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Found 278 results

  1. I play astroneer on xbox one, I have a one s, all the updates and a 3tb external hard drive on a 2tb system, I have 3.8tb left for storage 75mbps wifi strength. Ok so now my problem is I wait for the truck to be available in the vehicle Bay, then I build one of them and have no performance problems, but when I build a second truck my game lags intensively. On very rare occasions the game will catch back up, and when it did the first time I built a 3rd truck. I cannot even load in that save after my game crashed, when I try to load that save my xbox crashes. I really enjoy astroneer and bought it after I saw draegast play it youtube, but on xbox the game can't handle 2+ trucks and or rovers
  2. When in singleplayer, vehicles can be connected to each other and hauled around without error. Physics is properly calculated and vehicles move along services without error. But when in multiplayer, it appears syncing issues are causing the vehicles to stutter in their movement and briefly clip with the ground. The vehicle then reacts to touch the surface and tries to repel it, but instead it clips through or repels at violent speeds and will either throw it into orbit, or through the cave wall and disappear into oblivion. Iv also found that if a non-host player tries to enter a vehicle, sometimes the body is spawned in a standing position underneath the vehicle, instead of within the chair. the vehicle can be driven for a few feet before the physics goes haywire and sends the vehicle flying away or clipping through the ground.
  3. I loaded my game to find my truck embeded in a shuttle (which I did not build) and the both of them embedded in a weird black rock which constantly morphs and flies about the place. This was the front section of my truck, with it's seat etc and the rear section is being towed along for the ride. When I quit to menu, the game crashes (I have filed 2 reports for that via the popup)
  4. Issue : Crash after attaching seat at backslot of truck. Replication Steps Attach rover to truck Drive the truck so that the back slot of the truck and the front slot of the rover are as close as possible to each other Get out of truck and attach seat to back slot of truck. The vehicles will glitch out and crash. Speculation: Game attempts to resolve collision issues but since it can't it just crashes. Attached: log files Screenshot of truck and rover before crashing Test Device: Dell i7559 i7 6700HQ GTX 960m 8GB Ram truckCrashDump.rar
  5. Hello there, this is my first bug report here so feel free to ask for additional information. To stick with the rules, first up some basic info: I'm playing on Steam with mouse/keyboard on max. range view. Now, what is my concern? After my first successful moon flight I came back home for some resin. My homebase is usually surrounded by plenty of vehicles. What I saw, when I landed was rather amusing. All vehicles were ether gone or glitching half way through the ground, meaning that the two front wheels were underground and the whole truck was jumping around half way in the floor. Only two vehicles of around six were left in that state. I am assuming the rest is glitching around underground somewhere. I had the same problem when filling in some land around me and i accidentally filled the spot directly under me. My feet sank into the ground and I found me flying/glitching around two meters underground. I solved the problem by taking the fill/extracting tool and found a small hole in the ground. By staying near it I was able to dig myself back up and out. Same method worked on one of the two remaining trucks. by first digging deep near the truck I then dug free the lower two wheels. It popped right out. The second truck is to close to a basepart, to be dug out. Hope, you are aware of this bug or now after knowing it will soon find a way to fix it! Great game, keep it up!! HornyToe
  6. When another player is sitting in a seat on the truck, the other player can detach the seat while the first player is still sitting in it. This results in the first player being stuck in the seat, unable to exit, while it rolls around on the ground.
  7. I was experiencing lag until I disconnected my trucks (rover included) from each others (2 trucks and 1 rover). the vehicles were sometimes emitting collision sounds .. dont know if its related
  8. So i just figured i might as well record this little instance (mind the music, i didn't think to turn it off before the clip was half way), also, the truck was never seen again after a sandstorm came before i was able to retrieve it. RIP resources.
  9. Foset

    Truck Glitch

    Hello, So I looked around shortly and didn't notice anyone mention this. I had 2 truck hooked together with a moderately long cord. The first truck had a 3-seat (this is solo I just like symmetry), a wind turbine and one of the... hairy(?) research pods that you find under the exploding poisonous orange things. The second truck had 2 storage units on it, I was only able to fill up one unit with 3 hairy pods and one rock research pod. When I filled up the second unit with I believe 2 rock pods, 1 hairy pod, and one bubbly research pod it was fine. When I tried to drive away however the rear truck started pulling me back. Then it started flipping around, taking the other truck with it. I struggled for a while trying to get out of the cave I was in. The trucks only calmed down when I took the back 4 pods off. Eventually that didn't help either because I got stuck in a hole. Side note, I found this strange zebra stripped ball in the cave that I REALLY wanted to take back and research. I tried putting it on the truck and it immediately slowly pushed the truck up and away from the object's position, which was attached to the truck. Also the object shrunk to about the size of one of the knobs you can put items on when I put it on the storage unit, it settled between 2 of the 4 knobs on one side of the unit. I took the object off and put it a bit far away from myself then it disappeared when I came back. After all that I got frustrated and am now taking a break. Great game so far, thank you for the hard work.
  10. I had established my first base and had built out a number of structures, along with 2 full storage things (the ones you make on the printer), a rover and a truck. The storage things were placed on the ground next to my base and the truck and rover were parked nearby, though not actually hooked up to a structure. Once I managed to build a shuttle I hopped over to a spot on the other side of the planet to set up a secondary base and spent a while over there (a few hours over a couple of sessions). Today I flew my shuttle back to my main base and my storage units, all the materials they held, and my 2 vehicles have just vanished. I spent some time looking around but there is no trace of them... Everything else seems to be intact and nothing else is missing. This was on a Windows PC.
  11. JPlanetTV

    Crane Bug

    Tried to make and attach a crane to both the rover and a truck, and this is what happens. Thank god for saves. Made me laugh a ton though.
  12. Playing the game preview on Xbox One I have a feeling as if they vehicles don't perform particularly well, whether this may be because of attaching a 'trailer' or the rocks dotted around the planets. It would be good/convenient if the truck was able to handle better over these rocks or even potentially adding in the capability of plateauing the terrain, I know there is currently a flatten option when using the terrain tool but I feel it only 'smoothes the cursor area.
  13. Swimingduck

    Truck keeps jumping around

    I've been driving around in my truck. but it keeps jumping around. At first I thought that the problem was a connection to the trailer (it has a rover connected to it), but that doesn't seem to be the case. There is also nothing stuck under the truck. Can someone help?
  14. Issue: Inside cave, truck (with one seat and one storage) was loaded with four research objects. Two were located on rear section, one located on absolute rear, and one located on absolute front. When I attempted to enter the truck, it immediately crashed to desktop. Game Version: Steam Operating System: Windows 10 Video Card: Radeon 7850 CPU: Core i7 875K
  15. Issue: Truck with one seat and storage unit. Connected to base. When I tried to drive away, it pulled taught for a split second then crashed to desktop. Game Version: Steam Operating System: Windows 10 Video Card: Radeon 7850 CPU: Core i7 875K
  16. TheRangerRick

    Sprint for trucks and rovers

    It might be nice to have the sprint button work for the truck and rover. Like you were stomping on the gas.
  17. I've been running the game very smoothly with no fps drops that my eye could detect. Until I linked 4 vehicles together, then the game started to heave.
  18. When I have a Beacon on my person's inventory (had two of them) and get into a vehicle (rover or truck tested) the vehicle will not drive (just tries to reverse) and then when I get out it will fly / spin and sometimes disappear completely. If I put the Beacons on the vehicle inventory slots it seems to be just fine. Using Steam (non-experimental) with mouse / keyboard Attached my DxDiag I couldn't find the bug template so I hope this is everything. ZenduleCPDxDiag.txt
  19. having the ability to switch to wasd control for the truck and rover its a bit hard to control it with the cam
  20. philobrain

    Storage truck module

    So I wanted to build a truck with two storage blocks (the big ones printed from the vehicle bay) but when I printed the first one, it started to pring with the slots for items forward and backward. This mean that if I put a second one on there with it, two of their panels of storage area would be facing each other and likely cause problems. So, when I saw this, I quit to main menu and reloaded. I returned to the storage block printed, but not attached to the truck, and unable to be picked up and placed on. So my question: How can I make it so that the vehicle bay prints the storage blocks correctly (with the storage pegs facing out to each side)? This is how it printed to storage block on my one other truck.
  21. Using the crane with a drill attachment I tested it on the ground and, not realising it, collected a small amount of organic material. This material is stuck on the storage module and I cannot remove/discard it, nor can I attach the smaller storage module I want. I tried collecting more, this completed a unit of organics then started filling another collection point.
  22. I'm playing on the steam version and came across an issue today while messing around with my truck. I wanted to use my truck as my primary gathering vehicle so I already had the vehicle storage along with one extra storage on it. I then decided to add one of the large batteries beside my one-man seat. As I was driving the truck would glitch into the ground and when I disembarked to see if that would solve the problem.. Well.. my truck went airborne and started flipping and whatnot. I was able to grab the battery as it was flipping by and as soon as the battery disconnected the truck came to a stop and would drive normal again. Sorry that I don't have any video to show you guys. It was a complete surprise and I wasn't expecting anything to happen nor was I recording for any reason.
  23. Seat is initially viewed/built on the truck in the wrong orientation, it does orient correctly once building is finished. Running latest beta on Steam.
  24. for god's sake I love this game with all it's bug and features but this one is making me mad so much. If that is not enough, the game crashed soon after I died. (this is after I installed the beta version but on an old save game from yesterday) plssssssssssssss guys
  25. Mouse and Keyboard Steam (beta-build) I built a truck and trailer from two "truck" sections. The front section had a single seat. The back section had a crane with drill attachment, and truck storage with 3x storage attached. If drove this truck a very short distance, the detached the truck sections. I drove the front section to the vehicle assembly and added truck storage, then attached storage to both sides and placed solar panel at the front next to the single seat. I attempted to drive this section back to the other, only to have it accelerate like mad, chuck me out and zoom off across the map. It got stuck on terrain and I caught it, got back aboard and it immediately did the same thing again only this time it was back-flipping in a large hole I had dug in the ground. I quit to menu and went back in, and it started behaving correctly.