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Found 37 results

  1. Frankly, Hydrazine is worth way too much. I get to a certain point in any point of Astroneers save where I'm simply grinding away, using the fuel condenser and trading Hydrazine to get any and all resources I need, and I find myself with very little or no reason to go out and explore. I think that this needs to be balanced by doing one of two things 1. Making Hydrazine worth nothing as a trade commodity (unless a dynamic player economy is in place), or by 2. Making Hydrazine tanks/fuel containers cost Titanium to build, much like oxygen tanks, and said tanks you would be able to refill with the condenser, but a filled fuel tank wouldn't return once traded and would still be worth its current trade value. As it stands currently, fuel-and-trade is too easy to justify any other form of gameplay. I think it stands as the single most important issue to address about the core "feel of the game", it doesn't promote exploration at all. It just feels cheaty! Thanks in advance for the consideration, I know you guys must be swamped. Keep it up, cheers!
  2. When the fuel condenser is started, you can grab the partially filled canister from the fuel condenser and drop it on the ground. this can be done about 10-12 times in one fill of a canister. This wouldnt really be a problem if the trade platform didnt recognize a partial canister as a full canister.
  3. This exploit requires no power what so ever, simply put 2 of any resource on trade ship, ask for same resource in return, send it away, then take the items off the trade ship as its flying away. This does not have to be with only same resource you can do this with any trade at all, eg. 1 titanium for 4 compound.
  4. Hi! I'm testing the new beta update and I don't agree with new balancement system. When I move up to another planet/moon, I need a lot of resine if I want to start my new base and hydrazine is like my money for exchange other materials that couldn't be find except travelling. I'm fine with double requirement of energy to make it work, but this adjustment hasn't made me happy. P.S: "This is the way meant to be played". Well, if a lot of players enjoy doing farming of fuel, why not? And if you don't want play like me, you are free to play as you like. Thank you
  5. I'm on the PC/Steam version. Most of the bugs I've seen seem related to co-op. Issues I've seen only when joining a co-op game: Some games in progress, I can't join. We've sometimes had to just start over in new games. Many sounds don't occur. Sometimes I won't hear the emote (1-5) sounds. I often don't hear the digging sounds, but will hear the sound when I've completed mining a unit. It seems just various sounds don't occur, but it's not always 100% consistent on which ones don't. Sometimes I will still see resources floating in the air (resin, in a memorable instance) which were already mined before I joined the game. Areas that were dug out by the hosting player don't always update on my side. Sometimes I see "holes" or "tears" in the world, where I can see through a surface and see resource objects floating in mid space that are really deep underground. Perhaps the surfaces are rendering with their normals reversed? If I walk into these empty spaces, it tends to automatically fix my position to a valid position, and I suddenly float up into another surface. When the Trade Platform is used, I can load it, select the resource, and see it take off, but only the host sees it when it lands and can interact with the returned goods. When the host landed a shuttle on the moon, then built tethers off the shuttle (without building a habitat), we could both use the tethers for energy and breathing, but when I tried to place new tethers to connect to his, mine would just poof out of existence. When we both drive separate vehicles, if one of us jumps out of our vehicle, it can cause the other player's vehicle to stop responding until they jump back out and back in again. Performance Issues: I've only joined, rather than hosting. When trying to host a co-op game, my usual 60 FPS turned into about 1 FPS. We've had a lot of fun, but there are definitely some multiplayer issues that have made things more difficult.
  6. Instead of the current implementation of the Trade Platform which allows you to arbitrary trade anything for anything... do this instead: Make a trade vessel dock at the trade platform periodically, carrying a limited supply of a selection of resources. Leave trade rates as they are. Player can trade WHILE the ship is docked, and only get what is available. Trade ships leave after hanging out for some small duration (5 minutes? Less?), and a new one will come eventually (30 minutes? An hour?) Maybe a 2 minute warning would be issued to the player when a trade ship is approaching, so they could make their way back to base to trade. As it stands, the current trade mechanism is way too powerful, especially considering Titanium is anything but rare and only used for 2 items (one of which is broken, the other you probably never need more than 1 anyway.) Once your base is developed, trading Titanium for whatever you need is just too easy. Also when going to a new planet, an easy strategy is just to bring along enough resources to build the trade platform, then just trade for more of what you need.
  7. Armetron

    Trade Ship missing

    When I relaunched my game I noticed my trade ship was missing, I sat around waiting to see if it would appear or return but it never did PC, Keyboard and mouce, i5 6600k at 4.6GHz, XFX Rx 480 1338 MHz
  8. So i noticed that when i took a buggy with a secondary buggy attached with two storages on the secondary buggy into a tunnel underground, my FPS tanked down to the 40's. But when i got out of the buggy and walked further down the tunnel the FPS went back to 62 solid. Then i would approach the buggy again; same FPS drop. So there was a distance i had to keep from it to have my FPS normal (60+FPS) like a buffer zone. Secondly, when i send anything out to space on the trade platform, I am able to retrieve as much as i can grab off the trader before it gets out of my sight up in the sky. But i still receive what i was trading for. For example i would trade one lithium for 2 resin and as the trader launched i can grab the lithium off of it as it leaves and when it comes back to land it has my two resin on it. silly space traders! PC SPECS BELOW IN DXDIAG DxDiag.txt
  9. Using the Trade Market as someone who is joined to a hosted game does not work correctly. Selecting the resource type as said person may result in a few different outcomes: -Trade ship leaves and never returns on the client's machine but is there on the host's machine -Trade ship will return after a LONG time with incorrect resource and resource amount -Client may launch for a trade while Host is there watching only for the Host's machine to not see any launch Host seems to have no issue using the trade market, however when he does the client machine: -Will hear sound of trade ship leaving but trade ship still appears on the platform with nothing added to it -Trade ship will return with sound but again, to the client it looks as if nothing happened At this point the client has to rely on the Host to properly make a trade of the resources, who will do the transaction then give to the client *Edit to add more bug detail
  10. Xellixor

    Small bugs

    Hey devs, Thanks for a great game. I have found a few things for you. - Clicking on a geyser with a researchable in hand will make it get stuck to the geyser and be unable to get off. Plus it gets 3 times as big. - On the radioactive planet a rock was stuck on my trade beacon and I was unable to remove it. Trust me, I tried. The problem is that I cant press the launch button on the trade beacon. - The whinge is a bit wanky? It shot out multiple times, attaching to my habitat and the other being unable to move. A third one was perfectly functional. - Big rocks cant be modified with the terrain tool and resources close to it cant be mined because of that. - The red square researchable and the shiny silver/blue one will show the animation that a new research has been discovered but will not give you anything new. The next time you find one it will give you a rare resources. I understand those are hidden things for now but you kind of got my hopes up for more research. Not getting anything at all is a bit weird. - I would love a storage platform btw, so instead of building a printer/smelter/trade/fuel, you could have a storage platform in the middle and be able like with all the others to put two more storage on the sides. This because after a bunch of exploring and researching you have way to many rare resources. Also, I would give more resin and compound in the researchables and less rare resources. Let us go out there and explore. Now its just too easy. - The tether issue is basically resolved when you have build vehicles because they give you oxygen. And because rare resources are so easy to get by researching/trade we dont have to go into caves with tethers . Maybe like the fuel condenser you could have an oxygen station and pull oxygen from there. And if it doesnt have power, it doesnt produce, and you wouldnt get oxygen while at your base/vehicle. So the game would get alot more challenging when colonizing a new planet/exploration/out of power. Besides these small things I am super happy with this game and cant wait for it to develop more. Thanks! Xel
  11. Oditus

    Free materials

    When using the trade post, you can take the items you placed on it off before it completely takes off and still get what you were trading for. Also noticed the ground will sometimes have splits in it after reloading a save. I tried the beta patch and found that my FPS did improve a little. By the way, i like the game so far, seems like it has alot of potiental.
  12. Okey, so I have playd Astroneer for a fue hours now, and i noticed that you can get infinite resources. By building the Fule Condenser and Trade Platform, you can get infinite resources in just a fue minutes. With the Fule Condenser you get fule for free as long you have power. Then you can trade your Fule for other resources with the Trade Platform. Lets say you make 4 Fule, With 4 Fule you can trade for 8 Compound, 8 Resin or 8 Organic (Some other resources you get 4 or 2 insted). As long you have The Fule Condenser and Trade Platform you never have to leave your base unless you need to get Research.