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About Me

  1. Pre-alpha 0.2.10119.0 on Steam with mouse and keyboard I was basically digging a hole to the center of the planet and my tether chain was getting extremely long. Suddenly all of the tethers deacivated (no longer provided light/oxygen). I believe it happened as I placed a tether on the end of the chain. This kind of thing happened to me once before, but I was able to fix it by replacing the tether closest to the base, but this time replacing the first tether of the chain only turned on that first tether, and didn't effect any of the others. Resetting the game didn't fix the issue, and the only way I can think of to fix it is to replace each tether one-by-one. That doesn't sound fun.
  2. I often find myself building bases underground for research stations to shorten the trips to get new materials and crafting unlockables, but am frustrated that the tethers I have to provide power and oxygen to myself wherever I go can't provide the same courtesy to my other bases. This would solve two issues in one. Firstly, when you can't provide a reliable power solution to the base underground with solar and wind, being able to tap in to the stores above ground means you can remain productive during your days of excavation in the deep. Secondly, and more importantly, it stops the base killing your access to power above ground too. If your tethers pass through a second base and on the other side, once you cross the threshold of that base, none of the power from above ground will come through to you any more, just the oxygen essentially killing all productivity again. Allowing at least a pass through of power, but preferably a sharing of power would aid exploration underground so much more.
  3. Steam Version 119: I was trying to retrieve a tether that was at the end of a spur line near a depleted resource pocket, and since Astroneer still is only retrieving tethers to my top left backpack slot, I was checking on that. The tether retrieved successfully, but in the meantime, it had gotten connected to one of my cave lines, so when it was retrieved, a line of tethers that had been working just fine, now was missing one link in the chain. and went dead, even though they had originally been connected just fine, and had not moved. So, reconnect them I thought, easy enough. Yeah, no. Each tether I clicked on, moved, then moved back to the exact same spot, would now connect and I would get a happy blue line, then I had to go to the next tether in line and do the same thing. Which brings us to the first picture. Suddenly I realized that even though I had a blue connected line, I was not tethered. I had been working on a blue tether line that now was not giving me any O2. Grabbed a quick screenshot, and ran back over the hill to base. Then I noticed that my other cave line (left rear)was also black. How did both my cave lines go dead? (separate caves, I think, but tethers are not connected in a loop or anything.) How is the tether line to base, which was "upstream" of where I was working, dead? It was only by tethering to my trade platform was I able to not suffocate and take the second screenshot. So, save game, and see if reloading fixed it. It did! However, this screamed "Unintended Behavior" so here's your bug report. --The FNP
  4. I realized I could use the TAB key to put stuff that was selected directly into my backpack instead of dragging them to backpack. But if I use the tab key with my tethers they simply vanish. Instead I have to drag them manually with my mouse to the backpack. it's no biggie but I lost a lot of tethers before realizing this issue.
  5. Playing on PC via Steam Patch 119 with keyboard & mouse. Looked through forums and couldn't find anyone else who has encountered/noticed this. As you can see, even if the tethers aren't connected to the main hub, you can connect then disconnect it from your truck (haven't tried on a Rover) giving you unlimited oxygen only, no power. I had at least 4x the amount of tethers going deep into that cave system. I have played around with this and can confirm that it does supply oxygen and not just a cosmetic glitch & can be easily reproduced.
  6. Pressing "T" while in a crane makes the crane "confused"(?) and tries to target/follow the tether. You should not be able to place a tether while in a crane.
  7. Playing 117 on XBox. I built a shuttle, put a shelter on it, placed a storage full of resin on board, and hopped in. The launch button shows up, but the reticle won't with left trigger to hit it, so I start button mashing. Long story short, I was able to move my shuttle by bumping it with a tether, sometimes VERY high, but no orbit yet (I'll keep trying).
  8. The tether lag that many people have been noticing is nothing new to be reporting on, however I noticed that its different depending on whether one plays as the host (owner of the world file) or as the client. The host definitely gets the full frame drop, or at least far more noticeably than the client. The system its running on is on PC at around 15fps when hosting the world, i5 6400 3.2Ghz GTX 970 8GB DDR4 RAM Something else I noticed was that it seems to occupy the same amount of RAM independently of whether one is running a laggy world or an empty one.
  9. So, I casually started a new world, was gathering supplies, and then I started placing some tethers, and I placed on directly in front of me and it made me start falling forever... It looked like my astronaut was dancing, and I was wondering if it has happened to anyone else.
  10. Playing on an Alienware 17 laptop with keyboard and mouse. Basically I was getting very low FPS and couldn't figure out why. I have a lot of tethers all over my planet. I was trying to place enough down to cover the circumference of the planet, also I have a bunch in the underground caves. I noticed as I was putting more down my fps was getting lower and lower. Once I disconnected the long line of tethers I had my fps was fixed. So I don't know how much memory the tethers take up in the server (or palnet) but it seems to me the more you build the lower fps you will have, which makes sense, but I didn't think tethers would eat away at memory that bad. Another bug, which probably has been stated, is when you are under ground and make a tunnel, if you fill the tunnel in when you are in it you fall into the map and start falling up towards the surface. Another bug I found is for fall damage. I dug a hole very close to the center of the planet and gravity gets lower and lower. The problem is when I float with no gravity and then land I will die. If the gravity is low I don't think you should receive fall damage. This is all for now.
  11. Hi guys, after playing for the last few weeks and watching others play on youtube, I'm getting the feeling that making sure we've got maximum length on each tether seems to be an annoyance for most of us. I suggest something simple like changing the tether colour to red 10% (of length) before the maximum length is reached? Running back a step or two starts to get tedious after a while! haha
  12. First and foremost, the controls for xbox are extremely weird. That my opinion and Im sticking to it. As soon as I built the Truck, it was extremely awkward. The driving was just odd, though I understand that this is prealpha, so the fact that it works was amazing enough. While driving, however, I accidentally ran over one of my tethers, and the game decided to freeze and crash. The moment I touched the tether it crashed. Obviously a problem, but this would be one of those "you did it yourself, so no complaints" situation. Either way, there's the issue, so that you devs know.
  13. Hello There Reader, I, Sidegamer, Have an idea for improving base physics transport. While The "Base" on a planet CAN already transport energy, I think that the base should be able to transport fuel, needed materials, and Minerals (To the smelter). Also, the tethers should give energy to vehicles that are attached to said tether. As a footnote, I believe that players should be able to "unextend" built base areas, to a half refund of the materials used. Thank You for your time, Sidegamer PS: I have included a sketch for the different animations of the material transport
  14. I apologize in advance if this is a known bug. Bug: 1) When retrieving tether by holding SHIFT + LEFT CLICK, sometime the tether would go simply disappear. 2) Digging and filling ground under player feets would sometime result falling thru the floor. Suggestion: 1) Allow fast forward in orbit screen, 2) Allow item/building destruction, 3) allow save naming/deleting option, and a notepad (maybe makes it so you can only read your notepad when you are sitting in home base habitat) Thanks! Just got this game yesterday after seeing some YouTuber playing it, already 18 hours in haha
  15. Just started playing on version and noticed that while driving around in my trucks, they no longer collide with tethers. Is this an intended change that wasn't mentioned in the patch notes? Awesome job on this game so far, System Era! An incredible game you folks are building! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!
  16. As I sad: Tether can knock back ur rover/truck, when you are trying to stand it on the ground = DO NOT touching ur Vehicle by them.
  17. Running (Shift) while picking up placed tethers causes the tethers to disappear, never to be seen again. System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel i7 6700K Geforce GTX 1060 16GB Ram Steam
  18. I have an idea for an item similar to the filter but is like a tether where you can pass through the areas of poisonous gas but it requires power of some sort or something similar.
  19. So, I have had trouble re-creating this bug, but if I remember correctly, I had an almost full inventory/backpack with the tank sitting in the top left space. (See image) I then created some tethers, as one does. One of the tethers fell out of the backpack upon crafting and the other went into the free space in the backpack. It was at that point I realized the oxygen tank was not filling up anymore. I checked it, and it was renamed to "tethers". It would not supply oxygen nor would it allow me to place tethers. it became useless. So, I stupidly hopped in a habitation pod, saved, and quit entirely out of the game. re-loaded and it was still names "Tethers" and still useless. I was able, however, to create a new Tank, and placed it in the SIDE slot on the backpack. it's still working great, and the old tank is still labelled tethers. So whatever is happening is happening only to that single entity.
  20. Just recently I have noticed that the tethers are not working (although lit up in blue, all connected). The first one I place is fine, all others are linked but don't supply oxygen.... Turns out my astroneer objects to not be able to Breathe.
  21. I have burned 20 hours into Astroneer and I just want to say, AMAZING game. You've probably heard this a million times but it's true, and I really see this game becoming the next big thing. This is my first post so please do not judge too harshly. Anyways, straight to the point, I feel like a great and useful addition to the game would be a small change to tethers. Aside from the inevitable bugs, which are minor annoyances to be expected, the biggest pet peeve of mine is trying to space tethers as far as possible without losing the connection, especially when linking long distances. Now, here's my brilliant solution. Make it so that when dragging tethers, it stops at the maximum length possible, but still allowing for shorter spaced tethers. Additionally, include the option to turn this off in case players dislike this feature for whatever reason. I hope that you take this idea into consideration as it would make mine and a lot of other players' lives easier. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
  22. When me and my friend landed on barren I tried putting down tethers, 1 disappeared so I tried putting down more, they all disappeared and I checked my inventory. Also my friend was the one hosting.
  23. every time i want to take a tether back, if i shift click it, it disapears, the first time this happened i didn't even noticed, as shift click send thing to the backpack, removing them from my sight, uppon further inspection, the thether vanishes when i shift click it, only happen with tethers tho
  24. So one trick that I started using was driving a truck (and trailer) over to the mouth of a cave, and beginning a tether from the truck. This seemed sensible and plausible, and worked all too well. When I was done, I drove my truck back to base loaded up with all the goodies. When I returned to this place, the tethers still flow oxygen even while no single truck or base is attached. Picking one up and replacing it makes it dead, just like it's meant to. But until then, free oxygen.