There at a minimum should be a visual menu that accompanies the tiers of research and what has and has not been researched in each tier. I have researched countless parts/rocks/plants and still cannot build a small tank or small battery. There was even a time on my current save (7/10/2017) that I could build small batteries and the ability has since been removed. The research system is disgustingly broken. The fact that I can get anything from a single compound to the research behind a habitat from research components is just flat out terrible game design. Spending half an hour excavating and bringing back a research part only for it to yield compound is nothing short of insulting. How come when I scroll through the vehicle bay options sometimes a large rover will show up even though I have not researched it? What can I do to actually get the large rover researched so it will show up in the vehicle bay every time and not just when the game bugs in my favor? Still cannot build a large rover/truck after hours of researching. Co-op How come when I join another host I can only see structures built on Terran? Structures built on literally every other terrestrial object (moons and other planets) can only be seen by the host. The cooperative tag should be removed from this game on the steam store because co-op in this game is disgraceful and simply cannot work if what is being built is invisible to me…how lame Review Maybe this game is a huge mess of physics and making changes is harder than I could ever imagine so not fixing things like the rover handling or seems in the map can be understood but structure visibility is another story. I do not know what could be so complex about making all structures visible for all players across the whole solar system. Is this something as simple as changing a visibility Boolean? What complex unsolvable algorithms could be behind something as simple as making a skin/texture visible to all the players? I know people are working on the game and it looks like System Era is a growing company but this game feels unchanged from its December release? Are the people working on the game too busy to finish it? What a pathetic display for game development industry as a hole. I apologize for my terrible attitude but my friends and I feel like we wasted our money on a half-baked game that will not see completion within any relevant time frame.
  3. i dont know what you changed, but in the previous patch the truck was much better controlable, now when you connect a 2nd one to it, this one bounces around like a ball on free rope. on the moon this becomes even worst, so that you cannot drive continuesly, you have to tap forward, wait till it stop tap again etc. when the terrain is uneven the 2ndary truck swings like a pendulum and sometimes it even turns over. when you eject the astroneer and try to turn the truck over, it floats through the air like a balloon and it gets even harder to get it back on the wheels. this also caused the game to crash on a certain point, when you try multiple times to turn truck over.
  4. brandon Nutter-Rohr

    Hit a small bump and went into space

    I was driving my truck when I hit a small bump that spiraled me as it launched me and when I expected to start to come down I didn't and didn't stop until I broke atmosphere then I slowed down until I stopped but now I can't get down without dying can someone help me with this
  5. Hello there would like to report a bug not sure if it has been reported, loving the pre alpha but only problem I could say is that the crane isn't drilling the resources such as titanium or lithium apart from that over all the pre alpha is amazing
  6. Description: One time occurrence, haven't tested whether it's reproducible. Create Truck Create Crane on Truck (before undocking Truck from Vehicle Bay) Create Drill Head Attach Drill Head to Crane Found Existing 1-Seat and Attached to Truck Attached 2x Rovers behind the Truck Ventured out to try out the Drill Head Drill Head spins but will not deform terrain! Platform: Steam Version/Build Number: 154 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.1066 CPU: Intel i7 3770K 3.5-3.9GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: GSkill 4x4GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB
  7. Brian Crivella

    Terrian Lag/ Truck/ Game crash

    154 Xbox One S Terrian, rocks, and small plants are loading alot slower then normal (especially when driving the truck and even when walking) the more I progress with the new changes, causing issues with the truck. Like rocks loading in directly under the truck that were not there before, causing my game to studder and frezze for a few seconds, or causing the truck to flip out, roll over, or fly up into the air. Main issue: I was out driving my truck with a tethered trailer with 2 large storage units printed on it. Far from my base looking for wreckage, I had 2 of the white and blue chest that dont open when reseaeched on either side, plus one that is black and red that kinda looks like a knights helmet. As I was driving to the next wreckage, the terrian loaded in after I was over it and got stuck on a rock causing my truck to go crazy, spin around, merged into the side of my trialer, kicked me out and it kept driving on its own ( which was pretty funny). Finally I caught up to it and drove it into the wreckage to keep it from driving off again, and so I could undo the tether to try and fix it, but the second I un hooked the tether the game crashed taking me back to the Xbox dashboard.
  8. I'm on the latest experimental version (154?) My vehicles won't charge from anything except a direct base tether. Wind vane, solar panel, power itself, nothing happens when I connect them.
  9. Elier Herrera Garcia

    Vehicle Issues

    04/26/2017 Im playing on xbox one. The latest update has bugs on the vehicles. Every time i try to get off any vehicle it will jump far away of my player. See the video attached to understand better. Please fix this, because of it i can't connect two vehicles now. It is a pain in the neck. Thanks. See also this links for more videos about it:!AuRxRTfjJ0A5cGNbvejOFLEqjc4!AuRxRTfjJ0A5cu3uvJYNde3dnMg 4-26-2017_11-02-15_AM.mp4
  10. SmokeGlider

    Vehicle Bug - Truck

    Running Astroneer under Windows 10 Creator build (v 1703). Two truck chassis, one driver, one as trailer linked together. Driver configured with single seat, solar panel, large storage. Trailer configured with 2 large storage. Gathered research items on surface near areas with subsurface tunnels (sorry, no details on location). Had issues with truck driver chassis and trailer chassis merging into each other. Attempted to disconnect them but couldn't confirm success. Went below surface to gather research items, left trucks on surface. When i returned, the trailer chassis had disappeared. Driver chassis still present. Chassis beacon showed that the truck was still in the area tho. Dug downward down to find that the truck had fallen below the surface into a tunnel.
  11. Every time I exit a truck from a single seat (regardless of what else is attached to it) I spawn under the front end and cause it to do some spectacular flips. I feel like the anti Ace Venture here. I park perfectly, exit the vehicle, then the vehicle flies, barrel rolling, crazily away. - mouse and keyboard - Steam, PC - I'm near my rather large base and multiple other vehicles, but I don't think this matters - I'm not sure of how the three-man seat behaves, better or worse, I only know this happens with the one-man seat - as of most recent update 2016/12/17 Keep being awesome guys, I love this game
  12. Spookz71


    This is on the xbox one.My truck flipped over while I was carrying a habitat to start a new site, now the truck is upside down, the pod came off and is beside the vehicle with the door in the ground, I pushed x button to get out of the truck and the character got into the pod and now is stuck there. Spookz71 is my gamer tag if this helps to see this. The game saved at this point and starts with me stuck in the pod every time.
  13. The first glitch I noticed was while I was playing with a friend, he did something with his terraformer that made me float underground! I saw everything in the caves and then I tried to go back up but I suffocated underground and died! Then he was driving his rover and it kicked him out and disappeared. After he left my session, it reappeared but it was floating in mid air! Then I logged onto one of my slots and the small storage unit I had underground went missing with very rare items on it. One of my rovers is also missing. There are so many bugs to fix and I'm pissed cause lithium and titanium are so hard to find and my whole storage disappeared! (Xbox one version)
  14. Do you guys have any driving tips for the truck/rover? Things I've learned so far: 1- Hitting "w" or forward will make the vehicle go in the direction you are looking regardless of whether you are steering right or left. 2- It has very little traction 3- Apparently when you enter it the gravity of the entire planet drops to 1/3 of what it was before you entered the vehicle. Feel free to skip but if you want to laugh at my awful driving and point out some tips let me know. Terrible Space Trucking
  15. Chase Page

    Trucks vs Rovers?

    Which is better for linking multiple vehicles together into a train? Using multiple trucks or rovers? Which is more efficient? I know that trucks have twice as much power and storage but they are slower than rovers. Is it worth it to use trucks over multiple rovers?
  16. Hey, System Era! Just letting you know about an issue with my rovers acting all looney toons. I know you're aware of the trouble we have using rovers and trucks to navigate the surface. This is something that's been an issue for a while now and I've become accustomed to it. Recently, however, using my rovers and trucks is next to impossible. Every time I exit a vehicle it violently slams into the ground and shakes for a second or two and is then violently flung into the air, sometimes with enough force to send it over the horizon. It seems to have started after patch 131. I know you guys are going to show the vehicles some love in the near future. I just wanted to do my part and inform you of this persistent issue. Keep up the fantastic work!
  17. Brian Crivella

    Exiting the truck. Game crash.

    [Xbox One S] I know people have been saying about the truck and rover flying off, but haven't seen where it happens every time you exit them. The first 2 times it was funny but after spending 30 mins trying to get it close enough to the base to tether it it became annoying. This happens every single time I exit the truck or rover spent another 30 mins trying to attach the truck to another truck, and it does not matter if there is a storage unit on the back. After finely getting the trucks together I drove them into my cave to only have them flip over half glitched into a wall and each other the second I exited it, and then the game froze made a weird noise, screen went black and sent me to my Xbox home screen. I absolutely love this game, so thought I would share my experience and I know some post get repetitive and all.
  18. when you have more than one truck or a rover, i saw the following situation first: when you move away and return the truck jumps in the moment like a rodeo horse, sometimes even laying on its top, but ONLY when the truck has no storage addon attacked to it. all additional addons to the truck do not change the behavior , in the moment you plug a full or empty storage module on it, it stays in place like you left it. if you just have the seat and the big storage upgrade with nothing on it, the truck starts jumping around. second: the truck behaves during driving different, with nothing attached to it. like in the situation discribed above, in the moment you have something attached to it, for example a solar panel, wind generator or storage the truck appears more stable than without it third when you attach something to truck or rover, you can observe some force pulling or pushing the truck up or down, when you attach research items the behavior also changes, normally the truck should become maybe slower but also more stable. since the amount of stones is still to high, the vehicle jumps and even topples over when hitting a small stone. forth: when 2 trucks are connected together. the attached truck swings around, even when fully loaded like a pendulum.
  19. Sean McIntire

    Connected trucks crash game

    I connected 2 trucks together and boy does it I was able to crash the game when noticing i could attach a reseach item to the front of the rear truck(currently in tow). Instant crash lol. Second time i was able to make it back to my base then i got out and the truck spazzed out. Game crashed. Next time i was making my way hack and had to get out to deal with rocky terrain. Truck spazzed out and teleported 200m away...floating in mid air...separated..with the other another 100m out. Lolz On that note: the flacid cable is a joke are far as practical hauling. I meen...we dont haul trailers with chains do we...need to either impliment a braking system...or a solid connection so both vehicles move at a constant speed together or stop without the rear vehicle pushing you forward..
  20. Running 0.2.10125.0. I have 2 small solar panels on a truck. When climbing into the truck, the game automatically pulled 1 of the small solar panels into my backpack. The other 1 could not be pulled in (backpack is full), so the game reset it back to the truck and then starts the cycle again. this happens constantly until I climb out of the truck and then the small solar panel falls to the ground. I repeated several times with the same result.
  21. BtwItsTiger

    My truck is a monster...

    So apparently, the connectors from our truck decided to anchor to wherever we let go. This was funny at first because we had a single outstreching umbillicle (spelling?) cord, and then when we tried to fix it, it did the exact same thing except 3 more times...I've created a monster...
  22. I have a second Habitat some distance from the first. Took my truck and 3 rovers to the new home. Truck and one Rover had a removable seat. Kept the rover w/seat aside for short runs to explore. In previous versions, when the Truck started the insane bouncing crap I installed a new seat and it settled down. So tried it again - took the seat off the truck, set it aside, and used the one that was on the rover. AMAZING - Truck has settled down and is working as it should. Just something you can try - no idea if it a 'real' fix - but helped me.
  23. As of previous version (before 2/16/17) the Rover and Truck and become pretty unusable with the constant bouncing and flipping - and showing up high in the air. Just wondering before I start a new game if this has been fixed in today's release. Also - seat was not removable from Rover or Truck - think it was before...
  24. On Steam Build 125. New game started for this build. Printed Crane on truck that already has storage and 1 seat. Instead of printing on the 4 free slots on the storage it shared the space with the storage initially then shifted forward to share with the seat when I used it. Still seems to work though.
  25. Ernesto Castanon

    Truck Disappearance issue

    Okay so 2 of my trucks had randomly disappeared and I was not able to find them for about 8 hours when one of my friends glitched into the world and found them floating inside the world as well (inside solid block). So we kept glitching into the world and trying to recover the trucks but as we got closer they would fall deeper. So in conclusion I think that when in solid blocks just like the characters the trucks and other items stuck in the world should float up until they reach open space. I have no idea how the trucks got there my friend just saw them shoot up and then poof gone. This is on Xbox