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  1. The Tether bug from early release is still in the game. When you have the Terrain tool out and you hit T to place a Tether, the tether is placed on top of your terrain tool and not on the ground. When you move the tether will either stay there or fall, often times it falls and doesn't work thus you have to pick up the tether and place it. Please make it correctly place the tether even when you have the Terrain Tool in hand. Thank you.
  2. Hey everyone, not sure if it's just my laptop that's having the issue due to it frankly being a baked potato at times or if anyone else has had the issue as well. Basically, I go to use my terrain tool to dig up any part of the terrain and the gun doesn't run as smooth as it used to. It keeps starting and stopping and frequently my Astroneer character will start hopping around where he's standing. The gun will only dig in very short, fraction of a second spurts and it's pretty annoying, also that while the gun moves smoothly when placing down some terrain, my character will stop jump around in place, kinda like when some of the items are on two different angles and they start spazzing out. A friend of mine, however, seemed to have no issues with destroying terrain as he used to before the release but did notice the hopping around with his character. I did notice new drill mods and haven't gotten to a point of using any of them, but thought it may just be that I have to upgrade my gun now, but I'm not sure. If anyone has anyone has any info that would be greatly appreciated, but otherwise I'm absolutely loving the release so far!
  3. Summary: - Steam - Glitchy Terrain Tool Reticle Description: I noticed this after I started the tutorial (since it was the full release), whenever I used the terrain tool on the ground, the reticle that was on the curser would flash rapidly whenever I was digging up resources. The same thing happened after I started a new game. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | v. 1803 | Build 17134.523 CPU: Intel i5 3230M 2.6GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M RAM: Crucial 16GB (2 x 8G) 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3L 1600 Drive: I'm not sure what the exact drive is, but all I do know is it's a 1TB Hybrid Disc Drive for a laptop.
  4. It simply makes logical sense that the Terrain Tool should at least require some power, right? The Large Rover already requires a HUGE amount of power but the Terrain Tool requires nothing. Also, spacecraft should not give free power when you are tethered to them. Power should be a problem that you actually need to consider when you leave your base. Please let me know what you think.
  5. I am aware that this has previously been suggested. I play the game on XBOX ONE and, as many people know, it is almost impossible to perfectly align the polygons with the cubes. I thought a Cube Mod would be great. It would bring the section of terrain up or down to the nearest cube. There could also be another mod that makes those things that Bro Zelly Gaming makes with the perfect angles or that makes pyramids. Research Cost: 9500 Bytes Recipe: 1 Zinc crafted at Backpack Printer
  6. Hello, i was wondering why all the mods are in a circle. My guess is that it is somewhat to preserve symmetry irrespective to position, however this makes carving corners and edge shapes in general pretty difficult. In the current state it is possible, but it is a very lengthy process. While i agree this is one part that makes this game satisfying, i think it would be a nice addition to have these mods. In my mind, having this would make terraforming a lot of buildings and other complex structures accessible and more good-looking.
  7. The reason i post this because we would like to make ground space station thing but the current states makes people too much effort for small figures. So here's the idea, it's just like making sand castle with your bucket that filled with sand. make hologram projectile where player placed and filled it with terrain tool. the shape provide many figure like square, triangle, etc etc. and if it makes too hard to make something with basic figures. let player gather those basic figures and make shapes (walls, rooms, platform, platform legs etc etc) and save at steam workshop let people share it. after people share it the thing only people need to do is place the pre made projectile and pour the dirt by terrain tool. the idea came out from games called 'castle story' it's not identical feature but this could make people easier for making there base and have some fun.
  8. Summary: - Steam - Terrain smooth tool snaps to lines relative to the camera, skipping the space between lines Description: In all of my save files, the terrain smoothing tool snaps to lines that are either straight lines radiating away from the camera (not the character, I checked), or arcs a set distance from the camera. Moving the cursor slowly between the lines will allow the tool a tiny degree of motion within its "channel" before it snaps to the next one, skipping the space in between. This glitch doesn't affect the remove terrain or add terrain functions, only the smoothing function. I have not yet figured out how it is determined whether it snaps to the lines or the arcs, but once it starts one, it stays consistent until I stop playing that game. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, service pack 1 CPU: AMD FX-8320 at 3.5 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Western Digital Blue, 1TB AUTOSAVE_0_2018.10.18-20.13.43.sav AUTOSAVE_1_2018.10.18-20.08.20.sav
  9. Sometimes, when I try looking through my backpack, the pointer doesn't work correctly. I cannot select anything, and if I click, the backpack closes, even though I didn't click outside of it. From there, the pointer doesn't work with anything. I can't use the research catalogue, I can't do anything and the only way to fix the issue is to exit out of the game. I have no idea why this happens, and it happens randomly, so if I wanted to recreate the bug for some reason, I would have to play for a time. It could be minutes, it could be hours, but this bug is quite common and really annoying. Platform: The bug happens on the Steam version, no idea about the Xbox or Windows Store versions. Version: The bug happened before even the rover update. I hadn't experienced it in the pre-alpha, but I'm not sure where it appeared first. I'm not an expert, nor a fanboy. Specs: OS: WIndows 10 Pro 64x CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 7300HQ CPU @ 2.5GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 RAM: 2x8 GB DDR4 Drive: Local Disk C I hope I mentioned every thing! Have a nice day! Filip
  10. I find myself frequently needing to use the Inhibitor Mod and then switch back to power + wide mod when traversing caves or planet surfaces. Rather than taking up precious storage slots, scrap the augmentation mod attachments and just let us upgrade the Terrain Tool directly. Now I can just use a hotkey to quickly toggle between Inhibitor and wide+power modes and avoid the tedious task of fiddling w/ attachment mods and/or forgetting mods back at home base.
  11. While using the terrain tool, it did not turn off when I released M1. It's as if the toggle function got turned off, and it's always on when the tool is out.
  12. Several ideas have gone through my head about gravity manipulation in Astroneer. Please comment if you have a better idea for upgrades. One: A player upgrade that allows walking on walls and ceilings at the cost of 1 bar of suit power every ten seconds resulting in 100 seconds of wall/ceiling walking (unless a battery is used) Two: A vehicle upgrade for small and medium rovers only (or maybe just small) that allows wall/ceiling driving at a slightly faster power drain than normal, which is why large rover might not be a suitable vehicle for this upgrade, it already drains one bar in about 4 seconds. Three: This is not really gravity manipulation, but more of an augment that goes on the terrain tool allowing for extended reach for terrain manipulation. Four: Another player upgrade that allows for sucking objects up from a far distance (this would make an official long distance interaction device instead of the terrain tool grab glitch) or have a drone object that fallows you that you can use to target research objects, wreckage, and mined materials on the ground and have it carry that back to base or keep it by the players side.
  13. The Angle Augment would allow the terrain tool to be locked to a certain angle, 45° for 8 directions or 22.5° for 16 directions (maybe adjust the angle with scroll wheel and the rotation with the Z and X keys. This would be great for building ramps. The Axis Augment would lock the terrain tool to 2 xyz planes (allows terrain to be built on xy, xz or yz planes). Great for building walls and roofs.
  14. Very frequently my terrain tool will just go through the ground and i could only see the wire, and it would take 1-2 seconds for it to be in my hands when i need to use it. Only happens to guests in multiplayer and not the hosts
  15. Since the addon of canisters we require to have at least 1 canister with soil to be able to use the other functions of the terrain tool (add and flat) i think the terrain tool should carry by default a small canister integrated in the tool itself, something like a quarter of a normal canister, which purpose would be only for the modifying terrain and not for soil collection, that would require normal canisters.
  16. i have been wondering what method will provide the best way to use the terrain tool and came up with this: being able to place some holograms that will provide you a wall, and will allow you to build only into it, and so in any kind of variation. this would allow a very clean and simple way to create a good base. tell me what do you think please.
  17. so i was playing astroneer, i think i was in a storm, and sudently my terrain tool acted as if it was without power. I was conected to a tether so i had power. I noticed that the terrain tool did work, but only when my power ran out. Its pretty anoying, as i need to conect to a tether, to regain oxygen, and then disconect, and "use" my terrain tool, even if it doesent work. But even when it discharges, my oxygen is already low, and my worklight doesent work. I already tried diying, and reseting game. Please someone tell me how to fix it without losing anything.
  18. As of now, when ever you're trying to either raising or flattening out terrain, you'll have to keep holding down the corresponding button, and it gets tiresome over long period... So like the name of the post suggested, can we have something like a radial-menu or something like that small panels on the machines for quick switching mode? And maybe also use the same menu to turn augments on or off! The current default button for the tool is already "E" and the hold down to activate function is already in the game, we can use this to activate the feature. It'll be exactly like how you can open the research-able panel without having to access your backpack first (but you still can if you wishes to) I do believe this idea will make the quality of life of us Astroneers better :^]
  19. Hello, I'm making a single forum post for various little bugs I found recently : 1 - The Mineral Indication Text is Upside-Down 2 - Some Tumbleweed got stuck into nothing 3 - Bug with the Terrain Tool not Generating terrain on a partially mined Titanium deposit : 4 - When double tapping "A" when the backpack is open to "print" something, it cancel the build but if you want to print anyway you have to change to another blueprint and back ; video to clarify : I hope this bug report help in any way possible. I love this game, great update too!
  20. Playing multiplayer on xbox one, my friend (host) and I are both experiencing this issue with our terrain tools. We'll pull out the terrain tool, use it, then when we release the trigger to stop using the tool, the game continues to make us walk slow like we're still actively using the tool, until we hit the trigger again. The cursor will also stay in "mouse mode" as if we're holding the left trigger in.
  21. Sometimes the terrain tool, when used, will produce the most ghastly rattling sound, and I assume it to be a bug because it is only sometimes and so annoying.
  22. I created a large shuttle with an Closed three seat in a multiplayer server. I then attempted to create a large storage platform on top of the shuttle to increase storage capacity. When transferring the medium storage platform holding the compound to create the large storage platform to the vehicle bay, the game froze up and crashed. Upon reentering the game, I could no longer pull out my terrain tool. When I press the button on either keyboard or controller, instead of pulling out terrain tool, it simply boards the closed 3-seat on the large shuttle. This is from anywhere on the map. It may be convenient to get out of a storm, but no terrain tool = unplayable. Hope this will be fixed soon.
  23. Adi3


    Hey System Era Team I played Astroneer today and found a bug. Because of that bug i wasnt able to get my terrain tool out by pressing "E". I already restarted the game twice and even changed the settings so i should be able to get it by pressing "P" but it isnt working. Like you can think i cant Play like this, so I hope I get some help from one of you. Greats Adrian
  24. The first image is with the terrain tool out when placing a tether. The second image is a tether placed without the terrain tool out. While this is pretty silly and comical. It would likely be better to have the tethers drop on the left side of your character. AMD Phenom X4 8gbs ram GTX650 Win10 with Steam
  25. When working on large areas of terrain it's tiresome to hold on to a key for extended periods of time. I would like to suggest adding an option to the game settings that would allow us to set the terrain tool's mode of operation to either hold or toggle. Being able to walk around while leveling terrain without having to constantly hold down the control key would be great.