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About Me

  1. The buggy glitch, not sure what happened. I have a friend with not the best internet and he was driving (we had 2 '1 seats' on the rover) and some wonky camera stuff happened and then... well the picture says it all lol (in case you can't see it, that thing in the sky is our rover, wheels spread-eagle across the sky). The tether glitch happened while I was exploring a cave, my friend attempted to exit the cave and the entrance was blocked off randomly and the tethers (as shown in the picture) will not connect to us anymore, not at the base nor away from the base. Not sure what happened here but we tried to pick up and put back down the tether at the base (as my friend died because of this) and it didn't do anything. The way I'm facing is towards the base mind you, which means the tethers next to me shouldn't be lighting up if they aren't getting oxygen.
  2. When im connected with a tether i have around 20-30FPS and when im not connected i have 50-60FPS, Is this only for me and is it possbile to fix? DxDiag.txt
  3. I'm playing on Steam, on build When I park a rover next to my base and it connects/tethers to both a placed tether and a pod/module, the rover gets stuck in place. While holding the movement keys from a standstill, the rover's battery will drain, but it won't move from its position. Briefly connecting to both a placed tether and the module doesn't affect the rover if it's already moving. It seems that removing a placed tether away from the rover so they're no longer connected fixes the issue; it only occurs when the rover is tethered to both, and if it's parked.
  4. I'm not sure if there's a way to delete objects and platforms made from Resin in the base area but when you have a very disorganized and cluttered base that connects lots of energy, connecting to tethers gives a massive frame drop and will continue to do so as long as you're connected to tethers. If you disconnect to tethers, frame drop goes away. Pls fix.
  5. hi there. Randomly the suit will not connect to the tethers. As per the screenshot, i tried starting a new tether at various points to see if the suit will connect, but with no luck. Can this please be fixed, as i have put down many tethers into the Caves, and now my suit wont connect to any of them. Please see screenshot for Example. thanks
  6. Occasionally while playing, I'll approach my tethers to refill oxygen, only to not connect because the chain has somehow disconnected for a source, be it from a bug or me moving a tether without noticing. It would be neat if tethers that were connected to each other but not a source would have a red or green line instead of blue, so that you can tell at a glance. It would also be nice if when placing a tether, it would show you if it could connect to any/all/multiple nearby tethers/sources, so that when you are trying to repair a chain you can be sure you'll get both tethers.
  7. In the few times I've gotten co-op to work, I haven't been able to connect tethers to my friends habitat, or to any of his other tethers. We were on xbox, and even on the same internet at the time.
  8. Xbox gameplay. I'll be off doing whatever, and when I come back to the tether chain to fill up on oxygen, it wont connect with my suit. I'll follow the chain towards the source, and find at some point that one of the tethers are unconnected. Generally replacing the tether will reconnect the chain, but it doesn't seem to have any reason. It would be helpful if connected tethers that weren't connected to a source show as red or green, so that we know if it as disconnected. This would help with telling if the bug has struck, or if it was otherwise disconnected.
  9. Xbox One Controller Base has 7 attachments Truck/Rover/Spaceship built I played Astroneer for the first time last night and the game worked without any major issues. Once I loaded up the game this morning I found that the game would lag at random times near my base or far away in a cave. When the game lagged away from the base I could not connect to the tether. I would have to either disconnect a tether and replace it for it to work or go back to my base and reconnect the one that starts the tether.
  10. (PC Steam) So I build a base on Radiated off one of the tether points of my spaceship... After I used the same spaceship to get to Tundra, I notice that tether point doesn't work anymore. Lucky spaceship have another tether point on the other side. Then when I start building a base off the other tether, I see power transferring from the spaceship to my various platforms. I guess this means that the first tether point is still attached, and is transferring power from the batteries on Radiated onto Tundra. I guess it's a bug, but it's kinda cool at the same time.
  11. Currently I'm getting a consistent error when playing the game. If I remove the main tether from my Base the frame rate immediately slows to a crawl and eventually crashes. Same happened when returning I a buggy. As soon as the tether made a connection with the vehicle the game became unplayable and crashed. 20-12-2016_21-30-22.mp4
  12. I keep having this problem, where my tethers keep disconnecting themselves. And it won't be near me, but usually next to my home base.
  13. My tethers are simply not working, no power at all. As in the picture I attached. I may have done the following to cause them to go dark: - placed a series of tethers to a nearby cave ~ 20 - Saved and quit, - reloaded save, everything went dark, no power no oxygen.