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Found 3 results

  1. I have a question. This isn't meant out of spite or any form of malice. At this point I feel it is a very fair and necessary question. Does anyone actually play test these patches on Xbox before they release them or are they just ported from Windows and assumed to be ready for launch? I ask this because of a continuing trend I see from every console game I play that isn't exclusive to the console. Almost every single patch after official release either fixes nothing substantial or actually causes additional problems. I have played this game since about 4 months before 1.0 dropped. Each patch from then until 1.0 addressed basic game function issues and with a few exception enhanced the game in my opinion. However since 1.0 dropped each patch seems to be either making the game less enjoyable or just flat out making it unplayable. I have lost well over 200 hours due to Xbox save corruption involving the save system that is used. Vehicle mechanics have always been iffy but are systematically getting worse ( for an example try using the tractor to drill resources with the new breaking system...which only works while trying to drill...). I seriously love the concept, art, and overall function of the game itself, I am just at a loss to understand why I see patches dropping and no perceptible change for the better. It's not just System Era, AAA game publishers have the identical issue, which is why I wonder if the devs are actually sitting down with and actual Xbox and testing it or if they are emulating one and assuming it's the same, because it isn't.
  2. CodeIsBroken

    We are the testers

    I just wanted to post in support of the Dev's, especially given some of the negative posts complaining about features not working or broken gameplay. I think everyone should remember that we're not playing the final version! You are the tester! It's expected that stuff won't work properly, and that the Dev's will try out certain solutions (the recent 152 research update for example) which just don't work out the way it was planned. Things will get refined, tweaked, polished or even ditched and built from the ground up again. I hope there are many, like me, in this for the journey and will help the Dev's build a great product. If you're on here just to slate what's been produced then please go do something else and leave the rest of us to help SE deliver a solid game by providing constructive and meaningful feedback.
  3. Hey I have been trying to pull out of the save files what different parts represent, but for some reason I have 2 saves every time I save. So I am wondering if the save is altered and then stored in 2 parts for some reason. It also appears to have been encrypted which makes reading it impossible for someone as new to hex as I am. If anyone has any tips/tricks it'd be much appreciated. I want to hack in 2 resin so I can get off the tundra planet. I used the habitat trick to land and then used no way back home. Since then i want to try some things out and see what the game can produce....but stuck with the hex.