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Found 7 results

  1. This post has lots of ideas for future technology that will help add content. When I play Astroneer on my best save, I’ve reached a point where there really isn’t a goal anymore. I’ve put bases on every planet, have all kinds of rovers, and there really isn’t a point to expand any of the bases. That’s why I feel that Astroneer just needs a lot more content. So here are my ideas for future technology. First of all, my biggest idea: Satellites Satellites could be made in many ways, maybe printed in orbit, unpacked in orbit (This would be on a large shuttle while it is in orbit around a planet), or launched from the ground. They will orbit a planet and provide some use on the ground. There could be lots of types of satellites: (1) Research satellites: these study the planet’s surface and provide a slow but constant flow of bytes. (2) Observatory satellites can be used to find points of interest on the surface of the planet. These will place down a beacon signal (won’t actually put down the beacon, just the signal) of where a wreck, cave entrance, etc is. (3) GPS Satellites: In order to use these satellites, a player has to put a radio antenna onto an auxiliary slot in the backpack. This will allow the player to use a minimap on the hud or will access the a map on the radio antenna. In order for satellites to work, you have to have a way to control them: Radio towers could be put on large platforms and have a menu to control the satellites that you have. Controlling research would just be an on/off switch. Observatories would be a way to choose the area where they pinpoint the locations. If the signals are too far away, then the player won’t be able to reach it. So we should be able to choose the area where it finds points of interest. GPS would also be a simple on/off. In addition to all of these previous controls, there should be a self destruct button for the satellites and (this isn’t necessary, just if you want to go the extra mile) a way to print upgrades on speed for the research and observatory, and accuracy/detail of the map for the GPS. (To clarify, there should be a way to self destruct, and there could be a way to upgrade) Shuttle upgrades: Just some extra content to the game to make planetary travel easier. This is exactly want it sounds, an upgrade to the shuttle. This will be very expensive to make (maybe using the nanocarbon-alloy). This upgrade will only be for the medium and large shuttle. This upgrade will increase the shuttle’s range so you don’t have to wait so long for planetary travel. Observatories: This is more important compared to the other additions to the game, I always find it very annoying when I launch a shuttle from Terran to Tundra, and Tundra just came out of the shuttle range. Then I have to wait 20 minutes before it comes back in range. This is why I feel that the observatory should come into the game. This module is placed on a large platform, it doesn’t consume power, it just needs any power (like a work light). This will have a menu where it shows the solar system and the range of a shuttle. (There is also a switch so different levels of the shuttle upgrades can be displayed.) It will show the direction of the planets orbit and a green ring will show around planets that are in range. Habitat: This will just be a simple addition, I feel that there should be a way to make the starting habitat on other planets. It will obviously be very expensive to make. This is idea isn’t necessary, because I understand that not having a hab is a fun challenge. Rocket pad Because of the way that rockets use vehicle bays as landing sites, it is very common for a shuttle to land on top of other vehicles. Which is a very annoying problem because rovers can get glitched inside, you have to waste hydrazine to move a rocket, and it’s just a big mess. So I feel that rocket pads should be added to the game. These will look like the launch pad that you get at the start, only that it’s more large so it can fit the large shuttle. The rocket pads are a different color of bubble as seen from orbit, and will prioritize that landing spot if there is another landing spot in the way. If there is already a rocket on the landing pad, it will move it out of the way when you try to land. This concept isn’t perfect, I just feel that there should be a way to fix shuttles landing on other vehicles. Rovers moving Shuttles It is very annoying when you have a shuttle that you can’t move without using hydrazine or a solid fuel thruster. I think that there should be a way for rovers to pull shuttles out of the way. A way for this to work is if you use a cable plug from a rover and insert it into the shuttle. The shuttle will get some small wheels and can be towed by the rover. Large shuttles can’t be towed by medium rovers, only large rovers. Another use for Astronium Once you unlock everything in the research catalog, astronium becomes a useless resource. I feel that astronium could be used for upgrading equipment. Things like combining the terrain tool modifications with astronium to reduce or eliminate the power consumption. Maybe things like upgraded batteries that holds double as the medium battery, or upgraded wind turbines/solar panels. These are just a few ideas, I don't feel that these definitely need to be added, it's just that there should be another use for astronium besides research. Thanks for reading my ideas, I hope you consider them in the development of Astroneer. Can’t wait for 1.0!
  2. The one thing about this game is that there aren't too many things to actually "do". Once you complete all the research, Its pretty much like, "I can either prepare and set up another base on another planet, (without much to gain or discover, more than I already have) or I can start a new game." To help give players more things to accomplish or complete, here are some of the ideas I have come up with today: Soil Density - Different types of soil have different types of mineral in them, so extracting mineral from a specific type of soil can extract more compound, and less lithium. Even using a mineral extractor is useless to obtain rare metals like lithium and titanium unless you use soil from deep enough within the planet, or on a planet that has that resource already abundant on the surface, which would mean the soil is rich enough with that type of resource that it can be found on the surface. More Resources ( that haven't been foreshadowed) - Resources like Gold, Silicon, etc Research Upgrades/Tiers - Some of the researches have levels, where once they are researched, they can be leveled up with more bytes. Leveling a research up would give small new additions. Certain researches cannot be completed until the player has reached another planet, and obtained an artifact or "sample" that can only be found on that planet Backpack Upgrades -Backpack upgraded to hold slightly more oxygen or power, without using tanks/batteries. 10% to 50% increased power/oxygen upgrades. +Backpack storage upgrades/attachments that slightly extend the storage on a backpack. jet-pack to replace the seat glitch, still allow movement at high speeds, add some restrictions. PLEASE!!! WE REALLY WANT A JET PACK SO WE CAN TRAVEL WITHOUT CHEATING , and speaking of that, maybe some more uses for hydrazine early-game + late game would spice things up. Large Printer A printer that uses a LOT of resources to print things like large batteries, that can hold 4 time more than a medium battery. Large (non vehicle) storage, a big cylinder with 32 connection points for items. Large solar panels (with extender for high point). Base walls / Dome to protect any enclosed areas from storms, and reduces dust/wind. Medium / Large soil containers instead of trucks loaded with a lot of small ones + soil tube, to transport soil from the tool, directly to the container. the soil tube would work like the base connectors, and can be printed in sections. More Power-demanding tech technology that takes a LOT of power for massive scale things. for example, a nuclear reactor that uses the equivalent of 32 medium batteries of power to generate one resource. another example is a huge drill, that digs a very wide hole in the planet straight down (very slowly, constantly requiring massive amounts of power per layer excavated. In return, may fill a lot of soil containers. or one big soil container, and collect resources. Terrain Tool Mods for excavation, create a mod that removes soil in more organized sections/cubes, so that the player is able to excavate in a more orderly manner, easier to work with. Other Stuff Lava? Meteor crash sites? Factory/automated tech? small wind mills are weak.. It would be nice if they could generate a tad bit more power. - Wind patterns/places that are always windy + jetstream.
  3. Anyone have a hankering for a space-age industrial revolution? I do! So, I've compiled a big list of items to help bring Astroneer to the next level of infrastructure. Enjoy! 1. Rocket Drone The Rocket Drone is an interplanetary ship that can deliver Materials and other items between planets. When launched, they will fly to in-range vehicle bays or enter planetary orbit. When in orbit, they can be told by the nearest Controller Platform on the planet they are orbiting to fly elsewhere, as long as it has fuel. It has the capability to release Orbital Satellites. 2. Orbital Satellite The Orbital Satellite is a planetary scanner. Once in orbit of a planet, it collects data and sends it back to the nearest player base. This data can be used to pinpoint spaceship wrecks or indicate where mineral-rich areas are. When in orbit, the owning player will have a passive income of 75-250 Bytes, depending on the size of the planet. The Orbital Satellite must be built out of several expensive components and launched via Rocket Drone or Shuttle. To upgrade and refuel the Orbital Satellite, enter planetary orbit and dock with it. The Satellite has two augment slots and one fuel port. The Orbital Satellite's Augments can improve its abilities such as make its data more accurate 3. Control Platform This new base platform module partners with the Satellite Data Array Platform to control and instruct Rocket Drones and Orbital Satellites. When activated by the player, the Solar Map is shown and 2 Autonomous spacecraft such as Orbital Satellites or Rocket Drones are displayed. This can be expanded up to 8 spacecraft via the Satellite Data Array. This Platform can be used without a Satellite Data Array Platform or Dish, but actions require longer to communicate to spacecraft. 4. Satellite Data Array Platform/Dish/Server This device is an infrastructure staple In order for improved performance of all network-related items. The Platform adds +60% Network capacity to any connected Control Platforms (+4 Spacecraft Tracking). SDA Dishes add +15% Network Capacity and if mounted to the player's backpack, enables a surface mini-map if at least one Orbital Satellite is in orbit and able to make a Line-Of-Sight to the player's dish. Servers are 2-slot base-attachable items that come from the large Printer. They add storage capacity for Orbital Satellite data, which can then be deciphered and show where wrecks or high-mineral content is. This is essentially a variant of the research/bytes system. 5. Geodomes and Habitats Geodomes are base extensions that allow you to take shelter from storms and work in peace. Big enough for 2 fully-built base platforms, they would essentially look like this. The GeoDome Habitats are built from placing 1 compound and 1 titanium on a base extension. They have 4 internal 2-slot attachment points to put items like Medium Batteries or Storage on. 6. Reinforced Tether Pylons Reinforced tethers are large, tall structures that have the capability to also transmit power and items. Printed in sets of four from a base platform printer, these pylons have 6X the range of normal tethers and have 4 attachment points, allowing them to become solar-equipped or even windmills. They are set into the ground like Habitats. Rovers and Trucks are able to connect to Reinforced Tether Pylons to charge or transmit items. 7. Transmission Tubes Transmission tubes are a new item that can connect bases and move resources. They can be strung on or under the ground, or hung off of Reinforced Tether Pylons to stay out of the way of Rovers. They even move Research 8. Hydrazine Tank and Hydrazine Hose A Large hydrazine tank which can be printed. It occupies 2 slots and has a capacity of 25 Hydrazine Canisters. If mounted to a Hydrazine generating device, it will fill off of its labor. The Tank also has a hose that will try to auto-connect to nearby shuttles, much like base parts attach to Rovers and Trucks. That's all I have for now, folks. I realize that some of these may be under sub-categories of the roadmap, but my star ideas are 1-5 in my opinion.
  4. Isaac P

    common logic

    if somebody is wearing a space helmet then logically they would be immune to the poison gas so remove the death from poison gas or at least make an item that would make you immune to the poison gas
  5. Why are trucks and rovers still using simple round slab wheels? In this space future shouldn't the wheels themselves be spheres and allow for travel in any direction, much like the control interface is currently working? Forget steering, just push the entire vehicle in the direction you want. I recommend removing the big chunky wheels/tires and replacing them with an up-gradable traction sphere option. Perhaps even options to allow for sticky tires, water tires, underwater tires, spiky tires, paddle tires, and the end game anti-grav tires. Essentially a tire type specific to the type of terrain you are on.
  6. Hi all, first time on the forums and i have an idea. I don't know you but i love a good underlying narative in games, books and many other situations. And my favourite is aliens, who doesn't wana discover the ancient fossils of a long gone civilisation. Heck they don't even have to be advanced, just random civilisations in various stages of development with a bit of lore (FTW lore). Maybe your starter Sol system (not nessaserily starting planet) has a absolutely wrecked city (in the side of a mountain maybe?) and you can explore the few buildings (which are massive in size) and in a couple of rooms you can find semi functioning computers or artifacts (both rare so you may have to find multiple building sticking out the ground) which you can shove in the researcher or scan with some rover mounted scanner to gain clues (more than one scan of one item to found a lost tech) for alien tech (not linearly so that your first few wont just give pieces to the same tech). Maybe some tech will be a Surface miner, or automated machinery (Ore to , or hover tech (so no more bumping and flying cause of a damned rock) or maybe even instellar flight (powered by a mix of rare elements at planetary centre?)! or what about a pod to create a space station as a launching point for inter/intra stellar flight. Maybe their fossils will give clues to more efficient rebreather tech (seeing as they lived on the planet your on so could probably breath) so you can upgrade your backpack, or expand your starter pod so friends can get in their too, and it produces more power due to the size (but i guess that would require a change to how you grow your bases now). And now cause im getting carried away, tech to create life (or just have life) on the planets. Animals would give some life to these mostly dead planets, and maybe progress so you can bring back the dead alien civ and make them work for you so you can grab a tastey profit and work away from base... like explore other sol systems. Maybe Teleportation to other bases. But yes i know all of this would be one hell of a thing to add, it would drastically change the game from its current stand point but i think by the looks of the game it could be done it a wonderfully engaing way that not only adds to the future game but adds something not quite related to the progression of the game and is there for something to do when your bored of what your supposed to be doing. Thats the jist of ideas 1 through to some much higher number. Thanks for your patience in reading this. Please give feed back maybe we can find a way for this to be added by MOD or by choice of the Dev's. GeneralDLBP - XBOX1 GT so hit me up if you wana play. BTW - Great game Dev's can't wait to see your ideas for the future.
  7. ArchQuantum

    Alien Glyphs

    The inclusion of Alien Glyphs as research items. Each glyph you find teaches you part of an alien language. probably found in ruins left behind by the aliens. If you can collect all of the glyphs then you would be able to read the alien text, the game would auto translate the glyphs you have found. You would probably need this language to operate and repair a downed alien ship that has the power to take you to a new solar-system. I don't know if you can go to another solar-system yet. I think it would be a neat quest.