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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, First, i got 243 hours playing astroneer. Second, my profession is software tester; i work on financial banking product not on game testing but still, i consider that it counts. Having said that, i strongly believe that terrain 2.0 should have been released in beta test before February 6th. Really, the way terrain and caves before Terrain 2.0 (aka T2) looked a lot better and easy to navigate, especially on starter planet. Some planets (like exotic with those damn hollow hills crap) when you reached the mountain areas were indeed dificult to drive but still. On starter planet, with T2 i keep stumbling on these crevasses: This one is 10-ish meter wide and 30 ish meters deep, but i found ones that 2-3 m wide and 50 meters deep ... you see it when you are on top of it with your tractor, whats the point of these? I found a few on flat land, no hills or anything near by. It doesnt make any sense! And the cave, oh boy ! Before T2 you had an oval shape tunnel, most where big enough to drive the buggy in there, it had gentle bends and slopes, quite easy to navigate and fairly easy to keep your bearings. Now we got this crap (sorry, cant find other word to describe it): What did you do? Turn the generate terrain algorithm to random (value 11 most likely)? How is that make sense? And no, i didnt used my terrain tool to deform it in any way. And some as on the surface, lots of crevasses, slopes at 90 degrees angles, caves are too small and the tunnels (if i can call them that) are just holes in the floor. It sadness me greatly that a game that i love playing it for more than a year with joy (even when my vehicles dissapear and found them later in the cave bellow), eager to play a more polished version on release, this kind of nonsense is what i get. You did a lot of cool new things that i really like (like the tractor, the packager, the new shuttles and more) but this post is about what i hate, and the terrain is not something i could shrug and not use or bypass. I really hope this terrain non-sense is a glitch or a bug in the terrain generator, cause if this is intended i definetly wont play it anymore. Cheers, Don
  2. The Sporkmeister

    Alignment Tool Idea

    As someone who does CAD for a living, the alignment tool (and flatten terrain function) is one of my favorite things to get in the interest of making a base I can be proud of. That said, there are a couple of adjustments that really should be made that could transfer it from being a helpful tool to being the quintessential base-taming device. 1. Allow the tool to work on ceilings -I'm getting really tired of constantly adjusting a base ceiling angle so that any lights I put up there can actually light the place up. 2. Either allow us to set a desired angle for a slope, or create a separate "Angle tool that allows us to set the angle/pitch of the ramps we create. -There is far too much guess work involved in trying to get the correct angle for a ramp. pitch and bearing would be the best thing to happen to Astroneer highways since the terrain tool itself! 3. Please please please find a way for the flatten terrain function to actually create a flat plane rather than a vague approximation of the angle you select. -Currently the entrance to my base looks nearly like a stairway due to that effect.
  3. A post in this section made me think. Why do we need canisters to store sediment? I understand the need for storing (liquid) hydrazine but why sediment? Why not having sediment nuggets/stacks like we have for energy and oxygen? Why not use sediment nuggets directly off the backpack to level/add terrain? The same way we use energy or oxygen nuggets to replenish the backpack battery and oxygen tank. Planets are pretty much huge balls of sediment with a thin sprinkling of resources here and there. Why use canisters to artificially restrict sediment collection when it is, by far, the most abundant resource on any planet? What gameplay do canisters add to the mineral extractor? Put canisters in, the extractor sucks sediment in, take empties out, repeat. Is juggling canisters in and out interesting gameplay? What do you think? Thanks to @loss182 for the idea of sediment nuggets.