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  1. Obligatory "I searched, but couldn't find this in this forum." If I missed it, my apologies, I am sure I am not the first with this issue. When I am walking past structures, and that blue line that provides you with oxygen and power switches, it briefly freezes. I am not sure if it is a latency thing or a frame rate drop or what exactly, but it is a noticeable pause every time that blue line switches where it is connecting me to. The only solution I found on other/Steam forums was to remove all tethers, which I painstakingly did across the four planets I have 'bases' on, which did not resolve the problem. I am not surprised by this as it does not appear to be limited to tethers per se, it's that blue line connection in general. I can run freely over the horizon and back, but the moment I link up to a vehicle or building I get that pause that is slowly making me crazy. It isn't as bad, though still noticeable on new games. It is the worst on my longest running save, which makes me think it is linked to the size either of the empire or the save file. The long running save started on Steam, and then to be able to play multiplayer with Xbox/Win10 friends I had to repurchase on Win10, so I found a way to move my save file from Steam to the Win10 (a story for another time, not challenging, just takes some trial and error). It has colonies on Terran, Tundra, two on Exotic, and Barren is very developed with 3 bases and a network of modules/nodes that loop the planetoid and span out to connect other things. I have made every change I can think of to adjust graphics quality, including some of the modifications to Engine.ini in an attempt to prevent this little pause, without any success. Any ideas to try to keep my gameplay smooth are greatly appreciated, love the game, just need that sweet smoothness Thanks in advance!
  2. Idk if this is for all planets and/or everyone but for me when I am on the moon, The tethers do not work what so ever. If I hit "T" they place but are black as if they have no oxygen. If I move them by hand they are blue but supply no oxygen to me. Many time tethers would change between black and blue depending on where and how many tethers were placed off of them. Also the only tethers that did "work" were the first and only ones touching my base. that being said I had to be no more than 1-2 meters from the tether for it to give me oxygen/power. A video showing this bug is below:
  3. I did a walk/drive around my planet, placing tethers, and I think it kinda screwed my game over... the game is seriously laggy (I have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, and quite the beast of a computer). So maybe you should consider doing something to fix the "Tether lag" :-) Thanks,
  4. The tethers are really useful, but how bout a little display hovering above your character displaying the amount of tethers in your inventory.
  5. Storm The storm did today the most damage it could ever do. At the start i dug holes to store certain nuggets, to keep an overview and some order Finally, when i was able to build i the small rover, i went searching for researchables around the base. then i noticed the storm was coming, i looked around and boy was i glad, it was about to pass by, but it went over my base. when i returned back to the base, well there was nothing left, well the base was still there, but all the nuggets from the holes were gone. looked like the storm sucked them entirely away. Vehicles - Rover / Truck i mentioned in one of my postings before, the rover is way to under powered, when you connect a second rover without a storage module on it and put 2 researchables on it, the rover drives like a slug, low and slow. so tried not to put on the rover the big storage module, i feared that the rover becomes unmovable. on my 2nd game run, i collected resources and researchables till i got the big truck. first i drove around and the steering felt wrong, you must have changed something to it. it is hard to turn around or even make a small curve. well i tried to adapt to this weird behavior and then when i put the big storage onto it, the truck begun to behave like if it was on the moon. the more i put onto it, the more it felt like it defies more and more gravity on the starting planet. the truck skipped, launched like if i used a ramp, became more and more unstable. if you put on a truck a big storage module and put 4 researchables on it, the truck feels like it will start any second up into space. Nuggets Well they simply float around, sometimes, sometimes less. that is annoying and weird at the same time. it does not matter if you are on the surface or deep underground. one time i placed a few nuggets on the same spot, moved away and when i returned, the were scattered all over the tunnel, some on top, some on the wall and some just in midair. Tethers first the become a dangerous obstacle, when you drive to close to them, they tip over, when the ground is edited by you, but when you hit them with the rover or the truck they stop you instantly or tip the vehicle over. requires now wider corridors/tunnels to be dug or to put the tethers on the side wall or the top of the tunnel. Research The research feels like in one of the prior patches. it does not matter, i always got the most useless researches at start. just happy to have build the research station and found my first item and what do i get, the big shuttle, then the small shuttle, tons of filters, the open 3 seat, the closed 3 seat etc. the augmentations are the hardest to get, today after 3 hours play, i was only the research the new augment, the others i have not seen since patch 198, possible coincidence but at the moment i live, build and explore without them. Crash today i accidentally repeated the crash situation. when your big truck is fully loaded and the front and the back is a researchable connected and you drive near any build base item, in the moment you get in range for the connection of the vehicle with base object, the item not only falls off, the game crashes, especially when you have a found seat connect to the front. this also can be repeated sometime, when 2 trucks are towed together and you try to connect anything to the free place and the item snaps to one or the two places were the trucks are towed together. Habitat the habitat on the truck on the big storage module they do not fit, well yes you can connect them, but in the moment you do, the truck does a lift off or bounces around like a rodeo horse. Control of the Astroneer the issue here is the same like with the rover truck, sometimes it is hard to simply turn around. also there is this funny 360° turn. sometimes for some unknown reason the camera makes a twist and turn instantly 360° which quite annoying. for example, i try to move forward and suddenly this turn happens, when camera has returned to its correct position your Astroneer is facing the opposite direction and then you have to fight again with the controls to get your Astroneer back into the direction you intended.
  6. Alright. I'm testing the new update to give feedback. I live on a Radiated planet. I am playing with one of my friends. There were two main glitches that we noticed. The first one, discovered purely by accident and absolutely hilarious, was that when we drove very deep underground into our core-base, that the truck we had driven was completely zero-G. It had flipped, landed on the ceiling, almost drove itself down, and stopped on the wall. The tethers also were floating. The second glitch was far less funny to see. My friend told me I was completely invisible. He could not see me, I could see him. As a note, I was the game host. He also mentioned he was unable to pick things up from anywhere, and when he randomly could, it was shaky. When he used a trade station, the values (1 coal = 4 compound, etc.) were completely wrong, and didn't even return the correct amount or type of item he sent for. He put coal in, wanting resin, and got 4 organic from 4 coal. The only thing he could easily do was use his deform tool, and even then on any world but Terran, the smooth tool doesn't work correctly, jumping around your cursor. A final note or two: We exploited the game forcing you to rise through ground if you're stuck by using the deform tool on a car and getting in/out to force ourselves into the ground, thus creating a sky elevator. Not intended to work that way. Also, the trucks and rover's steering changes still need work. Rovers flip upside down from moving too fast (the front wheels float up and then the back ones flip the vehicle) on flat ground, they tend to try and drive backward toward the direction you face, and they have too low of a gravity to easily move. I love this game, but get these bugs fixed!
  7. For some reason when i am on a friends world and i travel to any other planet on the solar system i cannot place tethers. When i try to place them once i click to release the tether it disappears. It also still takes up the tether from my inventory.
  8. Not sure if this is a bug or deliberate means of stack-splitting, but in both experimental 002, and main release 0.3.10200.0, tethers collected by shift-clicking a tether into your pack, or dragging one on w/o opening your pack, will start a new stack if an open slot is available in your pack in any position before/above an existing partial stack in left->right, top->down order... for pack compound open open tethers shift-clicking a tether into your pack, or dragging one onto your back w/o opening your pack results in compound singleTether open tethers I'm playing on windows 7x64, w/ keyboard and mouse, nvidia gtx 970 graphics card and intel 2600k cpu
  9. Issue: If you have no tethers in your backpack and try to fast collect (shift + left click) one it will disappear are if another item is in slot 1 of the backpack. How to reproduce: for ease open the backpack. place all your tethers one by one (don't drop the whole item slot). place an item (compound, resin etc) in slot 1 (top left) of the backpack. fast collect a few tethers. - disappear. move the item from slot 1 to another slot. fast collect a tether and it appears in the slot 1. Notes: only seems to happen if you currently do not have any tethers in the backpack at all.
  10. I was holding Shift while grabing a Tether line (Cordões) and I had two of those Terrain Analizer (Analizador de Terreno) in my back pack, And because my backpack was full, the tether attatched to the Terrain analizer modificating its colour and name to White and Tether (Cordões) respectively as you can see on the Screen Shots. The Terrain Analizer (analizador de terreno) is Working as it should, only on the gray surfaces as the color indicates after the "attatchment". I tryed to reproduce this in video, but it hapened once only sadly..... I want to sorry for my english, I`m from Brasil I`ll be posting the bugs I find. I forgot this:
  11. Summary: Tethers no longer supply oxygen. Nothing to prompt other than loading for the first time after 197 Description: On loading tether lines are black, moving or putting out new ones are blue but neither supply O2. Platform: Windows 10 Store with Keyboard and Mouse Version / Build Number: 3.10197 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 & NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M RAM: 12 GB Drive: ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB
  12. I am not sure whether to call this a suggestion or a bug or both. I decided to post it here as it was my original intent to do so. In my own opinion, I believe tethers should be turned off within the character's inventory (or when the stack is on the ground), as it is not connected to the base like the play may or may not be. Also, when trying to give a screenshot with a non-full stack of tethers, I have noticed they have different textures on the tethers themselves and not lit like I thought it up should have been. So what do you guys think, should we have our tethers black like the older textures or should we have them light up in as a stack? Since it doesn't have any power or oxygen in them innately, I would say the latter doesn't make as much sense in this case.
  13. Controller Xbox I have a major lag spike when I place a new tether to an existing chain that I have. I have a tether that spans the whole starting planet (almost like an equator going east to west). At any point that i put a new tether, and it touches the chain in any way, I get a 10-20 second lag spike, that has gradually gotten longer and longer with each new tether added to the chain. (To be honest I believe that it is the number of tethers connected to this chain that causes this issue.) Due to the size of the starting planet I can not upload anything to show the sheer scope of the chain. I did attempt to upload a video showing the lag spike, however the size was too big. I will attempt to find a way to make it a little smaller.
  14. So, many have noticed this i'll assume, but when placed a tether inbetween to others, there is only a preview of the connection to one of the previous tethers. This is not important at any means, but it relly f***s with my mind Feel free to delete this post if it has been seen too many times xReemex
  15. Noticed such a funny thing: I'm far away somewhere on planet surface. Just me and my rover driving and searching any interesting stuff. For example, found a new cave. Getting out and start to move inside the cave placing tethers to get O2 and energy from the rover. Ok, found items for research, load to the rover and go back. After you move out the tethering range, tethers you placed are still online. So just can leave them and you'll have autonomous O2 supply point. Just point this thing again that tethers you put near you vehicle and online it will be online everytime after you move away you vehicle. So tethers you connected to you rover does not go offline and keep supplying you with O2. Even 1 single tether will do. It takes O2 from nowhere. This is non-sense. Need to be fixed.
  16. Summary: 155 - Xbox One - Multiplayer Tethers Not Functional Offworld Description: Over multiple play sessions, tethers have not been functional on Barren for the player who joins my game. This player has full tether functionality when on the main, starting planet. Every time we go offworld (just Barren so far, haven't been to other worlds yet), his tether functionality no longer works and has to rely on mine alone. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 0.3.10155.0
  17. I had an idea for craftable fencing that could be very useful (see below), similar to the way Tethers work in mechanics and placement. A few changes though... Crafting: Fence Posts are crafted with Compound, just like Tethers. Just like Tethers, you get 11 per slot. Mechanics: Fence Posts must be a certain distance to connect (half as short as the Tether radius). Fence Posts will connect to ANY post in its radius, not just the closest one like Tethers do. Maybe a maximum of 6 posts that a single post can connect to. Beams between Fence Posts are straight and a different color and diameter to differentiate them from Tethers. (Perhaps they could look like pylons with a transparent force field between them?) Usage: Fences are physical objects that prevent the player from walking/jumping past them, as well as vehicles from driving over them. This could be useful when making walkways in caves to prevent accidental death by falling. They should not, however, stop storm rocks, so as to prevent abusing them as a "safety net" during storms.
  18. Just a little idea I had that I think would help out when placing tethers. My idea is this: when you are holding a Tether close enough to an already placed Tether for it to connect, then a number appears above the Tether you are holding, representing how long the line between the two Tethers is. So for example, if the Tether you are carrying is right next to the placed Tether, then a blue number 1 appears. As you move the Tether further away, the number goes up, until you reach the maximum reach between Tethers. At that point you get the highest number turning red, to signal this fact. Moving past the max range of the Tethers causes the numbers to vanish, letting the player know that the Tether is now out of range. If you move the Tether back in range of the placed Tether (any other placed Tether) then the max number appears again. As to how high the range of numbers go, that would be something that would need to be playtested.
  19. When I connect power modules to my spaceship which is up on a hill and tethered to my main base, the power does only occasionally spreads to my base, sometimes not spreading the power when it should be. I used tier 1 modules on a large storage on my space ship with plenty more tethers than the minimum to reach my base. Steam, Windows 10 PC Mouse & Keyboard Tier 1 power modules on large storage on space ship tethered by 3 tethers (only 1-2 necessary) to tether to base.
  20. id really like to now how to get rid of tether and buildings. My game lags as hell ^^ - any solutions?
  21. Normally when i have some tethers stored in my backpack, and i picked the tethers on the ground it will be added to the stock in my backpack. However, I noticed that if I dont already have any tethers in my backpack, the tethers will simply not be added into my backpack when I pick up the tethers on the ground. It means my tethers simply go to waste unless i create a new pack of tethers stored in my bag first, before i ever attempt to pick up my old tethers on the ground. Hope the developers can look into this issue.
  22. It'd be nice if while placing tethers, the corn turned red or some other color when it's just about to be too far to connect to other tethers. Just a quality of life idea, rather than having to eyeball it and backtrack when you're too far.
  23. I had a tether connected to my base, expanded the module the tether was connected to and removed the beginning connector because the new module was closer to the next tether in line. All tethers went black but turned blue when picking them up and putting them down again. Even when blue, the old tethers remained inactive. Photos attached.
  24. Tried to build a conduit system around the planet and I didn't get very far before the game decided to start lagging and dropping the frame rate, I am assuming due to the amount of conduits I have built. Couple videos to show the performance drop. GameClip-Original.MP4 GameClip-Original2.MP4
  25. Hello fellow humans! I seem to of run across a possible bug with the tethers. When picking up a tether and using TAB to "quick loot" it into my backpack the tether vanishes. I have tried without a tether in my backpack and with 1-4 in there and the amount never rises. I can still just move it into a slot to loot it, but who wants to manually place something somewhere when you can just instantly 'poof' it where you want it to go. I play on steam with a keyboard/mouse combo and it is a fresh save.