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Found 2 results

  1. FireStorm649


    So I think that temperature and thermals should be added to Astroneer because I want the game to be more realistic about temperature. If you on a hot planet you will need to construct a cooling module for yourself and your machines unless you want them to overheat. When your astroneer gets hot he will move slower and will complete tasks like mining and driving more difficult and slow. Doing this will also increase your temperature. On a Cold planet you will need warmth modules otherwise you're character will freeze to death. Walking around and doing activities will only keep you alive for so long. Thermal modules you apply on your character and it uses electricity to warm you up or cool you down. An end game item which uses astronium is a hot and cold module that doesn't need electricity to use which would be pretty nice. Also in space if you stay in orbit for too long your ships fuel should start to freeze up making you burn more of the fuel when you try to land. When you are closer to the sun this won't matter.
  2. Teh_Leviathan

    Thermal Vents in Caves

    Guys, I'm sure that some of you will have come across those thermal vents that appear mostly in caves. They stick out of the ground and steam comes out of them. You may have noticed that items can be placed on these similarly to the nodes at base or on vehicles. I was wondering if anyone knows what purpose these serve? Can they be used to power anything or ... ? Thanks.