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  1. The option to make tethers is missing from my backpack. Tried starting a new game, tethers unlocked but does not show up in my backpack. Tried making everything in the backpack but still no tether option.
  2. Hello all, Just wanted to point and see if anyone else is having the same issue. After playing for a couple weeks now, I have developed a sizable network of tethers leading to and from my home base. Ive noticed the more tethers I place the longer it takes for the game to catch up. The entire game freezes, and then after a 3 second pause the game catches up. At which point I have ran far enough away from the last tether, that I need to place another and the loop goes on from there. Any support or comments? Thanks, xXMotherGooseXx
  3. Hello everyone, I read somewhere a while back someone asking to be able to hold t to keep placing tethers at the max length. I would love for this to be implemented but until that happens I made an Autohotkey Script to do just that. For anyone not familiar with AutoHotkey it is a macro making software. For the script to work you would need to install AutoHotkey from and then open the script. All it does is when you are holding shift to sprint and T to place tethers it places one every 1800ms which is pretty much the max length. Also if you have turned Hold to Sprint off you can delete the + in the file to only hold T without the sprint key. If anyone uses and understands Autohotkey scripting here is the contents of the file. /* By y2clay14 If using the "Hold to Sprint" option (Default) than use this as is. If you turned off "Hold to Sprint" than remove the + so it will work without having to hold Shift. It should read ~t:: after removing the +. */ ~+t:: Sleep, 1800 ; Wait 1800ms since a tether was just placed when you pressed "t". while GetKeyState("t",P) ; Check if "t" is still being held down. { Send, t Sleep, 1800 } Return Hope this helps people, I have been using it for about 3 hours now and so far so good. tethers.ahk
  4. I was placing Tethers through a tunnel in Astroneer 0.9.0, Steam, Windows 10, when I noticed that my tethers disappeared. See what happened in the following video, where I went from 5 tethers to 0 after placing one down.
  5. I would like something to address a couple issues: Some sort of sign to point back to your base. Some sort of tether net split-er. Internally powered sign-light. I envision a super-tether. It would be used at junctions of tether lines to break-up the huge networks of tethers that start getting huge pauses while the code recomputes the tether network. It would also be an glowing arrow-sign. You would spin it to point toward your base (or it could point itself based on the number of tethers to a safe object (that can be 'entered'). It would be like a beacon with color selection.
  6. Summary -Beacons appears on space -Fps drops when I place a tether -Vehicle bay preview bug -Flying dropship -Shows resource symbol which is already collected Descriptions 1 - I traveled to another planet than my home planet and when I looked the sky I saw that my home sign and beacons(which belongs to my home planet) on space.I can see them while I'm on space. I traveled back and same things happened for my second planet. Middle of the first screenshot Top of the second screenshot Middle of the third screenshot(Between the clouds and planet) Bottom of the fourth screenshot -As you can see beacons seem like maintains the shape of the planet. 2 - I played the game many hours, almost traveled %35 of it and placed a lot of tethers around my home planet(maybe more than 400). But I don't know why, now in my home planet when I place a tether(if the tether connects to another tether)(if I place it far from other tethers by preventing it to connect another tether fps does not drops) fps drops very bad and game stucks for a second. It happens too when I break a connection between tethers. In my second planet I placed more than 100 tether, made even more things in this planet, I started traveling and came back where I start by going straight and it's still working correctly without any fps drops. On the right my home planet. On the left my second planet. 3 - There is a bug in the vehicle bay's preview(Only happens when I try to place it in that way) When I place it, vehicle bay show up like preview for a moment and places itself to the middle of the platform(Right placing but wrong preview). 4 - Dropship deployment I deployed the dropship by mistake while its on the shuttle and I can't do anything about it. I have a flying dropship . I can't move or undeploy it because of its nature. I think we shouldn't be able to deploy it while it's on a vehicle or shuttle etc. and I think it's a bug. It should be on the surface of the planet. 5 - Resource symbol bug When I collect a resource its symbol disappears naturally. But if I quit and restart the game, they appear again while there is no resource. Platform Steam Version ALPHA Specifications Lenovo Ideapad700 Laptop OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.1088 CPU: i7 6700HQ 2.60GHZ GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX950M 4GB RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2133Hz Drive: 5400Rpm HDD
  7. So we all know that tethers are used to mark where we have been, as a way back and also for oxygen, but what about using the top of it and different colours to have like the small to large rover or storage to transport research or resources. so using the modals of the rover or platforms and maybe have a hovering affect above that follows the tethers blue line. So we could use it to transport cargo to and from bases in caves to bases above the surface and vis versa.
  8. Summary: - Steam - Crash to desktop when picking up a tether Description: I get somewhat consistent crash-to-desktop when I shift+click on a tether to pick it up. It's not every time, but it happened three times in the last few minutes. I'm not sure what other information I can give you but I have a pack of tethers in my backpack that's not full. Platform: Steam Version: (Alpha) Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.48 CPU: Intel i5 3570k 3.40GHz (3.80GHz) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 RAM: G.Skill 2x8GB DDR3 Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB ST1000DM003
  9. So this is a repost from my earlier post, I just wanted to move it to a more respective forum. Hi Astroneer Team! I was playing today on the new update to see how things have been going. Game is great! so far i love all the updates! I saw on one of the devs twitters that you will be implementing de-rendering systems to de-spawn the items as you go travel away from them to help reduce the load on the system. Well while i was on today i noticed a serious lag causer in multiplayer games (could be single player as well, not tested). Now i don't know how you designed the tether system to work, but from what i can make up is that each tether is independent in the game. Meaning that when you place a tether down it has zero affect on the previous or next one you place. Once placed the game sends an update to update all the tether connections, if two tethers are in range of each other they connect, if not, no connection. I could be wrong with my assumption of your source code ? , but that's my best guess due to the huge lag increase from myself running around the world placing tethers, (i would say i placed around 300 as i walked the world). Every time i placed a tether the game froze for a second, render the new tether, freeze, render the connections. (in this process all my other tethers in the line would de-connect before making the new connection). So time for my fix, If my assumption is correct on your tether system, then if you turn the tethers into separate class arrays instead of single classes. This way you only have to manipulate a single node at a time. when you drop a new tether it doesn't connect to (all) the nearest tethers around, it connects to the nearest in range array of tethers, and all you have to do is add that single tether to the array so that the graphic can update. Also if you take one out, just split the tether array on the value of the removed tether to create two tether arrays. Or i could be completely wrong about this all, i figured if im right this idea could help reduce the amount of calculations on tethers are made so you can use more power for fun stuff.
  10. I found a tether in a cave. When moving it back closer to my own tethers to use it, it connected at a high, close to vertical angle, through the cave wall. When I dropped the tether it showed no oxygen hose, but did provide me with oxygen. It was close to other tethers I'd dropped, but I couldn't see it being connected to them, and didn't think the ones in the cave above were close enough to connect. I've posted a video with this bug name to my profile.
  11. Well, the title explains it really, the ability to change the tether colours. I get lost quite quickly when exploring underground and during the Christmas event i found the different coloured tethers very useful, sure it was a pain to cycle through the colours each time before placing one but it made my cave exploring way more manageable. I don't mind if they cost more resource or if they need special research as long as they are usable in game. And of course, we know they can do it, because they already have. On a last note, custom coloured work lights might also be a great tool !
  12. I've seen and also experienced a lot of issues regarding having to many tethers connected at a time, which could lead to tether lags. My suggestion regarding this problem is to have a feature that allows the player to collect tethers in bulks. Like for example, the player uses either a tool/mod that allows them to collect all of the tethers that are connected to the ones being selected (Or maybe some of the tethers because collecting all tethers connected might cause obvious performance issues). This allows the player to quickly cleanup unused tethers with better efficiency. My other approach to tether clean up is to create a mod for the rover that could sweep out the tethers, but this might actually be more annoying than helpful because you can accidentally sweep out your used tethers.
  13. Essentially I've been playing for the past couple of hours, and I think it'd be a great idea if you could just click a button on your keyboard, and as you run/walk your tethers automatically deploy at maximum range, its one of the most fiddly things when you're running, your tether disconnects and you quickly smack T to deploy another one, only to find it hasn't connected because you've now run out of range of the previous one, so you have to stop, move the tether and then carry on. It would just improve the flow of the game so much in my opinion
  14. Summary: - Steam - Tether Wire Infinite Spawning Description: When you enter a habitat while having two tethers attached to it, another rope will spawn (while the other rope is still there) and connect to one of the tether attachments. For some odd reason, this infinitely and continuiously starts happening when sitting inside the habitat during a sandstorm, causing a lot of lag within the game. NOTE: This was fixed by de-attaching the tether so only one was connected, and then re-attaching it back. The lag from constant spawning of the rope was also fixed by de-attaching and re-attaching (since the rope de-spawns). However, after re-attaching the tether so two are attached to the habitat, the same bug can occur. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows x64 | v.10 10.0.16299 | Build 16299 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor GPU: Radeon RX 580 Series RAM: 8.0 GB Drive: NTFS 930.96 GB ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This occurs after jumping into the habitat once or twice. As you can see, the tether stays there when you're out of the habitat. However, when jumping into the pod continuously, I couldn't tell if it spawned another rope, or if it was just two ropes attached to one tether. This is what happens during a sandstorm. Major lag can occur due to constant spawning. Hope this helps!
  15. The first image is with the terrain tool out when placing a tether. The second image is a tether placed without the terrain tool out. While this is pretty silly and comical. It would likely be better to have the tethers drop on the left side of your character. AMD Phenom X4 8gbs ram GTX650 Win10 with Steam
  16. There is this small tether glitch that appears and it has been happening for a while. It generally happens when tethers are close by, but it isn't actually connected, thus allowing you to have an unlimited supply of oxygen. When you pick it up and put it back down, it turns off and stops providing oxygen.
  17. Hi Devs, I've had a glitch or bug with one on my tethers. It's disconnected from the other but still giving me oxygen. I accomplished this by just placing it down like you normally do but I think I was "Just" out of range for it to work. tetherbug.mp4
  18. Sometimes my tethers will separate into two different stacks. So what I do is place all the down and pick them back up to simply put them all together. But this one time I did it I thought what if I spammed this action really fast? I did this and ended up with far more stacks then what I first had. Thanks for reading.
  19. Scenario: I have a surface station well powered with wind and solar panels. I also have a sub-terranian station on the same planet (same sector) not far from the surface station, but far enough that running or roving back and forth takes too much time. The subterranean base is underpowered, despite coal generators (which require constant attention to refuel) and batteries. I would really like to see some kind of power cable that I can run between my surface wind/solar station, which pretty much has constant self-renewing energy, and my subterranean station. There are countless applications for this kind of power would be a super cool feature!!
  20. Hi, again. When having dozens of tethers on the game level, placing a new one only gives a 1second huge frame drop. I think what is happening; (since my experience with game development), the game is performing a check on all tethers when a new tether is placed, when having hundreds of tethers on the map this will cause the game to lag, since it needs to get over all the Behaviours of the tethers. Cya!
  21. I am using a keyboard and mouse on the Steam version. I was walking to a mountain using the left side of the tether path (the side with the cursor in the first photo), when it suddenly just deactivated/shut off. I thought that it was one or two tethers that had been disconnected, but no, it was a whole lot of them. Unfortunately, I died from suffocation before I could see what the problem was, but when I respawned, I looked at the place where the tethers should have been, and for whatever reason, they were connected to the "habitat" (I forget what it's called in game) but they were shut off as if they had been disconnected, while the right side of the tether path had not been shut off. I fixed the left side of the path by just disconnecting the tether from the habitat and reconnecting it, and that seemed to fix it. The tether hadn't fallen over or anything, and I put it in pretty much the same spot. (And of course, I only thought to take photos after I had reconnected the air flow. ) I'll upload a couple more photos.
  22. Automatic tethers might be an improvement, and feasible with the current scheme. They would auto place when you are maximal distance from your last one. It would be easiest at a toggle-long press on the tether key. I play on Xbox, so anything that keeps me from moving the cursor from one place to another would help. I can also see nerfing the distance and pay a price for the automation (set it to auto place at 90% max distance for instance). I'm just trying to think of small, potentially easily coded solutions to make the game more fun. Thoughts?
  23. Summary: - Steam - Suffocating right as you touch a tether Description: If you ever suffocate to death, but touch a tether at about the same time (as I have twice now), the sound of your oxygen tanks being refilled is playing as you die. The strange part is though, when you get back to the body to retrieve your stuff, the sound is still playing, as if it is coming from the body itself. The only way to stop the sound, it seems, is exit the game and come back in. But you can only hear the sound around where the body is (or was), so it's not like it's constantly playing everywhere. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1079 | Build 16299.125 CPU: Intel i7-7700T 2.90GHz GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 Drive: Samsung 237GB
  24. Hi This was so hilarious, i was collecting laterite and suddenly all the tethers went black. I thought : " oh this is bad" and i quickly run out of oxygen and died, please fix this! i can't go anywhere, the tethers are not giving me oxygen.
  25. Hi This was so hilarious, i was collecting laterite and suddenly all the tethers went black. I thought : " oh this is bad" and i quickly run out of oxygen and died, please fix this!